Things I am tired of as a mother

Motherhood is awesome. We can all pretty much agree there. Well, most of us anyway. We love our babies with a fierce passion and if anyone tries to mess with our little boogers we will pounce on them faster than you can say Kim Kardashian has a big booty.

However, there are a FEW things I could do without. There are a few things that if given oodles of money for the rest of my life, I may very well pay someone else to do, because frankly? After 3 kids I am growing a wee bit, little bit a lot tired of them.

1) Teething: Yup. Over it. I honestly don’t know how Michelle Duggar stands it. I mean seriously. She has probably dealt with straight teething for like 500 years by know. Yeesh. I am grateful that my children overall have not been (TOO) terrible. But frankly? I am tired of the crud that comes with it, and the sleep issues. And the early waking. Yup. I admit it. Teething sucks

2) Grunting and pointing like a crazed caveman: My children all have done this. My current “baby” is almost 18 months, and nothing frustrates me more than the frantic pointing and grunting toward something he wants, when I know he knows words. They point and flail, scream in frustration that we don’t speak grunt, point and flail, scream even louder in frustration. This continues until either a) the child gives up and finally uses their words or b) you have now spent over 2 hours picking up everything within finger pointing sight saying “this?” — Just to let you know, option b is far more common.

*warning: If they do not want said item you pick up and hand them, prepare to be a target for flying missiles that will hit you on some sensitive part of your body. It is probably best to wear armor daily until your child is over this “phase”.


3) Poop: enough said


4) Wiping butts: Their little baby cheeks may be adorably squishy… but the stuff that comes out of it? Not so much, especially when you have a poop machine child like I do. See #3.


5) Cleaning up after a toddler that decided to be Picasso with their food, rather than eating it, which, let’s be honest. Happens A LOT.


6) Picky Eating: So your toddler is an amazing eater and ate sauteed mushrooms wrapped in asparagus wrapped in lettuce wrapped covered with greek yogurt? Don’t get too cocky. In 5 minutes you will be wearing that food and getting a free yogurt facial.


I love my little babes though. Even with all the things I get tired of, being a mama is still worth it. But I will be honest, I would totally pay for a diaper changer…




Ok you guys. I don’t know if you have had the same cold season as we have, but ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! I am on like my 3rd or 4th cold! This is insane! I usually never get sick! HAHA. Ill blame the second kid 😉 Just teasing. Really though its like we are a constant snotty nose mess. Someone always has a river of snot, hacking up a lung or sneezing all over our dinner (hence the reason I probably get sick hmmm) It’s like the game hot potato, only with cold germs!

I feel like are on that really annoying song “This is the song that never ends…” only with, again, a cold. I am beginning to think my nose may very well be rubbed off with as much tissue as I am using, and yes, I am using the lotion kind, but there’s only so blowing a nose can take before it comes whithered and raw and red  and will eventually probably rebel and not work at all, or just be a steady stream of snot pouring out that no amount of tissue can stop. LOL.

This is the cold that never ends! Yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started sneezing and snotting everywhere and they’ll continue snotting passing germs everywhere cause it’s cold that never ends….    you get the idea 😉 haha

Poor Holly wolly doodle. Getting 5, YES FIVE, teeth, from what I can see, heck she could be getting more, AND has a cold. SO not only she she dripping bodily fluid from her nose, she is also dripping from her mouth as well. The extra drool makes her poop more, soooo yup, we have have also. HAHA. BUT! I will say, she doesn’t let sickness stop her. She is like her mommy. I am stubborn. Andrew has yelled at me many of time when I am sick to  LAY DOWN AND REST!!! YOU CAN SCRUB THE BASEBOARDS ANOTHER DAY! or Emily, let ME handle this (I know,I know, if you husband said that about ANYTHING, you would probably FAKE sick just to get out of whatever it is you are doing) Yes, but I have a little something called OCD. I have a hard time sitting still. Perhaps I actually have restless leg syndrome?? hmmm….

When I was pregnant with Katie, I had a stress fracture in my foot, and was about 8.5 months pregnant. Was I sitting on my booty using my incredibly LARGE belly to serve as a table foran all you can eat ice cream buffet like in this picture?

NOPE. I was being dumb. I was carrying the vacuum up stair, by stair, vacuuming EACH one. Hunched over. And the old vacuum we had was NOT light. LOL. What was I doing toward the end pregnant with Holly? I was down on hands and knees scrubbing the baseboards. You know since a newborn can crawl already, not to mention climb OUT of the bassinet haha. YEAH. Guess those things could waited….probably should have opted for the eat ice cream till I puke instinct instead. I only gaine 15 lbs with each pregnant (even though I ate, it was just really hard for me to gain I guess) I coulda used the extra calories, and SO could have my kiddies, as they were both early. hmmm “food for thought” for next baby? IF there is a next baby? Yes? no? probably 😉

So, anyway, I am not the best at relaxing. EVER. No matter sick or not. Perhaps thats why this year I am getting sick more? HAHA. I need to “simma down now” apparantly as many have said. Maybe not in those exact words LOL. But the basic premise is the same. AAAAAAND they are probably right!

