Cleaning out the (social networking) Clutter

There are a lot of social networking sites out there today.

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Reddit. Linkedin. Tumblr. Snapchat. Google+. I am sure I am missing some…

It gives me a headache just thinking about it all. These can be an amazing tool. I use mine to keep in touch with loved ones who are states away. I also think these can become a crutch. They become a tool Satan uses to make us fall into the comparison game, gossip, anxiety, depression, and stay “friended” with people we may not really “like”, who are unhealthy for us, or who just plum annoy us (no offense haha) for fear of them knowing we un-friended them or whatnot.

Social media conceptI do have Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is very limited, mainly so family and friends who live elsewhere can see pictures. I have Instagram because I love photography, travel, and nature, and it calms me to follow pages with beautiful photos. Also. Less drama. LOL. Many people are on BOTH Facebook and Instagram. Do I really NEED everyone on BOTH accounts?

I have decided to clean out the clutter. I have decided that I should not let my fear of doing so make me have to delete the account I WANT to keep. About twice a year, I go through my newsfeed, pages, and friends list. It is so easy to change my newsfeed or unlike pages. But people? That is scary for me. I often have unfriending anxiety.

What will they think!?
Will they notice!?
Will they hate me?
I don’t want to be mean
I don’t want them to think I hate them
I don’t want them to take it personally

I mean come on, Em. Reall? Most WON’T care. If they do, they will ask about it

I have come up with some guidelines to help me decide who stays and who goes:

1) Facebook needs to be more personal. Instagram is more open. This means I need to clean out my friends list on FB and make it minimal. Keep it personal.

2) Do I know them in person? Did I go to school with them? If I only know them through online groups, have I kept in contact with them for a long period of time? These are all good questions to ask yourself when going through your social networking site feeds/lists

3) Would I tell them Happy Birthday? There are people who when FB tells me it is their birthday, and I am kinda like ehh so? That may sound rude, but if I don’t care enough to tell someone Happy Birthday, do I REALLY consider them a “friend?”

4) Have I considered letting them go before? Does things they say or post frustrate, annoy, or bother me? Even unfollowing someone, my mind knows they are still there, and it can wear on me.

5) Do they share any of the passions and values I share? Do they treat others with love and respect, even if views differ?

6) How do they talk about their children? This is a BIG one for me lately. I cannot stand the things I see some mothers say about their children. Name calling. Constantly complaining about them. Negative talk about them. Calling them things such as little shits or nasty or whatnot. Yes, children frustrate us sometimes. They are draining. They are still a blessing. I cannot see Christ calling the children who came to Him that, or constantly complaining about them. Can you?

7) The Bible says to guard our hearts. Part of doing that is making sure all we do brings glory to Him. Sometimes, in order to do this, we need to clean out the clutter in our lives. That means letting certain relationships, or things, go.

8) We are to please God, NOT man. If we are worrying what someone will think of us if we unfriend them, that’s worrying what they think over God. Pray and listen. God will direct us in the way you should go, and this includes relationships.

9) Real love doesn’t act out of insecurity. If you are worrying too much about what someone would think of you for letting them go (when you know it really IS the best thing to do), that isn’t love. If it isn’t love, it isn’t true friendship.

10) Clearing out social networking will make me focus more on the here and now. Enjoy the little moments. The people around me in my community. My children. My husband. My neighbors. My family.

My God.

Do you need to do some social network de-cluttering?







Can you believe it is already 2015!???! Insanity. Pure insanity. I feel like 2014 went both fast and slow at the same time. Have you ever felt that way? There were certain parts that I thought for sure would never end (like having a colicky baby haha) or a whiny 3 year old (well now she can be a whiny 4 year old 😉 but hey, she isn’t 3 anymore! HA!) but then there are parts that seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye, like the super cute 8 month baby stage that I so love, or half of my oldest daughter’s first year of Kindergarten (say what!?) or Christmas (which I am kinda sad about because this year it didn’t ever fully FEEL like Christmas, which is not normal for me).

