To the mom who’s tired

I am tired. I am a mom.

I think if you were to look in the dictionary under the word tired, you would probably see “mom” as one of the definitions. Being tired is part of the job. Being tired seems to be a way of life for moms of young children.

I read something earlier this week that said being tired is not a sin. That was like chocolate for the soul. Rich, deep, dark chocolate. It’s warmth and sweetness sank into every crack and crevice of this  mama’s soul. This mama’s tired and worn out soul.

Being a mama isn’t always about just being physically tired either. We can be well rested, get plenty of sleep, feel awake and alert…yet still feel tired. Still feel that tiredness ache.

Being tired is SO much more than just physical.


I think as mom’s sometimes we let this voice creep in that tells us if we are tired we must not really LOVE our children. We must be tired because we are not enough, strong enough, doing enough, or a good enough mom… all the GOOD mom’s are never tired. I see them in their yoga pants and expensive hot pink sneakers. They are always so bright eyed and bushy tailed. They have make up on and their hair is actually brushed… and washed. They bounce around like they are the energy source for the sun.  I must not be GOOD enough. WHYYYYYYY am I so tired!? I SUCK at this motherhood thing. We look at these moms and think all these things. Let the enemy whisper lies into our emotionally tired, an extra vulnerable, hearts, when the truth is….

maybe they just drank a crap ton of coffee, and are trying to hide the fact that they TOO are tired (I think some of these moms must have a hidden IV somewhere under that perfectly styled outfit though. And maybe taking shots of 5 hour energy every 2.5 hours)


Being tired is something we ALL experience. At any given point in our mother journey we will experience:

Physical tiredness
Spiritual tiredness
Emotional tiredness
Mental tiredness

The sooner us mamas realize it is not wrong to feel tired, the less tired I think we will feel.

When we are physically tired, it is OK to let the dishes sit in the sink so you can sit down for a few minutes. It is OK to let the kids watch an extra show…. or two…

When we are spiritually tired, let the laundry wait and spend some time with Jesus, reading His word, or encouraging books. Anything that helps refill your spiritual soul

When we are emotionally tired, TELL someone. You don’t have to pretend you are not hurting. Tell a friend. Your spouse. Your own mother (because, truth is, she HAS been there done that, and could have some wisdom to give)

When you are mentally tired choose to focus on things that don’t take alot of brain power. It really is OK.

We ALL need rest. As long as we are in our physical bodies, tiredness comes with the territory. It isn’t a sign of weakness. It isn’t a sign that we are not strong enough. It isn’t a sign that we suck at motherhood. It isn’t something we need to stuff down and hide for fear of looking like a failure in front of others. In fact, that will just make our already tired soul even MORE tired (emotionally especially!)

Jesus himself grew tired and weary.

It isn’t a sin to be tired mamas. It isn’t a sign of weakness. It isn’t a sign that you are failing as a mom. It isn’t a sign that you are a bad mom… in fact…

I think being tired is a sign you are a GOOD one.