MAN the cast of SNL used to be so much better! SUPERSTAR! haha…. ANYWAY….


SO, hopefully this sick season will almost be over now that spring is approaching. Anyone else gotten sick more this year??


not a baby anymore

My first daughter is 3 now. She turned 3 on Wednesday, August 31st. I cannot believe that 3 years have already come and gone. What happened to my little baby!? She isn’t a “baby” anymore. She is my little big girl. She is a helper. She is a little mommy to her little “big” sister (since Holly is all of only 4 lbs less than her and 5.5 inches shorter haha – I think she will end up being the “big” sister soon, she definitely must have gotten the families ONE, maybe 2, tall gene). I just cant believe it. I just can’t believe she is already 3. I  have been really emotional over this birthday. This 3 years thing. Why? I don’t know. When we had her, I was so excited about her turning 1. Then 2 was fun too! For some reason now, I wish time would slow down. I wish she would stay my littel princess forever. I know she won’t though. Well, to me, she always will be. I know that soon enough will come a day when the infamous words “I HATE YOU!” come out of her mouth. Oh, I am not looking forward to that day! Her turning 3 has got me thinking…

Sometimes we rush thing. Sometimes we want life to move faster. Sometimes we miss out on little things that God wants us to see in THIS stage in life, because we are too eager to get to the NEXT stage. Better job. Better house. Better car. New town. New job. MORE money. Etc… Even sometimes when things are GOOD, we are still focusing on the LATER, rather than the here and now. I think as moms we do this sometimes. We think. UGH! more poopy diapers? I can’t WAIT until they are potty trained! UGH! another nighttime feeding!? I can’t WAIT till they are sleeping through the night. UGH! I hate being pregnant! I can’t wait until the baby is here! GET IT OUTTA ME! UGH! The terrible 2’s SUCK. I can’t WAIT till they are 3! UGH the 3’s suck even WORSE!!! I can’t wait until they are 4! I can’t wait till they are in school so I can have some ME time…FINALLY. UGH this or UGH that. I can’t wait for this or I can’t wait for that! I do this. You do this. We all do this. Suck it up and admit it moms. WE ALL DO IT! GOT THAT!?

I am not saying we always sit around and talk like this 24/7. I am also not saying it isn’t ok to GET frustrated or need to vent. The Lord has given us friends and family to help us in these times! (and I am SOOO thankful!!!) I know many wonderful mothers that treasure each stage in their childrens life. I do as well. I love each stage for a differant reason. I do admit, my weakness is about the first 8-9 months. I love babies, but I dont’ understand babies! Its H-A-R-D for me. You know, some people  just have that knack for the baby thing. I am not so lucky. The baby stage sends me back to my high school days when I KNOW I KNEW the answer, but for some reason I would tense up, my palms would sweat and my mind would draw a blank. Good old test anxiety. To me, thats what the baby stage is! A giant test. Except you CAN’T study for it! LOL. Yikes. I love babies, don’t get me wrong. i love the chubby chub legs, the so cute you just wanna pinch the crap outta their little cheeks stuff…but its HARD for me. I cant talk to them, they cant talk back (really) I cant understand them, and when I don’t automatically KNOW what they want, I freak out and think I cant do it and Im a terrible mom. SO. I admit. I wish this stage by all to fast some days. I shouldn’t.

Katie turning 3 is a turning point for me. The last 2 nights I have rocked each child a little longer, holding their precious bodies, kissing on their faces, stroking their hair, rubbing their backs, whispering “I love you” over and over and over… I know that all too soon, they will screaming at me to “GET OUTTA MY ROOM!” “I HATE YOU” “I WISH I’D NEVER BEEN BORN” – so tell me? why would we want to fast forward to that!? I am going to miss these days. Its going by too fast. I need to stop thinking “I can’t wait until “fill in the blank” and start saying – Wow, I am really loving the ‘fill in the blank’

I think that we have something to learn and to gain from everything in life. every stage. Every stage in our life is beautiful. sometimes, it may not appear that way, but every stage, every experience, every snotty runny nose (boogy wipes people! THEY ARE AWESOME! LOL), every potty accident, every puke filled bed, every teething baby, every whiny attitude, every cry, every whisper, ever fear… all of it is molding us into the mother that GOD wants us to be. The mother that all of have inside of us just waiting to emerge, BUT we have to let it. It won’t emerge if we complain about the here and now, wishing for the future…. yes, there are plenty of “yucky” stages, but there are also many of every cuddle, every kiss, every nighttime snuggle, every story read, every I love you said, every first word, every first step, every first day of school, every smile, every laugh, every family vacation, every wonderful memory, every picture hung on the fridge, every proud moment…

