Things I am tired of as a mother

Motherhood is awesome. We can all pretty much agree there. Well, most of us anyway. We love our babies with a fierce passion and if anyone tries to mess with our little boogers we will pounce on them faster than you can say Kim Kardashian has a big booty.

However, there are a FEW things I could do without. There are a few things that if given oodles of money for the rest of my life, I may very well pay someone else to do, because frankly? After 3 kids I am growing a wee bit, little bit a lot tired of them.

1) Teething: Yup. Over it. I honestly don’t know how Michelle Duggar stands it. I mean seriously. She has probably dealt with straight teething for like 500 years by know. Yeesh. I am grateful that my children overall have not been (TOO) terrible. But frankly? I am tired of the crud that comes with it, and the sleep issues. And the early waking. Yup. I admit it. Teething sucks

2) Grunting and pointing like a crazed caveman: My children all have done this. My current “baby” is almost 18 months, and nothing frustrates me more than the frantic pointing and grunting toward something he wants, when I know he knows words. They point and flail, scream in frustration that we don’t speak grunt, point and flail, scream even louder in frustration. This continues until either a) the child gives up and finally uses their words or b) you have now spent over 2 hours picking up everything within finger pointing sight saying “this?” — Just to let you know, option b is far more common.

*warning: If they do not want said item you pick up and hand them, prepare to be a target for flying missiles that will hit you on some sensitive part of your body. It is probably best to wear armor daily until your child is over this “phase”.


3) Poop: enough said


4) Wiping butts: Their little baby cheeks may be adorably squishy… but the stuff that comes out of it? Not so much, especially when you have a poop machine child like I do. See #3.


5) Cleaning up after a toddler that decided to be Picasso with their food, rather than eating it, which, let’s be honest. Happens A LOT.


6) Picky Eating: So your toddler is an amazing eater and ate sauteed mushrooms wrapped in asparagus wrapped in lettuce wrapped covered with greek yogurt? Don’t get too cocky. In 5 minutes you will be wearing that food and getting a free yogurt facial.


I love my little babes though. Even with all the things I get tired of, being a mama is still worth it. But I will be honest, I would totally pay for a diaper changer…



I’m on the island of mis-matched socks


I think we have the abominable snowman living in our dryers, the tumbling noise of the dryers is him (or her. We must fight for gender equality, right!?) laughing while eating only one of each sock sending it to the Island of mis-matched socks never to be found again. Not even by the queen of lost things herself. Tinkerbell.

126590972They are banished from existence. Shunned. Their torch burned out and must leave the island. Sent to the farthest corners of the universe. Or maybe the universe’s universe. Unable to be found, even by the master of time, space, and universe travel, Dr. Who.

I think my husband has an entire stack of socks with no mate. Those poor socks are left to gather dust, forgotten about, laying there depressed because it lost its other half. There is no Jerry Maguire “You complete me” to be had for this entire collection of random socks. I kinda feel sorry for them.

The combinations my girls come up with are quite interesting. Who says you can’t wear hot pink, neon purple and yellow owls with subtle blue and green stripes? Or one no show sock with one knee high sock. OK. I am exaggerating there. We have no knee high socks. My girls don’t go to a private school… or play soccer.

I envy my children, for they can get away with wearing mis-matched socks. Everyone will peer down at their precious little tootsies and say “aww how cute, did they dress themselves? I love their socks” and walk away with a quiet giggle. SHH don’t tell them. There IS no match. My poor poor children. Doomed to a life of mis-matched socks.

If WE wore mis-matched socks? Not so sure that would fly. I can’t exactly see my husband walking into an important client meeting wearing one brown sock and one white sock and them taking him seriously. They would most likely be thinking. Wait. You are an architect. We are supposed to trust you for our building’s DESIGN decisions and you can’t even match your socks!?

Yeah. Don’t think so.

***insert Donald Trump shouting: YOU’RE FIRED***

I think we could only get away with wearing mis-matched socks while we have newbie babies. Others moms would look at us with pity, thinking. Oh that poor, dear, sleep deprived mama. She is so tired she can’t even match her socks. Welp. I sure hope she is at least wearing underwear (OH CRAP! I KNEW I was forgetting something!)

This blog really doesn’t have much of a point. I am not going to give some elaborate story about how mis-matched socks are some cosmic example of living life wandering about, never finding your perfect whatever you need to find something perfect of.


