Cleaning out the (social networking) Clutter

There are a lot of social networking sites out there today.

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Reddit. Linkedin. Tumblr. Snapchat. Google+. I am sure I am missing some…

It gives me a headache just thinking about it all. These can be an amazing tool. I use mine to keep in touch with loved ones who are states away. I also think these can become a crutch. They become a tool Satan uses to make us fall into the comparison game, gossip, anxiety, depression, and stay “friended” with people we may not really “like”, who are unhealthy for us, or who just plum annoy us (no offense haha) for fear of them knowing we un-friended them or whatnot.

Social media conceptI do have Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is very limited, mainly so family and friends who live elsewhere can see pictures. I have Instagram because I love photography, travel, and nature, and it calms me to follow pages with beautiful photos. Also. Less drama. LOL. Many people are on BOTH Facebook and Instagram. Do I really NEED everyone on BOTH accounts?

I have decided to clean out the clutter. I have decided that I should not let my fear of doing so make me have to delete the account I WANT to keep. About twice a year, I go through my newsfeed, pages, and friends list. It is so easy to change my newsfeed or unlike pages. But people? That is scary for me. I often have unfriending anxiety.

What will they think!?
Will they notice!?
Will they hate me?
I don’t want to be mean
I don’t want them to think I hate them
I don’t want them to take it personally

I mean come on, Em. Reall? Most WON’T care. If they do, they will ask about it

I have come up with some guidelines to help me decide who stays and who goes:

1) Facebook needs to be more personal. Instagram is more open. This means I need to clean out my friends list on FB and make it minimal. Keep it personal.

2) Do I know them in person? Did I go to school with them? If I only know them through online groups, have I kept in contact with them for a long period of time? These are all good questions to ask yourself when going through your social networking site feeds/lists

3) Would I tell them Happy Birthday? There are people who when FB tells me it is their birthday, and I am kinda like ehh so? That may sound rude, but if I don’t care enough to tell someone Happy Birthday, do I REALLY consider them a “friend?”

4) Have I considered letting them go before? Does things they say or post frustrate, annoy, or bother me? Even unfollowing someone, my mind knows they are still there, and it can wear on me.

5) Do they share any of the passions and values I share? Do they treat others with love and respect, even if views differ?

6) How do they talk about their children? This is a BIG one for me lately. I cannot stand the things I see some mothers say about their children. Name calling. Constantly complaining about them. Negative talk about them. Calling them things such as little shits or nasty or whatnot. Yes, children frustrate us sometimes. They are draining. They are still a blessing. I cannot see Christ calling the children who came to Him that, or constantly complaining about them. Can you?

7) The Bible says to guard our hearts. Part of doing that is making sure all we do brings glory to Him. Sometimes, in order to do this, we need to clean out the clutter in our lives. That means letting certain relationships, or things, go.

8) We are to please God, NOT man. If we are worrying what someone will think of us if we unfriend them, that’s worrying what they think over God. Pray and listen. God will direct us in the way you should go, and this includes relationships.

9) Real love doesn’t act out of insecurity. If you are worrying too much about what someone would think of you for letting them go (when you know it really IS the best thing to do), that isn’t love. If it isn’t love, it isn’t true friendship.

10) Clearing out social networking will make me focus more on the here and now. Enjoy the little moments. The people around me in my community. My children. My husband. My neighbors. My family.

My God.

Do you need to do some social network de-cluttering?



internet issues

We all rely on the internet now a days. Maybe too much. Facebook, twitter, google plus, or whatever its called, amazon, ebay, pinterest, shopping, groceries, banking, etc… we all have our internet addictions. I admit, I really love the internet. I am really NOT good in large groups, so facebook, and “meeting” people that way, being in discussion groups, etc, is good for me. It is a release for me. It helps me when I feel lonley etc. OHMYGOSH. You should see me in large groups. I either totally shy away and act likea recluse, which can come across as rude, or I end up spouting off things I wish I hadn’t to people I met the first time :/ It is NOT pretty folks. The truth is, while I love helping people, encouraging people, etc, I am INTROVERTED. I do NOT like parties, gatherings, family reunions, really reunions of ANY kind. LOL. Talk about black sheep. That would be in in those settings. When I try and “fake it” in large gatherings, I am about as real as a SHORT white person trying to FAKE it in women’s NBA. Seriously. It isn’t pretty… SOOOOO needless to say, I have kinda found my nitch. My internet nitch. I started a facebook group (though I wish it was more active, sigh… 😦 ) I blog, I post verses, quotes, etc on my facebook timeline that have spoken to me, in hopesto encourage or challenge others. WELL….

Comcast has decided to totally screw up our internet. HAHA. It was running SO slow, like slower than a tortoise.With what we pay for JUST internet, THIS was just ridiculous. So my awesome, more extroverted, husband called them. Well guess what? Instead of FIXING it, they made it worse. The sent their voodoo vibe through the wires and now,it barely connects at all. It will be a miracle if this blog I am writing actually manages to get posted (let me know if you see it haha). If it does, it is God himself cutting me a break. Seriously. The fact it is working for me to even TYPE is a miracle. HAHA. SOOOO….

*note: during the publishing process, our internet stopped working. Hopefully it will post this time…. please stay tuned. HAHA

I may be unable to blog for a few days, seeing their earliest appt wasn’t until later in the week. FUN TIMES. We use a ROKU. So that means NO netflix. NO Pandora. We already have NO cable and we do not have a DVD player currently either haha. YAY FUN TIMES! 😛 We don’t watch alot of tv, but for those who know me, know I LOOOOOOVE music. So not having music playing stinks. I love the fact that listenting to praise music can really lift your spirits and connect with the Lord through worship! It comes in and out and is just all around annoying, so I just turned it off. LOL.

Needless to say….

We are currently looking to other options for internet… because I can live without cable… but I am not so sure how I would manage without internet. I think I may go crazy and start foaming at the mouth or something 🙂