Stop wishing to get out of something and on to the NEXT something, because truth is, if we have that attitude now, we will only have that attitude when we get to that “next something” we were wishing for. Lets love the here and now, no matter WHAT stage we are in! Good or bad, hard or easy, fun or boring, joyful or frustrating…truth is, there can be something found in EVERY experience, we just have to look hard and find it 😉 Sometimes though, its not as hard as you might think 🙂

ENJOY THOSE LITTLE ONES WHILE THEY ARE LITTLE!!!!!!!!! For, all of them will soon be grown and we will be wishing for those days back…

My “little” big girl, Katie Rene’, 3 years old

My “big” little girl, Holly Grace, 9 months


By the way, this book “Let Me Hold You Longer,” by Karen Kingsbury, is a great poem about this. A great reminder to enjoy the here and now. The stage we are in with our kids 🙂 Its great, get it! (click on the title)

at a loss

It’s been a week since i have written a blog. LOL. I lose track of time so badly sometimes, haha. I have REALLY been wanting to write a few a week. Some weeks I do great, some, hmm not so much! But at least its more often than monthly lol. i guess right now I am just at a loss of what to write about. Honestly, the only thing going on the past couple of weeks have been sneezing, snot, puke and crankiness. OK some of that crankines comes from me 😛 The girls have actually been GREAT considering. I had a cold last week, I think i caught it from Holly, Katies 2 year molars are coming in, albeit when shes almost 3, haha, and Holly MAY be teething, I cant tell. She has many symptoms of it, but I don’t see anything yet. SO! only time will tell. I guess something that has been on my mind lately is

Do you LOVE the JOB of motherhood?

I would not question any of the mothers I know LOVING their kids, or loving “BEING” a mom – but loving the JOB of motherhood is completely differant. I am in a study right now that (hopefilly, and it does from what I have heard) will help going from just loving being a mom, to loving the JOB of it. I DO love being a mom. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I see college kids walking around, or newly married people, or single people – and to be honest, I am GLAD I am out of that stage 🙂 There is nothing better than being a mom. Do I LOVE the JOB of it? Honestly, not always. I dont like cleaning up puke. I dont like washing puke out of clothes, the carpet, the chairs, hair, ME…lol. I dont like the meltdowns. I don’t like the whinefests. I don’t “like” alot of things sometimes, I dont like the mundane…but I want this attitude to change. I dont think anyone has to LOVE changing poopy diapers, but we can look at it from a positive perspective more often than we do. We GET to change the cutest, most adorable, and a blessing’s hiney, because they NEED us. They LOVE us. They DEPEND on us. Our children depend on us, and ANYTHING we can do to help them in life should be seen as an honor to do. I depend on people. We ALL depend on SOMEONE. It is an honor to have somoene DEPEND on you. It really is. Now, dont get me wrong, I am still learning – but I am TRYING. Last night, Katie woke up in the middle of the night. I could have gotten annoyed and upset becuase she disrupted our sleep, which i never did sleep well after that at midnight, but I didn’t. I CHOSE to see it as my sweetie pie needed me, and she CALLED out for me. I took it as a chance to see my sweet princess when she is probably at her most vulnerable. She was scared. She needed me. I chose to take that as a HUGE blessing 🙂 I mean, I got to hug, kiss, squeeze, love on, and be with again, and shes just SO cute in her bed! Who wouldnt’ like that!? I am not saying I dont encourage her to go back to sleep, lol, I am not crazy, haha, but I DID chose to view the wake up as a chance to give MORE love, MORE care, MORE of Jesus to my child – and ANYTIME I can do that is important AND a blessing! 🙂 SO I am looking forward to doing more of this study and learning more. It is already helping me feel less overwhelmed if things get a little messy around here, and THAT is a HUGE feat for me! 🙂


This is a word we hear quite often. Well actually, we MORE hear about LACK of contentment. I definitely know I am NOT content with how little I blog! LOL! I need to get back into the habit more…I just need to find where all the time went first…probably the same place as my brain! 😉

At church Sunday, we talked about consumerism and how it went hand in hand with contentment. It was a great message. Thanks Jeff! Read it here

Anyway, his message got me thinking. I REALLY want to be content with my living situation, as  much as it stinks right now. UGH. Some days it is SO hard. Umm. LIKE TODAY. That phrase “Everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong” YES it is playing true for me today, it actually played true for me before 10 am even rolled around. THAT is NOT a good sign. lol. Hey, things can only go up, right? 😉 But, as I sit now, in the quiet (both kids are asleep, the older one because she TOTALLY got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, so I put her down early). So, let me tell you a little about my day so far…