I just get annoyed with mis-matched socks. Especially when I know for DARN sure that I put BOTH socks in the dryer.

That sock eating dryer monster had better watch its back. Karma is coming. All those socks stacked up in the corners of closets, or under beds, collecting dust, will one day retaliate. The will form a sock monster bigger and badder than the marshmallow monster thingy from ghost busters.

In the mean time, maybe you can make THIS with all those socks you have lying around…


Love. Laughter. & Littles (and mis-matched socks)
❤ Emily


bullyWhen we think of the word bully, we think of the big, mean, nasty kids in the school yard picking on other kids for being different. We see them spewing hateful words, poking fun, tearing down, belittling them, maybe sometimes even get physically violent.

What we don’t realize is we can ALL be bullies sometimes.

I know I am a bully.

I lose my patience too easily with my children, and instead of getting down on their level, trying to figure out why they are crying or whining for the 500th million time that day, I stand over them and yell at them to stop whining or else! Or tell them to stop acting like a baby.

That is bullying my children.

I snap at my husband when I don’t feel he helps the way I want him to help. I tell him he isn’t doing it right. I come in, take over, roll my eyes, huff, tell him he just can’t do anything right.

That is bullying my husband.

Yes. This is being a bully, and I admit, there are times I am one. Bullies don’t just exist in schools. They exist inside all of us. I am pretty sure all of have had the inner bully come out at one time or another.

Something I have been working on lately is balancing truth and love. As a Christian I am called to live my life the way Jesus calls us to. The way the Bible tells us to. We are required to share the Gospel and God’s Truth with those around us… but sometimes instead of sharing it, we turn into bullies.

Bullies for God.

Some days I do pretty well at this delicate balancing act, other days I royally screw it up. I act like a bully rather than acting like the humble servant that my Savior came to this earth to be. I bash people. I tear them down with words. I give body gestures that shows my disapproval. I give eye rolls. I make people feel small for things they do, when I act up just as much. I screw up too. I sin too.

When I am being a Christian bully, I am no better than those caught in horrible addictions, or behaviors, etc. I am just as wrong. I am no better than the kid on the playground making fun of the little short kids with glasses and a freckled nose.

In fact, I am worse.

Bullying accomplishes nothing except pushing people farther away from Christ. Yes, speak truth! We HAVE to. We are CALLED to… but let’s make sure in sharing this Truth we do not become bullies.

God doesn’t want bullies. He wants servants. He wants us to be the bigger ones. He wants us to turn the other cheek, not be the ones slapping. He wants us, when asked for our cloak, to give them our shirt also, not be the one taking their shoes because they are not the right color.

“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. 30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you. 32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. 35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” Luke 6:27-36

I don’t know about you but the previous passage is pretty much the farthest thing from bullying there is!

I need to cage my inner bully and throw away the key. Do you?

“Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” Colossians 4:6

“Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, 16 from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.” Ephesians 4:15-16

I am not always a good mom.

There.  I said it.

Honestly, though, sometimes it is true. Some days I feel like a bad mother most of the day. Facebook can make one even feel like MORE of a bad mother. I know that as much as I try to be honest and open, I don’t always share everything. Does anyone!? Social networking is amazing and does a lot of good, but I also think it can do a lot of damage to our already fragile mom self esteem.

Most of the time us moms answer the age old question of “How are you doing?” with the words fine, good, or great… when on the inside we couldn’t feel farther from those things. I am not saying we never feel those things, but sometimes I think we are scared to admit how we REALLY feel. We are scared to admit our struggles, weaknesses, and sins we have in parenting that keep us from being a GREAT mom. We are afraid if we say it out loud people will shun us, hate us, think bad things about us, etc etc etc.

However, if we DON’T speak up. If we don’t find someone we can trust, who we CAN confront all our deep dark mommy secrets to, how are we supposed to overcome them? How can we heal? How can we become the better mom that all of us desire to be?

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16

So. You know what? I know SO many of you think I am a good mom. I know I have the potential TO be one. Through Christ of course… but I do not always live up to it.

I get WAY to easily angered. I snap too much. I have spanked in anger. I have even yelled PLEASE SHUT UP to my screaming baby 😦 I am way too emotional and I let those emotions control me. When I let my emotions control me I overreact, over exaggerate, yell too much, cry too much, do everything too much.