I hope that all of you had a fabulous Christmas and holiday season with your family. I hope that your children had a good break. Are you happy or sad they are back in school? Or yes to both? HA! 😛

oneI have heard a lot of things over the last few years that instead of making a whole list of new years resolutions, that, let’s be honest, we won’t follow anyway… choose ONE. WORD. to symbolize how you want your year to be. How you want to change. How you want to grow. How you want to live.

What will YOUR one word be? Have you thought about it? What word would you choose that can encompass EVERY.SINGLE.THING. you hope to achieve, accomplish, or do in this year?

I had 2 that I was going back and forth between.


Choosing Joy is something we must actively pursue in order to fulfill anything else in life really. We must CHOOSE to be joyful regardless of circumstances. It is the only true secret to contentment.

“Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” Philippians 4:11

However, I think HOPE is an even MORE all encompassing word. It is through HOPE in Christ that we can have JOY in the first place. 

“The hope of the righteous brings joy…” Proverbs 10:28

Hope is what holds us together when everything is crashing around us.
Hope is what binds people together that may be struggling
Hope is what allows us to trust in our Father even when we don’t understand
Hope is what allows us to have joy
Hope is the catalyst for SO. MANY. THINGS.

We can survive a lot IF we have Hope.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul” Hebrews 6:19

And if you are a child of God, you ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. have Hope. Always. No matter what your circumstances. No matter what you are going through. No matter what you are feeling. No matter what you have done. No matter what consequences you may be suffering because of sins. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Hope is what allowed Jesus’ disciples to be willing to die for their faith. Hope of MORE. Hope of eternal life. Hope that this life on THIS earth is not the end all. It isn’t our real home. Hope that we are made for greatness. Hope that God can, does, and WILL work all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28)

My focus passage for this year will be Romans 12:12

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” This passage sums up the word perfectly to me. We can rejoice in all circumstances, if we have hope, even IN tribulations. It is that hope which allows us to trust God and be patient THROUGH those times of tribulation. Constant in prayer is what will allow us the proper focus to remember where our hope lies. It is through constant conversation with God, which is what prayer is, that our minds can stay focused on Him. Focused on Hope. And that Hope will lead to SO. MUCH. MORE.

So this is my one word: HOPE

because with Hope, you can change everything


On aches, twinges, and Christ

The following was something I posted on Facebook… but the more I got thinking, the more I felt I should also share here.

I hope it helps and encourages someone today ❤

Knowing-when-your-family-is-completeI know I have been super crazy (blog friends, just read THIS TOO haha), back and forth, schizo mama about having more babies. I know I have probably annoyed quite a few people (especially my poor hubs haha). I am sorry for that. I wanted to share tonight how God has spoken to me, given me peace, and that I just feel content. Complete… It may be a little long, so bear with me 🙂

Andrew and I had a wonderful talk last night. He said something to me that God REALLY used to help me. No matter how many babies we had, I would miss certain ages and stages. It is OK to feel complete with our family, yet simultaneously feeling sad certain stages are passing and just because I am sad that my babies are growing up is not a sign that I HAVE to have more. (does that make ANY sense!? HA) I can also be both sad at passing stages yet be excited for new ones to come.

I was planning on writing a blog about some of the extreme views in Christianity that I have struggled with. One of those is the “continuing to have babies” (and if God has called you to this and this is YOUR conviction, PLEASE obey. Anything less would be disobedience). I was going to write how the number of babies you have doesn’t equate to how good of a Christian you are. More kids does not mean more love from God. More kids doesn’t mean one is a better Christian than those with fewer. They are just a Christian family with less (or more) kids.