6 month old is teething and she is a MESSY teether. Gags, chokes, coughs, which in turn makes her PUKE. FUN TIMES! She has done this twice already today. LOL. Ok, well its more like one large SPEW. I know it isn’t a tummy bug, I can just tell. My 2.5 year old is getting her 2 year molars in, ALL. AT. ONCE. Even MORE fun times, probably largely why she got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  I put her back in bed from that same side hoping it would negate the getting up from the wrong side. LOL. you think? Anyway…to continue. I decided to TRY and do the laundry by myself. We dont have a W/D in our apt. WE are on the to floor and the w/d is in teh basement. I have 2 kids. Usually I wait till andrew gets home to start. Well stupid me decided to try it. So, here I go lugging 2 kids AND laundry only to find out the elevator is NOT working by th laudnry room. FUN. So this means I have to go through the trash dumpster room with the 2 kids AND the laundry to GET to the laundry. EWW! Then the first load didn’t spin right and the clothes are still sopping wet. SO, then we didnt have enough money on the care, so i had to lug 2 kids across the street to get cash (we only have one car right now and my hubby needed it today. our other was totalled from someone hitting us) SO that was fun. So now my back is already hurting (I had a bad injury awhile back and it flares up) and there are still loads that have to be brought up. NEVER AGAIN will I do this. LOL. Our building is fixing piping so the AC finally works and they have to come this afternoon, of course, and its in Katies room, of course, which probably means NO NAP. SO! thank goodness shes at least been quiet in her room 45 min now. PHEW. Also, our laptop is overheating to bad it feels like it could catch fire. It had a black screen, I had to force it to turn off, then wait before Icould turn it on again. The keyboard is also broken, becuase holly puked on it, lol. So we have a external keyboard hooked up to a laptop. haha. There are other issues with our apt, but I wont go into that right now….

Anyway. I think about all this JUNK that has happened today, I have even complained about it to friends already today :/ But I started remembering some things from the Bible about contentment, or how God will provide for you.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned for me, but you had no opportunity. Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance andneed. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Phil 4:10-13

Remembering these verses helps put life and the “JUNK” in proper perspective. Now, that doesn’t mean we cant better ourselves, or want to get OUT of a bad situation, it just means I need to be patient and wait and be content even if things are not perfect right now. I need to trust God has the bigger picture and He has a plan and it is NOT to make me GO CRAZY! LOL. I really actually dont need any help there 😉 What I should focus on is

we HAVE a home and shelter, a place to lay our head, food
we HAVE a wonderul family, 2 beautiful little girls, both of which were preemies and both are HEALTHY and THRIVING!
we HAVE love, we HAVE friends, we HAVE family, we HAVE SOOOOOO much more than so many people…

SO THAT is what I am gonna try and remember… 🙂

No sleeping = No beauty

As one can probably tell from this title, we have been having some sleeping issues. Some if it is Katie teething, some is just darned pregnancy insomnia that I am having. UGH. Honestly the main thing is Katie’s sleep issues lately. For the past few months, we will have period will she will just randomly wake at night. She has ALWAYS been a great sleeper, practically from the day she was born. She would have slept through the night if I had let her but I was paranoid thinking she wouldn’t get enough food, so I woke her. HAHA. She has also been a GREAT teether. . .that is until her canines started working their way down. I dont know WHAT it is about those teeth, but they are HELL! Now, to be honest I guess she is still doing pretty well. She is fine during the day and for the most part during naps, but nights are iffy. Now if she DOES wake from it, so far, its only been once and all it takes is for me to walk in, give her water, and she lays back down and goes right back to sleep. Now, that is heaven to some of you out there I am sure, but being pregant and woken up by your crying child shortly after you manage to fanagle your way into a comfortable position and actually FALL asleep can be frustrating. I go in, give her water, and lay her back down, give her her blankie and cover her back up and SHE goes right back to sleep, but mommy doesn’t, (and to be honest, I got frustrated and kept tossing and turning, wanting to talk, so, therefore daddy didn’t either, SORRY SWEETIE!) Though, I still dont get how after a night waking husbands can just fall right back asleep (most of the time he does), but we can’t.  I  had been doing pretty good at falling back asleep within 10 min or so, but last night was just AWFUL.

Katie woke up at 12:30 and I dont think I got back to sleep really AT all. I pretty much tossted and turned, layed there, tried sleeping on the couch, etc, until 5 am. Everytime I was almost asleep, some loud noise, car truck, horns, etc, would wake me up and scare the crap outta me, make my heart race and the process started ALL over. I finally got back asleep around 5 only to hear Katie stir at 6, then again at 6:40, then finally 7 :/ she woke at 7 and declared poo poo, so I am now wondering if she didn’t poop there at 12:30 and I didn’t think to check. If thats true no WONDER I kept hearing her off and on, ugh I would feel AWFUL!  I think my lack of sleep was  in part because I was so frustrated she woke up again. It has been going on a week now and its never lasted that long. Usually is a night here or there and thats it. However, we had company last week. She had slept GREAT for almost 2 weeks I think before that, but the FIRST NIGHT our company was here she woke up, and has woken up EVERY night since then. . .EXCEPT for Sunday night, in which I was NOT here for bedtime. Hmmmm conicendence? I am sure it is. I am sure she just happened to have a good night. But it makes me think Katie is playing me, lol. Like, oh well mommy isn’t here anyway so I wont call for her if I wake up.

