My soul finds rest…

…in God alone. That is how the verse goes right? Psalm 62:1…

Yes, it is true. But SOMETIMES my body needs some physical rest. My brain needs some recharge time. My emotional tank needs refilled.

So, this weekend I am also finding my rest at the Hampton Inn.

This is THE. FIRST. TIME. EVER. I have EVER stayed in a hotel by myself. It is really my first weekend away BY myself. I had a night in our house alone when we were first married when Andrew had a work trip, but ehh, that doesn’t count, and it was almost 5.5 years ago! I have had a couple trips where I saw family, 2 years ago I went to Texas alone, but it was not really a break, as I was staying with my family and it was for my Granny’s funeral.

So, this is AHHHH-MAZING!

My husband is the best. He has been working so hard, and has also been preaching alot. I am thankful for his hard work, for it allows me to stay home with my children. There are days I think to myself, wow, it must be nice to go to work every day and see adults! It must amazing to do things other than cleaning up messes, poopy diapers, and spit up… but usually those thoughts are fleeting.

I am pretty sure I would miss those spazoids pretty quickly 😉

However, we all need a break. We all need time alone sometimes. Jesus went away alone to spend time with His Father. I know I should not EXPECT this, but it was a blessing and gift to be allowed to do so.

So, I am currently sitting in sweats and my favorite pink hoodie, watching TLC, having my computer on Facebook, and am writing a blog. I am also reading scriptures and searching out things to post to my emily out loud facebook page.

When someone asked me yesterday what I was planning on doing. I said. NOTHING.

Right now, doing nothing is wonderful. Doing nothing is JUST what I needed 🙂

Thank you my love for giving me this time away. I love you all very much. YOU are amazing!

*** I want to give a shout out to the Hampton Inn in White Marsh. When I got here last night around 9 pm, I stayed at home until after the kiddies were in bed, the gave me a room on the 3rd floor. They are renovating the 4th (their top) floor. This morning I woke at the time I normally do, sigh, I guess I cannot make my old mommy body “sleep in” LOL — and I started hearing banging and scraping and doors slamming etc. I know, right? so much for rest! LOL. Anyway, I went down to ask about it, and the guy at the front desk was already aware of it and was NOT happy haha. Their workers were being loud, and were not supposed to be doing anything! The manager was also VERY displeased. LOL. The room I had last night happened to be next to the one the workers were using to wash up, etc, and they kept allowing their door to slam. So, without hesitation, Hampton Inn gave me a new room AND reimbursed me the ENTIRE amount for last night! Sweet, right!? I thought that was really awesome. We had a similar experience at another hotel (it was Holiday Inn, sorry ya’ll, but you could learn a lesson from Hampton, AND Hampton serves complimentary Bfast, gives passes to LA Fitness, And has a shuttle to go anywhere in the area, free of charge), and they only gave us a 10% discount after we put up a fuss, and the hotel workers were snotty about it. Hampton Inn has never been anything BUT friendly, courteous and seem sincerely caring toward their customers. So.

Thank you Hampton Inn for making my mommy weekend wonderful! 🙂


I think I can, I think I can… no, I can’t

I am sure most everyone remembers those famous words from a little blue engine…

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”

overwhelmedWhile this is a good message for confidence, it is not entirely true. You see, WE cannot. God can. THROUGH God, yes we can, but trying to do things on our own will never be what it could be when we walk with the Lord. When we focus (and try and “fake it”) on ourselves and if WE can do whatever it is we are trying to do… it leads to burnout. frustration. worry. anxiety. stress. feelings of failure. hopelessness. etc etc etc. 

I feel this is especially true in motherhood.

Us moms have A LOT on our plates. Keeping the home, cleaning up the home, shopping, cooking, laundry, changing sheets, changing diapers, wiping butts, cleaning up puke, cleaning out noses, bathing the kids, raising kids, pregnancy, etc etc etc.

If we start to focus on ourselves and all we can do, have done, or feel we can’t GET DONE, we will defeat ourselves.

I know this, because I have been there. The other day I was crying alone in the bathroom. Yes, I was alone in the bathroom, don’t judge. LOL. I LOVE having three children, but there is always an adjustment period when you bring a new little blessing home, no matter HOW many children you already have. I was feeling a little overwhelmed. We have had preemies, and there are some things that come along with preemies that others may not experience, and on this one particular day I was feeling down, overwhelmed, and frankly, sorry for myself. It wasn’t pretty. I had read the Bible, turned on music, prayed, and I still wasn’t feeling better. I finally cried out to God and asked:

GOD! What were you thinking trusting me with another little one!? Another preemie!? Are you crazy? I can’t handle this!

That is when I heard that still small voice say back to me…

It’s a good thing YOU don’t have to… because I. CAN.

Wow. I had chills. I stopped crying and told the Lord I was sorry. You see? I was focusing on myself! I was consumed by my own tiredness and emotions. I was being a selfish control freak, to be honest. I took my eyes off the Lord and HIS strength and focused on how tired I was.