When I let my emotions control me I live in the here and now. I focus on the negative. I forget that it is a season. I forget that His mercies are new every morning. I forget that I have people on my side who love me. I forget I have a God bigger than my bad days. I let my crying/fussy/screaming baby make me angry, which leads to me feeling resentment that something so tiny is so demanding.

This leads me to question all that I know is true: That I love my children and I love being a mother.

This is all bad. VERY. VERY. BAD.

I have a feeling, at least I hope so, that other moms do this same thing. We end the day so many times looking back at how we acted, reacted, talked, yelled, said, didn’t say, etc etc etc and we are full of regret, remorse, guilt and frustration. Sometimes, we may even feel hopeless.

More days than not lately, I end the day with many of these feelings. I wonder what in the world is wrong with me that certain things bug me so much, why I cannot just relax, go with the flow more often. I lose hope in myself.

There is one big problem with this thinking though.

God hasn’t lost hope in me. He never will. He will never leave or forsake me. HE believes in me. He knows with him I can be a good mom.

Maybe it’s time I start believing it myself.

















Take a big long breath of REALITY CHECK!

I ran across THIS video on Facebook:

Click here and WATCH. THE. VIDEO. Really. It is a freaking minute long, surely you have the time to take a minute and watch something, right?

“First world problems are not problems” — this really puts things into perspective. The same could be said about complaining you “need” a bigger house, each child “needs” their own bedroom, you “need” a bigger tv or better computer, you “need” more bathrooms because sharing with 5 people is just TOO HARD, complaining about traffic or other car problems or travelling problems, when we are blessed to have a CAR and not have to walk everywhere etc etc etc… the list goes on and on. Seriously people. Think about it. This brought tears to my eyes. How freakin’ spoiled we are, how much MORE we have than most ANY other country in the world, yet we STILL complain… Really!?!? Wow. Whoa. just Whoa. REALITY people. Reality check. Serious reality check…


If you want to know more in depth of how I feel. READ THIS BLOG I wrote from awhile ago.

This made me have a reality check too. I was complaining and whining the other day that I was bored and want cable back. I am not saying it is WRONG to have cable, but we need to be more aware of how BLESSED we are that we can even have the luxury of choosing if we HAVE it or not. The same applies to any other blessings we have, they are not wrong/bad in an of themselves, but the attitude we have toward them can be. We need to remember to have a heart of gratitude for all we DO have, rather than grumbling over what we don’t have.

I am sure I will have to remind myself how blessed I really am. Yes I have had preemies. Yes I had 2 of those preemies have to stay in the NICU. One of them had to be brought home on a heart monitor. All of my children had colic and I thought I may go insane from the screaming. I shared how the baby phase is hard for me and I am not really a “Baby person” sometimes (when really I am just complaining, if I am honest, woe is me attitude. Shame on me).. but ya know what?

At least my children are healthy, and if they DO get sick, and when they WERE early and couldn’t breath well, I was blessed enough to live here to get them the care they needed. Praise the Lord! Thank you Father.

None of that is as bad as what some others face throughout the world. Disease with no hope of a cure. Dirty water. Dirty food. No doctors. No clean hospitals. Not enough food. Some children are most likely born early, as mine were, and died because they were not blessed enough to have the NICU care that we have in America. Even some in America do not have this luxury.

SHAME on me.

Shame on us.


This Christmas, let’s not focus on what we want, or what we think we “need” – We are blessed just to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our back, running water, indoor plumbing, heat, etc etc etc.

All that we have is a blessing. ALL. OF. IT.  And guess what? It isn’t ours. It all comes from God. The same God who gave us the best gift of all. The greatest blessing of all. His only son. Jesus. To be our Savior. We need to be the hands and feet of that Jesus wherever we are. Wherever God calls us.


Let’s remember that, stop complaining, and start doing MORE for those around us in need.

Love like Jesus.

Something I think upon at Christmas.

Whenever my babies have been born and I am gently rocking them into drowsiness lala land before naps or bed, and it is around Christmas, I always have a thought come into my head. It is a pretty overwhelming thought and one that I cannot even totally fathom. I cannot and WILL not ever fully understand this thought either. It is one that makes me both amazed and heartbroken all at once. I am seeing this thought from a mother’s point of view.

This thought is about Mary… and her sweet baby Jesus.

Jesus is God in the flesh.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

Jesus was born for one purpose and one purpose only. To be our Savior. To save us from our sins. There was only one way this could be accomplished. He would give his LIFE for us.