Well, thinking on this last night, God seriously threw an explosive slap on the head… He spoke (quite loudly) to my heart — “Emily, how can you write that when you don’t even believe it yourself?” (OUCH) ***hanging head in shame***

God is right (isn’t He always? HAHA)

I have been seeing SO many people having their 4th (or 5th… or 6th… or 8th! HAHA) babies that I love bunches and bunches, and look up to, that mix that with the feeling sad on certain stages being over, and it is almost like I felt I *HAD* to have another baby to be a “good enough Christian.” Dumb, right?!

I was comparing myself. I was basing my worth and value in Christ, and how much God loved me, on whether not I had more babies.

I am a person who is completely head over HEELS in love with being a mother. I would not trade the puke filled bedding or 3 AM wake up calls for ANYTHING (though I do hate puke and I do love sleep LOL). It is my JOB, and I (at least I hope HA!) am DANG good at it (though I suck with babies hahaha) I am a person, who no matter my age, will probably ALWAYS get that baby itch around a certain time. That ache, in a way (which I know is normal. Even mothers WAAAAAY past the kid phase feel that twinge sometimes.

I also LOVE loving on others around me. I love being the light of Christ to those around me. We moved here to BE that. We moved here because we know the Lord called us here. I love that we are being able to minister and love on the kids around here. I know that if we had more babies, I would hide away, struggle with PPD (not to mention pre term births, nicu babies, colic babies, back issues etc, that make pregnancy hard for me), and I would not be a very good light to others. My first and most important relationship is God. I feel so much peace that God is breathing into my soul. That I am NOT being selfish for realizing we are done. I am NOT being selfish for missing stages, yet not necessarily wanting to do them again. We have a CALLING here. An important one. One that I want to make Jesus proud with. I can admit, that I KNOW I would not do that if we were to have another. I think it, no, I KNOW, it would hinder our ministry. I almost feel *if* we were to have another, it would not be biological.

I LOVE helping in Katie’s (and soon to be Holly’s and Simon’s) school. I want to be able to do it more. A lot more. I love all the things I have been able to do with the kids now that they are older… and I don’t think it means I am selfish, or a bad Christian, because part of me is excited for that.

I want to make a difference for Christ here in Towson. I want to love others like Jesus SO HARD they don’t know what hit them, and they won’t be able to help but fall in love with this beautiful and amazing Savior. The Savior who extends grace so amazing it is almost scandalous! I want that. Desperately. And I think that desire is an important one to fulfill.

Anyway. Sorry this was so long. HA! I hope this made sense. I am just SO SO SO much at peace! I am SO beyond happy. I am joyful. I am content. I feel… complete ❤ Thank you for those who prayed. And congrats to all my friends popping out babies. Just message me ya’lls addresses and I will get my “buying baby clothes” fix through ya’ll 😉

XOXO!!! Love all you guys! Thanks for putting up with my crazy.

So there you have it 🙂 trust God. Listen to Him. Don’t compare yourself to others, for He has different plans and purposes for all of us.

Love. Laughter. and Littles
❤ XOXO Emily ❤

P.S. This is also a wonderful post. I read this awhile back and felt peace. I need to keep that peace.


it isn’t pie.

Being a mother isn’t easy as pie some days. It isn’t a piece of cake. It isn’t a walk in the park… or any other cheesy slogan. We don’t sit around and eat bon bons all day while watching our babies happily coo at us, while we joyfully fold the clothes in between bon bon bites. No.

Some days we forget the laundry in the washer, some days the baby is screaming at us, the toddler is coloring on the walls, the preschooler is mad at you for not letting her eat a 4th cookie, and some days we wish we had some pie or cake to eat while we hide in a closet to get 5 minutes of peace.

Sometimes motherhood is HARD

Some days royally stink.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and think we can’t make it another second. Sometimes, we think that if the kids yell one more time, or the baby pukes on you yet again, or won’t nap, or the toddler is in the markers, AGAIN… that we really may lose our minds… And you know what?


It really is OK that is stinks sometimes. It is ok to admit that it is hard. It is!

