Why I like living small

You don’t have to look very far to see that America is obsessed with MORE.

MORE house
MORE car
MORE money
MORE stuff
MORE shoes
MORE clothes
MORE closet space
MORE bathrooms


The disease of MORE is a growing epidemic and I truly believe it causes destruction and robs people of joy that the Lord wants so desperately for us to have.

You can turn on the TV and see that couples seeking to purchase a house are complaining that 5000 square feet just is NOT enough room for them and their 1.5 children and 2 dogs.

You see people freaking out that their children may have to actually SHARE a bedroom!? Because ya know, children are entitled to and “need” their own bedroom. Oh, and every person in the house, pets included, need their own bathroom. We can’t have people sharing sinks, toilets, or tubs. That would just be cruel and inhumane! Forcing a husband and wife to share a sink is just evil and should only be used as forms of torture. And guests using the same bathroom YOU use!? No. That is just wrong.

Closets must be as big as my garage, because I NEED all of my 5000 pairs of shoes and 8945 shirts and 4560 pairs of paints. And don’t forget the handbags and scarves!

I see these attitudes EVERY.WHERE. And honestly? I see it among friends and people I know. Even Christians. Some of what we say and complain about with our homes is pretty embarrassing if you get right down to it.

Now the Lord knows I am not perfect. I kinda do love decorating. We all buy things we don’t need sometimes. That really isn’t the issue here.

Have any of you seen any of the shows about the Tiny House Movement? I think it is pretty cool. I watch those shows and am amazed. You watch those and kinda start feeling a tad bit guilty. At least I do. Or the sudden urge to purge everything. These people, some with 2, even 3, children are selling their homes, more than half of what they own, and vowing to live a simpler life. When moving, it makes them REALLY have to think about what they truly NEED, because in a Tiny House, you cannot take every magnet and salad bowl with you.

Those moving into less space are realizing that media and culture is making you think you need more more more, when really? You don’t. So many others live with so much less, and you know what?

They are happier.

Without the constant need to keep up with the Joneses, I think you really realize HOW blessed you are. And trust me. We are abundantly blessed. Like A lot.

Now, our family doesn’t have a “tiny house”, but it is less than 1200 sq feet (however, by the worlds standards, we have a mansion). We have 3 children and a dog. My husband and I don’t have a master suite. We have 3 bedrooms, our daughters share. We don’t have our own master bathroom. We all share one bathroom. Our closets are tiny, only about 3 feet wide. No walk in closets. We don’t have a garage, or even a driveway. Our kitchen has a grand total of 7 cupboards, and 2 really useless ones, as they are only about 4 inches across. We don’t have a pantry. We don’t have a formal dining room and a breakfast nook. We have ONE room for eating. We don’t have a laundry room, but I am thankful we have a washer and dryer in the basement. Our sons room is not much bigger than a box. Literally.

But you know what? I am happier here than ANYWHERE I have ever lived. This has been a tremendous blessing. I think my husband will agree. Here are some reasons I love living small

1) I love that my girls share a room. This whole belief that each child NEEDS their own space is a lie. Many other cultures share a one room HUT. The fact my girls even HAVE a bedroom is amazing and a tremendous gift. I love that they keep each other company. I love that they watch out for each other. I love that they learn to share and get along, because ya know? They kinda have to learn to do that at some point, and sharing space has been an amazing way for them to learn that AND to grow closer.

2) Who wants to clean more than 1 or 2 toilets?! Most of us have guests once or twice a year. I think we can manage sharing our bathroom for those little amounts of time, yes?

3) I truly believe living in smaller spaces opens up the door for more communication, more grace, more patience, more understanding, more support… MORE of the things that TRULY matter.

4) Your body can only be in a small amount of space at one time, so why do we think we need 5000 or more square feet, when I can only be in one tiny space at a time?

5) Living small forces you to focus on what really matters. It helps you think about any and all purchases.

6) Living small helps keep your heart and mind in check. I cannot explain it, but it is very freeing.

These are just some of the reasons I like living small. What about you? Can you live smaller?

The only things we should be striving to have MORE of is Jesus, and all things that encompass him.