Jesus was born… to die.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

Like that song “Mary did you know?”

mary jesusDo you think she knew? Do you think she knew he would die? Do you think she knew, as she rocked her precious little newborn, her baby boy, that when he was only (around) 33 that he would be brutally killed in the worst form possible? Endure the worst PAIN and TORTURE possible? For HER!? For Joseph? For her family? For YOU? For me? For EVERYONE!?

I cannot fathom this. As I rock my babies, especially now that I have a son, I just CANNOT imagine what it would be like to give birth to child, watch him feed at your breasts, watch him grow and learn, learn to walk, learn to talk, etc etc etc…. only to watch him die in front of your eyes? KNOWING that it HAD to be done and there was nothing you could do? Do you think as she rocked and nursed her precious baby that she knew that was his fate?

I don’t know that I could handle that knowledge. I don’t know how I could enjoy the days I had knowing that was his future!

It really is just TOO much to think on.

God’s grace is profound. It is amazing. He loved us enough to send his only son, to give HIS life, so that WE could live.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16


This is the meaning of Christmas.

Not the tree, not the lights, not the presents, or the silly songs, or the movies, or even the carols… but

JESUS. Being born to die…

for us.

And that Jesus was once a teeny, tiny baby. 

Whoa. Just Whoa.

My soul finds rest…

…in God alone. That is how the verse goes right? Psalm 62:1…

Yes, it is true. But SOMETIMES my body needs some physical rest. My brain needs some recharge time. My emotional tank needs refilled.

So, this weekend I am also finding my rest at the Hampton Inn.

This is THE. FIRST. TIME. EVER. I have EVER stayed in a hotel by myself. It is really my first weekend away BY myself. I had a night in our house alone when we were first married when Andrew had a work trip, but ehh, that doesn’t count, and it was almost 5.5 years ago! I have had a couple trips where I saw family, 2 years ago I went to Texas alone, but it was not really a break, as I was staying with my family and it was for my Granny’s funeral.

So, this is AHHHH-MAZING!

My husband is the best. He has been working so hard, and has also been preaching alot. I am thankful for his hard work, for it allows me to stay home with my children. There are days I think to myself, wow, it must be nice to go to work every day and see adults! It must amazing to do things other than cleaning up messes, poopy diapers, and spit up… but usually those thoughts are fleeting.

I am pretty sure I would miss those spazoids pretty quickly 😉

However, we all need a break. We all need time alone sometimes. Jesus went away alone to spend time with His Father. I know I should not EXPECT this, but it was a blessing and gift to be allowed to do so.

So, I am currently sitting in sweats and my favorite pink hoodie, watching TLC, having my computer on Facebook, and am writing a blog. I am also reading scriptures and searching out things to post to my emily out loud facebook page.

When someone asked me yesterday what I was planning on doing. I said. NOTHING.

Right now, doing nothing is wonderful. Doing nothing is JUST what I needed 🙂

Thank you my love for giving me this time away. I love you all very much. YOU are amazing!

*** I want to give a shout out to the Hampton Inn in White Marsh. When I got here last night around 9 pm, I stayed at home until after the kiddies were in bed, the gave me a room on the 3rd floor. They are renovating the 4th (their top) floor. This morning I woke at the time I normally do, sigh, I guess I cannot make my old mommy body “sleep in” LOL — and I started hearing banging and scraping and doors slamming etc. I know, right? so much for rest! LOL. Anyway, I went down to ask about it, and the guy at the front desk was already aware of it and was NOT happy haha. Their workers were being loud, and were not supposed to be doing anything! The manager was also VERY displeased. LOL. The room I had last night happened to be next to the one the workers were using to wash up, etc, and they kept allowing their door to slam. So, without hesitation, Hampton Inn gave me a new room AND reimbursed me the ENTIRE amount for last night! Sweet, right!? I thought that was really awesome. We had a similar experience at another hotel (it was Holiday Inn, sorry ya’ll, but you could learn a lesson from Hampton, AND Hampton serves complimentary Bfast, gives passes to LA Fitness, And has a shuttle to go anywhere in the area, free of charge), and they only gave us a 10% discount after we put up a fuss, and the hotel workers were snotty about it. Hampton Inn has never been anything BUT friendly, courteous and seem sincerely caring toward their customers. So.