I know I have written on this before, but each new addition our family has had, I have to remind myself of this truth. I have to remind myself that even though some days are HARD, they are WORTH it. We need to focus on the positives. It WILL get better and you don’t have to LOOOOOOVE every aspect of motherhood in order to love being a mother.

It also doesn’t mean we don’t realize we are blessed. We know we are blessed. We know we are SO SO blessed to have the children we do, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t hard sometimes. It is OK to admit it is hard.

I am currently sitting in my bedroom with earphones on, the box fan on high, watching a cheesy romantic Christmas movie (that I have seen before haha) and drinking a glass of red wine because it was one of “those” days.

Do I love my children? Yup. My family feels so much more complete with the addition of Simon… but that doesn’t negate that the first 5-6 months are hard for me or that some days I don’t feel completely overwhelmed with having three little people to take care of.

Three mouths to feed. 30 fingers to clean. 30 toes to trim. Three little people to calm when they get upset. Sometimes it feel like TOO much…

But you know what? I don’t think it makes me a bad mother. I think the only thing that makes me a “bad mother” is the self doubt, negative talk, listening to the lies and the guilt trips that us mothers like to listen to.

We yelled today? We STINK!
We didn’t make a home cooked meal? WOW, you are NOT a good mom
You let the baby CRY for 10 min while finishing folding the laundry? How DARE you!? Don’t you know it causes brain damage!?
You let your children watch ANOTHER movie? You really should stop doing that, you will cause ADD

And on. and on. and on.

WHY do we do this to ourselves mama’s?!

That is not what the Lord would want for us. We know this. I also believe, truly believe, that He does not want us hiding and stuffing the bad days away, faking it in front of others so we look like the “perfect mother”

I think the Lord wants us to share in our struggles so that we can encourage one another, speak truth to one another, pray for one another. The Bible says we need to share in joy AND in sorrow. Some days in motherhood are hard. We cannot make this journey alone. We were never meant to. We were made for fellowship, support, love, and encouragement.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

So mama’s. Let’s stop the negative, self sabotaging talk we do to ourselves and share with each other. Share your struggles. Share your weaknesses. Let’s help each other THROUGH the bad days. Let’s help each other focus on the positives so that the hard days don’t seem so hard.

Motherhood won’t always be easy. Every day won’t always be the “best day ever”, but I believe when we are open and honest with each other, supporting each other, praying for one another, encouraging one another, that “those” days will become less and less, and the good days and the days we realize, through Christ, we CAN make it, will become more and more common!

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Lots to be thankful for.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will have to write a longer blog when it isn’t 11:34 pm, and I am tired, AND I am trying to catch up on Facebook, work on my facebook page, AND watch a Christmas movie all at the same time.

Yay for multi-tasking funness! 😀

My entire close family came to our house! This was our first year to host (and our first year to use the china my hubs and I got for our wedding… over 8 years ago. LOL) Chine is so overrated 😉 It was also the first time we used our electric knife. YAY for turkey carving!

My mom, sister and her hubs, and my uncle (and his adorable doggies) came to visit. We had 6 adults, 3 kids, and 3 dogs in our cozy, quaint little townhouse! It was really fun! Here is a cute pic of us gals in front of our tree 🙂

us gals


We really had a great time. Simon was full of laughs and smiles. Holly was full of cheese (as usual) and was cracking everyone up, and little miss Katie did what she did best… be a cute little miss 😉 The girls cried tonight when we all had to say our goodbyes. I cried a little too 😦

We REALLY need to do this more often

Family ROCKS ❤








I am jealous of my husband.

I am totally 100% jealous of my husband. I know what the Bible says about jealousy too. I guess I should say it is more of an awe I have for him. I see things in him that I wish I had myself. Qualities I KNOW, through Christ, I CAN ACCOMPLISH. I am just not there yet. I am trying, but I fail daily.

This is where the jealousy comes in.

My husband is THE. MOST. CALM. person on the planet, I swear. Nothing phases him. He is SO SO SO good at going with the flow, dealing with frustrations, and not worrying about tomorrow, and all that jazz SO much better than me.