I know darned well my child knows how to go to sleep and get BACK to sleep on her own. She does it EVERY night. She almost NEVER cries at bedtime or fights it. The only time she has EVER fought naptime is if I put her down a little too early, but after about 15 min of talking in the crib, she goes to sleep, haha. She has even sung herself to sleep at night after we leave, its really sweet. Also, heck, there are other times I  hear her at night and she doesn’t call for me. How she determines when to call for me and when not to, I am not sure :/ but she does NOT want andrew. We tried that. It took 45 freakin minuets for her to finally go to sleep and that was only after I went in! Andrew at first let her cry about 10 min (I had put her to bed, but then went to get laundry) and she just got more worked up, so he went in. He was in there when I came back in and did NOT want him there. She kept crying and saiyng MOMMY! MOMMY! Well he tried rocking her, etc, it went on another 15-20 min before he finally gave up. She kept saying mommy, so he said, ok you want mommy and she cried, yes, so I came in, held her and kissed her, put her right back in bed and she was fine! WHAT!? LOL. Even last night, she talked when I left the room, so again, I KNOW she knows how to put herself back to sleep. I think she is having teething stuff hurt when she lays down AND she is having some mommy clinginess right now. At least I hope. I guess I will continue to go in a little bit more until all her canines finally break. . .THEN “un” spoil her. Though, I am not sure how to go about it, considering all it takes is me walking in, her taking a drink, she most of the time lays herself back down and thats that. So far she has not cried AFTER I leave the room. It seriously takes about 45 seconds! I guess we will just start making her fuss longer before going in? ANY IDEAS THERE!? LOL. Even though it only takes 45 seconds, I dont want to continue waking up EVERY night, because it is definitly effecting how I sleep and it is REALLY hard for me to get back to sleep.

Gosh I love that kid. Maybe too much, haha, maybe thats the problem? Can you love your kid too much? HAHA, nah, I dont think so. She is such a good kid, we are so blessed. We (at least so far) rarely have any discipline issues with her. She doesn’t (again, at least yet) really hit and she has never bit. So, I think I would rather have a 45 second wake up call. At least I know it means she loves me, that she wants to know I am there, and she is comforted by my presence. I do love seeing her sweet face. I hate that she wakes up, but we BOTH need our better sleep. If she doesn’t sleep right, she can be a WEE bit hyper. Like me when I am tired. haha. My brother-in-law so wonderfully and adequately puts it “TBG” or “tired but giddy” LOL!

So, moms, thats what has been going on. I vowed that on this blog I would be honest with what frustrates me. I think so many moms are not open and honest about parenting frustrations.  When we dont talk about them, it leads to the mommy/child comparison game, feeling more and more overwhelmed, feeling alone and like we are a bad mother, or that no one else goes through this, so we MUST be doing something wrong (which I admit I have thought that recently too), feeling inadequate.  As moms we need to TALK about what we go through so we can help other moms through it. I pray issues we go through with Katie will help other moms when their children are at the same stage as her. So, this is what we have been dealing with lately. It is pretty overwhelming at times, espectially being pregnant and knowing that in a few short months I really WON’T be getting sleep :/ It would be kinda nice to get it well before Holly arrives. Though, I  have wondered if me having the baby is effecting her sleep. She is a smart kid, she talks to Holly, she knows Holly is in there, she sees me more tired, harder for me to move, lift her, etc. . .maybe she is nervous?? Anyway, if any other moms have ideas, PLEASE let me know. THANK YOU and we will take any advice or help that comes our way. We really are a wee bit clueless haha. Like I said, shes always been good sleeper, I know she still is really, and I KNOW she puts herself to sleep and can put herself back to sleep just fine. I know that when she DOES wake, all it takes is that quick reassurance from me and shes back asleep. . .so if it HAS become habit, I am not really sure how to fix it. I dont feel right about making her CIO to the point we dont even go check on her. There are some occassions that she has pooped or is sick, or really does need water, or is stuck and needs help, etc. . .so I dont feel right about not checking. . .


This has been a LONG week. Apparantly it has been for others, because I commented yesterday on the fact it was ONLY Wednesday and several people agreed. Why does this week seem so long? ugh, I dont know about you, but I have MY reasons! LOL. They all center around a precious little girl, whom I love DEARLY, Katie Rene’ Kulp. LOL. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not blaming her for anything, persay, it really has just been one of those weeks. Grantid, I am pregnant, so I am sure that adds to the tiredness as well as the emotional part of GETTING frustrated! LOL. For as long as I can remember, Katie has been a GREAT sleeper! She slept through the night before 6 months and has pretty much done that since. We could probably count the number of times on our hand we actually had to go in. Most times, when, well really, IF, Katie woke at night, she put herself back to sleep on her own. Of course, we had roadbumps along the way, what parent doesn’t? We had a few nights here and there of her CLEARLY fighting bedtime, lol. But, overall she has done great. . .