Thank you Hampton Inn for making my mommy weekend wonderful! 🙂

Emily Who?

I have been thinking alot lately. I have been crying alot lately. In fact, just tonight I totally overreacted to a messed up baby nap which resulted in a not happy, screaming baby. It is frustrating? Sure. Was it worth me getting so emotional over? Nope. Now, there is the truth that Simon is generally kinda fussy, doesn’t always eat the greatest and has colic… so that, I am sure, increased the chances of my reaction being a tad bit out of hand. If I took a breath I would remember that the nap issues and fussy times at eating occasionally all probably are due to the fact he is colicky. And when I say colic, I am not joking. LOL.

tardisHowever, still. He won’t always be this way, and I can always choose my reactions. I don’t need to have a crying fight with my husband over the fact my baby won’t nap. Sigh. Definitely not a good example for the children. Double sigh.

Sometimes I think I need “The Doctor” (Yes, I am obsessed with Dr. Who. It is my happy place. LOL) to take me in the T.A.R.D.I.S., take me back in time so I can see how I am actually acting. That may make me cry even more though, and I am sure there would be lots (and lots… and lots) of sighing. HAHA. And probably some shame and embarrassment too.

I am currently sitting here in my bedroom, watching Dr. Who, having a glass of wine, while Andrew has the kids out. He took them after my temper tantrum. He took a bottle too (for Simon, not for himself, thought after my insane hissy fit, I wouldn’t blame him for taking one for himself either. Perhaps I can be his beer wench later 😛 LOL) so I wouldn’t have to see Simon’s insane reaction to the bottle. LOL. To verify, no, I don’t think he has terrible reflux (its a mom gut feeling I have) and yes, he is on the right food. No, I am not breastfeeding, don’t ask, and I don’t care if you judge me. I think it is a phase thing, and all due to colic and the fact the poor bub isn’t sleeping enough….

Anyhoo, before this post gets too long… as I am sitting here hearing the deep theological discussions from “the doctor”, lol, I am contemplating some things…

Sometimes, I feel unhappy. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, I feel like I will drown. No, I am 99.9% sure I do NOT have PPD. I have always been this way. I have always struggled off and on with stuff like this. I am not depressed, just to make it clear. It is more of a “who am I and what am I supposed to be doing” kind of thing. Tonight, I cried out to God, and I realized something.

I am not being myself. I am not being honest with myself. I do not always tell people what I really feel, really think, or really believe about a situation. If I am honest, I am not always doing the greatest and telling people THE TRUTH about a situation either, and by TRUTH, I mean THE truth, ya know, the Bible? WWJD? God type stuff.

I mean really. It is exhausting trying to be someone you are not. It is exhausting trying to please people rather than God. EX.HAUS.TING. I need to stop this crap. I am not saying I never tell people the truth or stand for truth. I am not saying I never speak my mind. Andrew will tell you I do pretty fine at it, haha! Sorry honey!

What I mean, is sometimes, I am just TOO. DANG. WORRIED. about what others think that I clam up. I keep quiet. Keeping quiet can be just as deadly… to my mood, my soul, my personality, and to Emily as a person, the person Christ made her to be.

I am sure that in being myself, some of what I say/write will make some people ticked off. It will make some people “unfriend” me. It may even make some people think I am a meanie poo poo head, but ya know what?

I. Don’t. Care.

dalekIn the words of the Daleks, I need to say EXTERMINATE to my people pleasing “skills.” This may also mean saying, in my most awesome Dalek voice, of course, “Exterminate” to some friendships/acquaintances/etc etc etc… I also think I need to say exterminate to this current set of contacts in my eyeballs, but that is another post for another day…

The first step I need to accomplish is… less tantrums over tantruming children 😉

A little Friday (pregnancy) humor

Just some laughs to end the week… for all you other preggy mama’s out there!

pregnancy napThe only stinky thing is when your baby is so far in your ribs and your stomach is so far up your throat you cannot even get comfortable enough to sleep. Perhaps I should try sleeping standing up. Like fish do. Well, not that they have legs, but you know what I mean, they don’t exactly lay down on the bottom on the ocean on a nice little bed of coral.