I admit it. I am a “worry about tomorrow-aholic” (especially during the “baby phase” sigh…)

I have even tried to convince myself I am “not worrying” I just want to “be prepared”

No Emily. You, my dear, are worrying about tomorrow, and we ALLLLLL know what the Bible says about that 😉

Just this morning I was trying to have a discussion – the same one I have had 48201482918420141 with him before, I might add – about “what will we do… IF”

These conversations really are pointless. I KNOW this. WHY, oh WHY, can’t I be like my amazing husband and put these stupid, anxiety producing thoughts out of my head!? ARGH, ARGH, and some more ARGH. I am frustrated with myself, can ya tell? LOL

I know the MAIN reason I don’t enjoy certain things, or certain “phases” in life is because I am worrying about tomorrow, what iffing myself to death, rather than focusing on ENJOYING and TREASURING each moment for WHAT. IT. IS, and doing whatever it takes to feel that joy.

I am too busy stressing about what COULD happen to enjoy what IS happening. 

That, my friends, is NO way to live. God knew what he was talking about when he told us in Matthew to not worry about tomorrow. Yes, I think it is because He wants us to have faith and trust in Him, but I believe it is MORE than that. God also wants us to enjoy and treasure each day, each moment.

worry chairIf we are too busy worrying about tomorrow, today will be gone before we know it, and we will go to bed realizing we spent over half the day angry, frustrated, and anxious because rather than enjoying today, we were focused on tomorrow.

So, ya’ll fellow worry about tomorrow-aholics. Let’s unite. Let’s give our worries to God. Let’s CHOOSE to focus on today and NOT worry about tomorrow. Through Christ, ya’ll… we CAN do this!

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6:34

My soul finds rest…

…in God alone. That is how the verse goes right? Psalm 62:1…

Yes, it is true. But SOMETIMES my body needs some physical rest. My brain needs some recharge time. My emotional tank needs refilled.

So, this weekend I am also finding my rest at the Hampton Inn.

This is THE. FIRST. TIME. EVER. I have EVER stayed in a hotel by myself. It is really my first weekend away BY myself. I had a night in our house alone when we were first married when Andrew had a work trip, but ehh, that doesn’t count, and it was almost 5.5 years ago! I have had a couple trips where I saw family, 2 years ago I went to Texas alone, but it was not really a break, as I was staying with my family and it was for my Granny’s funeral.

So, this is AHHHH-MAZING!

My husband is the best. He has been working so hard, and has also been preaching alot. I am thankful for his hard work, for it allows me to stay home with my children. There are days I think to myself, wow, it must be nice to go to work every day and see adults! It must amazing to do things other than cleaning up messes, poopy diapers, and spit up… but usually those thoughts are fleeting.

I am pretty sure I would miss those spazoids pretty quickly 😉

However, we all need a break. We all need time alone sometimes. Jesus went away alone to spend time with His Father. I know I should not EXPECT this, but it was a blessing and gift to be allowed to do so.

So, I am currently sitting in sweats and my favorite pink hoodie, watching TLC, having my computer on Facebook, and am writing a blog. I am also reading scriptures and searching out things to post to my emily out loud facebook page.

When someone asked me yesterday what I was planning on doing. I said. NOTHING.

Right now, doing nothing is wonderful. Doing nothing is JUST what I needed 🙂

Thank you my love for giving me this time away. I love you all very much. YOU are amazing!