Well, this past month or so sleep issues have started. Katie now has 12 teeth (the molars are still working their way through, but they are all there and I can see most of the tooth) and has never really had sleep issues with any of them. The worst that happened was she’d have a hard time napping, so maybe nap 1.5hr rather than 2 hrs, and she may wake up half an hour early. No night wake-ups, she was still sleeping fine. We could put her to bed around 7:30 and count on 12 hours (sometimes more) of good solid sleep. YAY for us. Well, that has changed. Recently, she has been waking up at night, only once a night (so far), and only a couple of times a week – but it is still VERY unusual for her. She has had nightmares, poop, teething pain (she is working on all 4 canines, so I am guessing thats why it hurts more, that and they are rubbing on other teeth to work their way down, and she is “blessed” wtih a small mouth like her mommy, soooo ya I can see that hurting. My mouth wasn’t even big enough for all my teeth, which may surprise some people, haha, I had to get 4 pulled!!!) Katie has always  been such a good sleeper, we have pretty much come to the conclusion that if she wakes and cannot put herself back to sleep, its a legitimate need. So far, we have been right. As soon as we give her what she asks for, she curls back up and goes to sleep. So, I don’t think she is playing us. Of cousre, with my hormones, I have been getting really frustrated about it sometimes. I thought we must have done SOMETHING wrong. We didnt’ teach her to sleep right, we didn’t do sleep training soon enough, when in reality, we did it a little SOONER than our pedi recommended, but he told us to go ahead with it, our nighttime routine is too long, I sing to her too much, rock her too much, etc. I was blaming myself. Well, as parents, this can be bad. We have the tendency to do that when something goes wrong. We question ourselves, our instincts and abilities. We think we are bad mom’s. We wonder, HOW will I EVER have more kids!? We worry we are “screwing” our kid up. Mom’s, some of you can SAY you dont think these thigns, but I am pretty sure you do. Almost EVERY mother I have talked to has these feeligns in some way shape or form.

So, anyway, this sleep stuff has made me exhausted! I will have JUST fallen asleep at night, and she wakes up. I need to remember though that my poor daughter is suffering from it too. She isn’t doing it on purpose, I am pretty sure. As moms, we learn to read the cries. Part of me gets frustrated because I feel SO bad for her and I know there is really NOTHING I can do to help her sleep better right now 😦 Last night she woke up and asked for a drink. She said “dink fo mouth, water!” LOL. I gave it to her, she GUZZLED the WHOLE bottle down in 2 drinks!!! not kidding. When she was done, I said are you ok sweetie, its time to sleep now. She said ok mama, laid down and went to sleep. LOL. So yes, pretty sure she wasn’t manipulating me. On top of the night wakings, she has been waking earlier than normal pooping!!! Gotta love how teething messes up EVERYTHING. Literally. It is also making her stuffy, though she  may  have SOME alleriges too. . .which a stuffy nose is another reason sleep is hard. Poor kid. So far, though, she poops, I go in change her in the dark (interesting I know, lol) put her back down and she sleeps more. YAY! Today, she pooped at 7, I know that isn’t THAT early, but Katie normall sleeps till 7:30, but with waking at night she is more tired and I can tell she wants to sleep. So, this morning I put her  back down afterward and she slept over an hour! YAY! She just got up around 8:20! Poor kid.

Ok, so you are probably wondering why this is called Sunglasses. . .well I admit, I have a “losing it” problem. I get WAY to frustrated sometimes. So, last night when she woke up I almost started crying. I was SOOOO tired and I had JUST fallen asleep. UGH. So, I was so frustrated I picked up my old pair of sunglasses and threw them across the room! :/ Yes bad, I know. I really need to work on this. I know Katie isn’t doing it on purpose. I know I am a good mother and can at least calm her to where she goes right back to sleep within 1-2 minuets. I know it could be worse. I know now, honestly, to go to bed NOT knowing IF she will sleep ok or if she will wake up. I kind of expect it. If I expect it, why do I get so dang frustrated!? I am making it worse for myself. Next time, I am going to say,  Oh boy, she woke up, I was right! LOL. I am just thankful, so far, anway, that she is calming quickly and she is only waking one time a night, and it isn’t EVERY night thankfully. . .at least not yet. . .My friend told me this is VERY normal for kids this age. They have A LOT going on around this time. Growing, teething, milestones, major language bursts, etc. . .their little minds and bodies are working overtime. SO, I am sure it HAS to be hard to settle 😦 I am glad I dont remember all that, yikes. My friend has a little girl several months older than Katie and other friends with kids even older than her daughter, so yes, i trust her views. she has been through it. Her friends have been through it. I am SO thankful for her!!! She calms me down, helps me see it from a better perspective and she helps me realize I already KNOW the answers 🙂 I am a good mother and know Katie better than anyone. She is right. God has entrusted Katie to me on this earth. God knows ME better than anyone, he also knows KATIE  better than anyone. God does NOT make mistakes. Therefore, if God chose to give Katie to us, He must have confidence I can raise her, love her and not totally screw her up. He has given me accountability, friends to help and encourage, family advice and of course, a loving husband to  help too. I do NOT have to always have things figured out! Where is the fun in that!? 🙂 hahahaha. Anyway, so thats my week so far. I have just been so tired I have not written a blog in awhile. . .

