Soul Searching

There always comes a time (or times) in a person’s life where they have to REALLY sit down and do some good ole’ fashioned soul searching.

I am in that time.

What type of soul searching am I doing?


We all need friends. No matter if you are introverted, like myself, or extroverted. We all need TRUE friends. REAL friends. Not just people we talk to about the weather or what they did last weekend. But friends we can confide in. Friends we can be real with without fear of judgement. Friends who will hold us accountable. Friends who ain’t afraid to smack us on the head when needed. Friends who will tell us the truth, even if it’s hard. Friends who share our values, our faith, our passion.

When I sit and think of my biggest passion, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, my BIGGEST passion is:

CHRIST. Jesus Christ… and loving others unto Himself.

I love Jesus more than words can describe. He has done SO much for me. So much more than I deserve.

Jesus Christ is the string that binds every other thing I love together.

My husband. My children. Church. Reading. Decorating. Singing. Painting. Music. Cooking. Photography.

Everything I love and do, I love and do because of Him.

Because of Jesus.

My most recent thing I have been asking myself is:

Do the friends I keep reflect how thankful I am for Christ? Does the closest company I keep mock the reason I know I am alive? Do they mock Christians?

Do they mock Christ?

I have no issues being friends with those who do not know Christ. I desperately want them to come to the saving knowledge of His grace.

I read the Gospels and see that Jesus himself hung out with those others thought were “too bad” or “too messed up,” because He was love. He was Truth. He was Grace.

But I also read of times where Jesus let people walk away. He presented His life changing grace. The bread of life. Eternal life.

And they laughed in his face. They wanted nothing to do with it.

I am beginning to realize there’s a huge difference in having a friend who may not know Christ YET, than continuing a relationship with someone who mocks Christ.

There is a huge difference between friends and CLOSEST friends. Jesus hung with those far from Him, yes, but his closest group, his most intimate friendships were a group of disciples who desperately loved him and wanted to make his name known. Even among those 12, Jesus had a select few that he was closest with.

How can someone tell you that you can still be friends when they mock the biggest part of your life?

I don’t think they can.

The Bible tells us that we need to watch who we surround ourselves with. Bad company corrupts good morals, it says.
A pastor I love says it awesome:

“Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

The Bible talks of not being unequally yolked with people. Most think this is in a marriage relationship. While that is a huge truth, I believe it also applies to friendships. It can mean Christian and a hateful non Christian. I also think it can even apply to two believers.

I want all I do to bring glory to Christ, and that includes the company I keep.

What about you?



Faith Family Friends

So, today is a pretty good day and its only 9:00.  It is a a beautiful morning outside and I just overall feel pretty good.  This weekend I pulled a muscle in my back.  Oh man, the pain was excrutiating.  Ask Andrew, it was pretty bad.  Well today, it seems a little bit better.  Be praying it stays that way!  This weekend was a great weekend as well in ALL of these categories, faith, family and friends.

First in FAITH:  Journey church was pretty great yesterday.  We had a guest speaker, and from what I heard, he did a wonderful job.  JourneyKidz went pretty well to.  The kids are doing so much better at listening and getting involved.  Even some of the quieter kids are particitpating so much more.  We were learning about being humble yesterday in JourneyKidz.  Of course, that can be hard sometimes for kids to understand, but for the most part, most of them understood it!  I think some of our sports boys understand it, but need a little more encouragement to learn how to be that way, even on the sports field.  But, eveyone listened, answered questions correctly, so I know all those kids are going to grow up to be great Christ followers!  It is very encouraging to see how they are growing.

Family:  Andrew and I had a nice day together Saturday.  We didn’t really have any plans, except someone came to look at the house, cross your fingers everyone!!!  We spent some time outdoors together, taking a walk and just relaxing and talking,  It was very nice.

Friends:  Yesterday, after church we had friends from our former church come to eat lunch with us.  She is also pregnant, so it has been so much fun sharing pregnancy stories with each other.  She is a wonderful friend and great encourager to me, I am truly thankful for her.  We all just had a great time of fun and fellowship with one another.

Overall this past weekend was awesome.  I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!  Let’s all get this week started with a bang!  Let’s really focus on the amazing things the Lord gives us, love one another, encourage one another. . .if we do that, we can’t HELP but have another great week!  God Bless!