*** I want to give a shout out to the Hampton Inn in White Marsh. When I got here last night around 9 pm, I stayed at home until after the kiddies were in bed, the gave me a room on the 3rd floor. They are renovating the 4th (their top) floor. This morning I woke at the time I normally do, sigh, I guess I cannot make my old mommy body “sleep in” LOL — and I started hearing banging and scraping and doors slamming etc. I know, right? so much for rest! LOL. Anyway, I went down to ask about it, and the guy at the front desk was already aware of it and was NOT happy haha. Their workers were being loud, and were not supposed to be doing anything! The manager was also VERY displeased. LOL. The room I had last night happened to be next to the one the workers were using to wash up, etc, and they kept allowing their door to slam. So, without hesitation, Hampton Inn gave me a new room AND reimbursed me the ENTIRE amount for last night! Sweet, right!? I thought that was really awesome. We had a similar experience at another hotel (it was Holiday Inn, sorry ya’ll, but you could learn a lesson from Hampton, AND Hampton serves complimentary Bfast, gives passes to LA Fitness, And has a shuttle to go anywhere in the area, free of charge), and they only gave us a 10% discount after we put up a fuss, and the hotel workers were snotty about it. Hampton Inn has never been anything BUT friendly, courteous and seem sincerely caring toward their customers. So.

Thank you Hampton Inn for making my mommy weekend wonderful! 🙂

A little Friday (pregnancy) humor

Just some laughs to end the week… for all you other preggy mama’s out there!

pregnancy napThe only stinky thing is when your baby is so far in your ribs and your stomach is so far up your throat you cannot even get comfortable enough to sleep. Perhaps I should try sleeping standing up. Like fish do. Well, not that they have legs, but you know what I mean, they don’t exactly lay down on the bottom on the ocean on a nice little bed of coral.

pregnancy swagThat’s right people! And I have had this awesome swag since ohhhhh 18 weeks? LOL. The joys of being short and pregnant. When my belly gets even bigger it may push my pants down, and I will look like those crazy people who wear their pants around their ankles and call it “swagger” (heh. That is another blog for another day)

belly touching

Yeah. Like random strangers asking me if I will have to have a c section and when I say no, why would I? And they respond that I am too small and they didn’t know if I was big enough “you know down there” they say, to be able to deliver normally. Uhhh…… I don’t know you. Gross, you freak. LOL. Or when people as if I am having twins and I say no, and they say, are you sure? you are pretty big. Gee. Thanks. They get all embarrassed and say, well no you are not big, just your belly. Hmm, again. I am 5 feet. Where else is the baby gonna go but out? Next time I will say, yeah my belly is big because I am pregnant, what is YOUR excuse? HA! just kidding. just kidding.

I hope you and your families have a great weekend. As for me, my goal is to be able to breath deeply, walk without pain, and not sleep standing up. Actually, scratch the standing up part. Just being able to sleep would be nice, and more than the 30 min at a time I get now without changing positions or having to pee 😉

Ahh. the joys of pregnancy. You know what though? The joy that comes after is worth every uncomfortable moment. Then of course AFTER pregnancy comes… 😉

baby memeTGIF ya’ll!!! Enjoy your weekend!


Shark week is a priority.

I think it is high time for a nonsense blog. I have been kinda serious lately. I know, geez. I am such a debbie downer, making everyone think and all. GOSH EMILY! So, today, I figured, it is Friday, do something silly. Not that Friday’s really matter when you are a mother, but hey, whatever makes you happy, floats your boat, gets your panties out of a wad, or whatever stupid cliche keeps ya going… I still say


Today, I am just going to share something funny. Well, I thought it was funny, perhaps mommy humor doesn’t carry over to other mommies. Maybe it is one of those things where things are only funny to the mom of the kid who said it, but I don’t care. I am sharing it anyway.

This is from my daughter, Katie. She is 4.5 years old. She is weird, like her mommy, which I find awkwardly comforting and makes me just a little bit proud. Hey. Being weird is awesome. Totally better than “normal” (*insert eye roll here) I mean, really, who wants to be plain old, mind numbingly dull, NORMAL? NOT ME!

Those who know me know that I have a strange fascination for things that can kill you. Great White Sharks, snakes, spiders, etc etc etc… My children have had this awesome gift passed down to them. Hey, you say creepy and sick, I say awesome… We are trying to save some moola, cause I mean who isn’t these days,  so we decided to cut cable. Again. Why we got it again in the first place is another blog. LOL. I guess I missed HGTV, but now that I have seen all three new episodes, they are back to reruns, soooo anyhoo….