Honestly this blog reminds me of something. . .as moms when we question ourselves or question God “What were you THINKING” I am not capable of this, I will screw her up, etc. We are NOT being humble about motherhood, but prideful. I know, it sounds weird. . .but here, read this blog, it is a GREAT explanation, better than i could explain. IN fact, I  have TRIED explaining why low self esteem etc, is prideful, buts its is HARD to! This pastor does a GREAT job. SO moms, lets work on our self esteem ok? Not only with ourselves, but with our kids too. We are GOOD parents. God wouldn’t have blessed us with our kids, if He didnt’ think we could do it! We dont have to do it alone either! PRAISE THE LORD! 🙂 Ok, here is the blog:  READ ABOUT PRIDE/HUMILITY HERE

Naptime Dilema

So, Katie has been a GREAT, WONDERFUL sleeper the majority of her 19 months she has been alive. This past month, however, has been CRAZY! First, she was waking about 45 min earlier than normal in the morning, clearly NOT really ready to be up. Well, she has at least learned to stay patient until after 7:00, so that’s good, however, she used to sleep till around 7:20-7:30, and would sometimes even sleep later than that! WOOHOO! Well, she DID sleep from 7:20 until almsot 8 last weekend, so that was nice. Still, we are blessed she has been sleeping good THROUGH the night. She doesn’t normally wake, and if she does for a moment she puts herself back to sleep 9 times out of 10. AND 9 times out of 10 nights we never hear her until at least 6:45. SO, I know we are pretty blessed in that. She goes to bed between 7:15-7:30.  Naps on the other hand lately, TOTALLY WHACK! I have NO earthly idea what is going on, lol. She has been down to one nap a day since 14 months! She would sleep anywhere from about 1 hr 45 min to 2.5 hours. most times it would be 2 hours or so though.  We know she is cutting teeth. A LOT.  Like at least 7.  So, I am guessing this plays into the issues.  So, she goes down for nap around 1-1:30, and goes down FINE. She pretty much just lets me put her in the crib, cuddles her baby or bear and goes to sleep. However, lately, she has been waking up and that DREADED 45 min mark again!? WHY!? I have NO idea! she did this SOME when cutting other teeth, but only for a few days in a row. And she would never really WAKE up WAKE up, but just fuss, then go back to sleep. I can probably count on my hand the number of times I have actually had to GO IN. Well 2 weeks ago it was nuts. I just let her cry, and within a few minutes she was back asleep, so that was good. She would then sleep the remainder of her naps, no problems, so that was ok, not great, but not awful.  Last week her naps were GREAT, 2.5 hours and no peeps. Well again these past three days, nope, waking at 45 minuets again. Except THIS time she is waking EVERY freakin sleep cycle! She is waking up EVERY 45 in!!! She knows she wants at least a 2 hours nap, so when she wakes at 45 min the first time, she can put herself back to sleep, but by the time she wakes again after falling asleep its too close to her normal wake up time, so its hard to go back to sleep. So, as you can guess, I am not getting rest really and not getting anything done. have any of you other moms encountered napping problems when your child was teething, especially molars?  I feel so bad for her though, today, when I went in, she was laying in the fetal position just whimpering 😦 and trying SO hard to go back to sleep, but everytime i saw her eyes close, she would wince, grab her mouth and cry 😦 SO SAD! SO, tomorrow, I will try and remember to give her meds before nap AND I am going to try putting her down earlier for nap. I am thinking it may be a combo problem of putting her down too late and her mouth. SO! wish me luck. I definately need the nap! HAHAHAHA 🙂 Yes, I know, this wasn’t a fun blog, but I didn’t really have much else to write about! HAHA

“Sucker” Mom

So, it has been a few days since I have blogged. Sadly, nothing really exciting has been going on, so I don’t REALLY know what to write about, but, since it has been awhile, I figured I should probably post something! LOL. Right now, I am watching MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” yes, I know it is bad. First of all, I am 29 and probably should not be watching ANYTHING on MTV. Doesn’t it have an age limit?? LOL. Secondly, yes, these people are obviously not married and having a baby! LOL. However, those are the kinds of people who sometimes need love, support and Christ the most. We should definately NOT judge them. We need to love them and help them.  Sometimes, this show is actually quite touching. Seeing that some of these girls really step up and do the right thing and be a good parent. It is kind of cool. Some of them even talk about they know what they did was wrong and encouage other girls to NOT have sex until they are married or have a baby until they are married. Anyways, I love anything about babies, really! HAHA.