pregnancy swagThat’s right people! And I have had this awesome swag since ohhhhh 18 weeks? LOL. The joys of being short and pregnant. When my belly gets even bigger it may push my pants down, and I will look like those crazy people who wear their pants around their ankles and call it “swagger” (heh. That is another blog for another day)

belly touching

Yeah. Like random strangers asking me if I will have to have a c section and when I say no, why would I? And they respond that I am too small and they didn’t know if I was big enough “you know down there” they say, to be able to deliver normally. Uhhh…… I don’t know you. Gross, you freak. LOL. Or when people as if I am having twins and I say no, and they say, are you sure? you are pretty big. Gee. Thanks. They get all embarrassed and say, well no you are not big, just your belly. Hmm, again. I am 5 feet. Where else is the baby gonna go but out? Next time I will say, yeah my belly is big because I am pregnant, what is YOUR excuse? HA! just kidding. just kidding.

I hope you and your families have a great weekend. As for me, my goal is to be able to breath deeply, walk without pain, and not sleep standing up. Actually, scratch the standing up part. Just being able to sleep would be nice, and more than the 30 min at a time I get now without changing positions or having to pee 😉

Ahh. the joys of pregnancy. You know what though? The joy that comes after is worth every uncomfortable moment. Then of course AFTER pregnancy comes… 😉

baby memeTGIF ya’ll!!! Enjoy your weekend!


What’s wrong with aging anyway?

I said in my blog the other day: What’s wrong with aging, well, I found some verses. Aging is something that happens. I don’t think it is ugly or something to be avoided. Well, we can’t anyway. No amount of money spent on creams, eye gunk, etc etc will slow down the process of aging. Sure, we may LOOK younger on the outside, but our inside is still aging. It is still getting older. Our bodies are still fading away, just as the Bible said it would. So? Those who are in Christ need not fear aging. We need not fear death. This World is not our home. The older our bodies get on this earth, the closer we are to meeting our Savior!!

“For here (this world) we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come (heaven).” Hebrews 13:14 (ESV) *words in parenthesis mine

Anyway, for those who try to hide grays, spend way too much on anti-aging products, or feel less beautiful because of a few wrinkles, stretch marks, or extra fat in places it didn’t used to be (and ha I have all those!) these verses are for you:

“Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.” Proverbs 16:31

“You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:32

“Listen to me, O house of Jacob,
    all the remnant of the house of Israel,
who have been borne by me from before your birth,
    carried from the womb;
 even to your old age I am he,
    and to gray hairs I will carry you.
I have made, and I will bear;
    I will carry and will save.” Isaiah 46:3-4 (I think this passage is BEAUTIFUL!!)

“Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.” Job 12:12

You are ALWAYS beautiful, no matter your age, because you were created in the image of a beautiful and loving God. Aging is not something we can stop. Sure, we can use money on things to make us LOOK younger, but inside we are like grass, withering away. We can’t stop it.

“‘All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, (25) but the word of the Lord remains forever.’ And this word is the good news that was preached to you.” 1 Peter 1:24-25

This blog kinda ties in with the one I wrote yesterday. Sure, we may not like wrinkles. We may not like gray hair. We may not like looking older. We may not like it, but is using money on things to make our outside look younger really worth our money? Now, we SHOULD take care of our bodies, so anything we use to take CARE of us is one thing. Sunscreen and lotion, well and soap to keep us clean haha = GOOD! 😉 Those are NOT things I am talking about. Makeup is not what I am talking about either (though I think we need to be careful how much we ladies spend on that as well). I am talking about spending tons of money on things because we don’t like aging. We don’t want to age. We think it’s ugly or that WE are ugly because of it.

You know, the Bible has a high calling for those who are older (read Titus 2). If we embrace this calling, should we not embrace and accept that our earthly bodies are aging, rather than doing all we can to cover it up?

Just some thoughts by lil’ old me 😉 You can agree or not, I won’t be offended. It is just some stuff I wanted to throw out there and challenge you with. The Bible talks alot about outward appearance. It talks a lot about focusing on that is vanity and that is NOT what we should be worried about. It is easy to where we are though, where aging is not acceptable. Maybe we need to remember to focus our eyes on Jesus and what HE think of us, rather than what the world thinks of us… and TRUST me, I am still a work in progress on this. I am not perfect on this, and I still worry too much about what I look like at times.

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

I hope this blog made sense. I hope it makes you think the way God has been speaking to my heart. I have other thoughts I want to write about how we view our bodies (excess working out, striving to be too skinny, or too buff, etc etc) that I will write at some point!

God bless! Remember: You are beautiful, regardless of age.