Well, we used Christmas money to get amazon prime membership. It is a one time payment, and with it you get things similar to netflix. Ya know, instant streaming kinda thing. We have a ROKU, we got the previous year for Christmas, hooked up to a computer monitor in the basement, so the girls watch that sometimes down there while I am cleaning or making dinner etc. Well, when I told Katie we were having to cut the TV (ie her disney shows) she first asked why. I told her we needed to save money and she goes…

“Mommy. We will still be able to watch shark week!? OH and shows about snakes and spiders!?”

shark weekYes. My 4 year old has her priorities in order I tell ya. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a meat eating fish rip the face off a seal or a huge snake squeeze the life out of a poor lemur or a spider cause someone’s flesh to slowly rot off!?

When I told her that yes that is on Amazon, she had this huge look of relief, and even sighed then said:

“OH, well as long as I can watch Shark week, I don’t care. That’s fine mommy. We don’t need Disney channel”

Yup. That’s my girl!

…hopefully this is not cause for alarm. Should I be concerned? Well, I like that kind of thing, and I turned out ok.

Or did I?



God is our Father, we are their mother


As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you…” Isaiah 66:13

I love this verse. It is so simple. So true. What a beautiful picture of what we, as mothers, are to our children. God, our Father, blessed us with our children, He loves us, He comforts us and He is who we should look toward to know how to parent.

Mother’s wear many hats. We clean.  We comfort. We cook. We chauffeur. We fix boo boo’s. We chase away the boogie man. We dance with Cinderella or fight dragons with a knight. Maybe sometimes we ARE the dragon or the evil stepsister. We break up fights. We hug and kiss and repair broken hearts and repair hurt feelings. We wipe tears. We wipe eyes. We wipes noses. We wipe….bums. We clean puke off the sheets, the favorite teddy bear, and ourselves at 3 AM in the morning. We do our best to remain calm when all we feel like doing is screaming to PLEASE STOP NOW to the non stop whining or demands or fighting. We sometimes do yell and have to say we are sorry. We chase butterflies. We search for bugs. We are an exterminator… and so much more.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control;against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

The fruits of the spirit are vital to motherhood. They are important to have in order to parent the way God parents us. Jesus, God in human form, exhibited these to all those around him. If I am honest…

I am not always loving.

I am not always peaceful.

I am not always patient.

I am not always kind.

I am not always showing goodness.

I am not always faithful.

I am not always gentle.

I do not always have self control.

Though I fail, God does not. He gave us the children we have and HE will change us from the inside out, so that we may parent as he parents us.

God will help us be loving even when our child talks back, rolls their eyes, or refuses to do as asked.

God will help us have joy in the mundane, the mess clean ups, the accidents to mop up, the puke to wash out and the hard times of discipline or teaching hard lessons.

God will help us have peace even when we are worried about our children, they go off to school, they seem to turn away, or they are distant from us.

God will help us have patience when we just can’t take the whining anymore, or we hear “Mommy will you….” for the 500th time in 1 hour.

God will help us show kindness even when are are too tired to think and the demands from motherhood are weighing us down.

God will help us strive to model goodness in our attitudes and our words.

God will help us remain faithful when we feel we cannot take another step, deal with another mess, wipe another snotty nose.

God will help us show gentleness, even in times of teaching life lessons or disciplining.

God will help our hearts, attitudes, and tongues have self control, even when we feel we have to take a bajillion deep breaths, or our heads may explode.

Mother’s have a job. Mother’s have a blessing as well. Motherhood is not easy. Motherhood is not always pretty, or restful, or glamorous. Motherhood is exhausting at times. However, even in these times, look to God. God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us. He is there for us. He gave us a gift. Motherhood is a gift.

Thank you to all you mama’s out there. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are a blessing… and you are appreciated.