Today has been a WEE bit nuts already. Katie woke up 45 min early cause she pooped again! She is kind of constipated because it was hard, poor girl. Not only that, but she is cutting at LEAST three teeth AND because of constipation she is having gas. Poor girl. overall though, she is doing SUPER! Naps are a little messed up the past few days, but she is still at least taking an 1.5 hour nap and sleeping 11 at night, so I will take that for sure! I would much rather her just wake up earlier than normal than wake up all through the night! She is a good kid. HOWEVER, today’s nap has been NOT SO GREAT! LOL. First, she woke  up after only 45 minuets. I am SUCH a sucker. I hear her cry and I am like OH MY WHAT DO I DO, poor girl, i better go get her! LOL. BUT, I was on the phone with a good friend who helped me stay calm and give Katie a chance to go back to sleep on her own. SHE DID! BUT, 10 minuets later someone rang the doorbell and our dog went BALLISTIC. Normally, Katie will sleep through that, but she had just gone back to sleep 10 min earlier! SO, of course, she woke up screaming. . .AGAIN. YUCK. My friend, again, said give her a chance. Why is it that when your baby cries it seems SO much longer than it really is. I asked my friend, oh my, she is still crying, its been like 15 min. My friend was like, Emily, no it hasn’t. It hasn’t even been 5! LOL!!! So a few minutes later my friend said, I bet she is asleep again isn’t she? I said, ummm yes. LOL. She had only cried about 7 minutes. BUT again, I am a SUCKER mom! HAHA. I always think she has been crying FOREVER and think I should go in and get her! HAHA. BUT, I have done that before, and boy, was it a mistake. She looks at me like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE! I was only crying out of annoyance for something messing up my precious beauty sleep! LOL. So, I kinda have to MAKE myself not be a sucker and let her cry. She is usually happier and more rested if I do. As weird as that sounds! Also, I need to start learning that when it really IS wake up time, it is OK that I don’t rush in right away. It is OK for me to finish what I am doing, reading, or working on BEFORE going to get her. She won’t die, she won’t hate me, and she won’t grow up with attachement issues or trust issues! LOL. She probably won’t even REMEMBER, no, I KNOW she won’t! LOL! And me being a sucker mom goes beyond her waking up early and letting her cry. When she falls or gets a “booboo” I automatically am like OH BABY ARE YOU OK!? most of the time she doesnt’ even ACT upset until I ask her that, then she is like, oh mommy is going to give me something, then cries, like she is really hurt, haha.  So, I need to quit being a sucker mom and just be. . .a mom 🙂

Busy week!

Andrew is busy attending the Baptist Convention here in Baltimore, so yesterday evening, all day today, and this evening was me and kiddo. It was great! We had a fun filled, high energy day. I love days like that! 🙂 I am sore, I love days like that too. Lets me know I worked hard 🙂 So, katie has now decided she wants to go up and down stairs. I helped her of course, but man. At the park today, we went around, and around, and around, and around, yet again, up and down the playscape. Then, we stopped by the convention and katie went up and down the 2 flights of stairs there too.  PHEW! MY booty is gonna be sore. GREAT WORKOUT THOUGH 🙂 I has hoping being short would put off some of that, but guess not. . .hmmm. . .glad we don’t have stairs in our house right now!  She is also in the process of getting at least 2, but we think 3, which probably means 4 (since they come in pairs) teeth! YIKES! She had a hard time eating today. She could only eat really soft foods, like bread or cheese. I gave her a Edy’s fruit bar for dessert. She loved that! It is all fruit, so thats good, plus the cold helped her mouth feel better. poor thing. We heard her moaning last night too 😦 the other day she fell and hit her mouth on her plastic monkey.  That, in turn made her bottom teeth hit the sore upper gums and they bled. SAD 😦 I almost cried with her. I felt really bad for her!

So, there isn’t much else going on. Andrew is trying to find seasonal work. He is going back to a place again Friday, so everyone PLEASE be praying for this job to work out. Also, please consider buying from my beauticontrol site. I will get 40% and you will NOT be disappointed. They last forever, they work amazingly well, and a little goes a long way, so the price is definately worth it.  I don’t think my skin has EVER looked this good. It is glowing! I love it. It is smooth, soft, no red and my acne is pretty much gone!!! my site is

thanks for all your prayers. We were blessed this weekend by wonderful frieds. They gave us an olive garden gift card and some grocery money. God Bless you guys. We love you and thank you so much!