That is NEVER a good thing.

giveittoGodSo, mothers, when you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and like you JUST. CAN’T. DO. IT. Anymore… remember this.

We. Don’t. Have. To… because you see? God can. God always equips those He calls. We don’t have to be strong enough, because God is. We don’t have to be rested enough, because God never grows tired. We don’t have to do it alone, or be able to “handle it all” — because GOD CAN

Wait are you waiting for? Give it to Him.

No, I don’t want to join your team, so please stop asking me.

Recently, I had this up as a Facebook status.

I know what I am about to post may come off rude. I am sorry. This is how I feel and I need to get it out there. If you are part of one of those businesses like skin care stuff, advocare, juice plus, etc etc etc, PLEASE stop messaging me asking me if I want to join your team and sell your product. No. I don’t. (btw I am not talking about things people make,or are gifted at helping others on, that they sell, hair stuff, jewelry, blog stuff etc. That is totally different :)) I don’t mean this rude, but honestly it comes across as that you only want to use me to make money. I have had people who have not talked to me in YEARS message me and instead of saying, wow good to reconnect, or ask me how I am, they simply give me some marketing thing about why I should sell their product and if I would join their team. Most of the “letters” I get look the same, so I am sure they are copied and pasted. How would it make you feel if I randomly friended, then messaged you after years and that is what I asked? It would probably make you feel used and that you only wanted to contact me to make more money for yourself. Again, I don’t mean this rude, I am simply being honest. I have gotten SEVERAL messages recently asking me to join so and so’s team and sell such and such, because I stay at home and need money (when really, if I make money you make money right?) I have some convictions and reservations about businesses like this, to be honest, so I would never sell any of it (I sold something for a short time and was convicted to stop, one reason because I did not want to make people feel the way I do now) So, PLEASE. Think about how it may makes people feel. That is GREAT if you want people to join your team and you are passionate about what you sell, but maybe act like you care first, be their friend. Anyway. I am just throwing this out there, since I have gotten several messages lately. PLEASE do not take offense to this I just really felt the need to say that. Thanks.

I know, I know, I am sure people may think its just the pregnancy, third trimester, I am losing my mind, getting hot and fat emotions talking, but really, it is more than that. I have had these feelings for quite some time, but never had the guts to share them.

Until now.

So, if you want to blame pregnancy for being brave enough to post, then maybe. However, I think I would have eventually succumbed to the emotions inside me, unable to take it anymore.

I am talking about those pyramid or multi level type of companies. I am sure some of you will say, but mine doesn’t work the same, blah blah… sorry. It may not look the same, but the overall point is still the same.

I said in there I had some convictions and reservations. I wanted to share those. Maybe this will make you think. If you sell something, great, but think about HOW you go about it. I tried selling something like this once, and just couldn’t do it. I hated making people feel used, or like I was being pushy. I had a very good friend who messaged me and really made me think, spoke truth to me, and made me realize things like this really may not be the best thing to do, especially as Christians.

These are MY convictions. I am only sharing because I have been asked about it, people have told me they feel the same, and I have gotten into conversations recently about this type of things. I am not out to stone anyone for doing things like this. This is what I feel the Lord speaking to me, and I felt lead to share.

1) It makes you change your focus on why you are talking to people: Sure, not everyone you come in contact with you will ask about joining your team, however, I see so much stuff and get asked SO often about buying such and such, or selling such and such that I have a feeling when you are very much into these businesses, you begin to look at people differently. Rather than looking at them as someone to serve and love as Jesus does, you see them as a an opportunity to share your product, someone to buy from you, or someone to join your team (all of which makes YOU more money) I am not saying everyone in these companies does this. I have friends who sell things who have NEVER ever made people feel like that. I am saying it is something to watch out for. People don’t want to feel as if you have an ulterior motive for talking to them. In fact, when I was in my company for a short time, the first meeting I went to, the director actually said to begin looking at people as a potential to make money. WOAH. NOT GOOD. That is not what Jesus called us to do for those around us, is it?

2) Many of these products are expensive. This economy is rough for many people. We still pretty much live check to check, though we really are starting to be in a good place, and I am thankful. When trying to sell your product to people you really have no idea of their financial situation. Many people feel pressured at parties, or when asked, to purchase something, when honestly, they cannot afford it. Yes, it is their primary responsibility to know their limits, but when pressured or asked many times to try such and such it will change your life… many people just get to a point where they don’t know what else to do (I had people tell me this when I was selling the product I was doing). So what happens?  In a way I felt as if I was causing people to spend beyond their limits, or waste money on things that are not truly important, or things they don’t need. Yes, many of these products are great, and I am sure they do great things… but that comes at a high price, and one many people cannot afford the luxury of.

3) I feel like it tempts us to want to make more, do more, and begin focusing on STUFF rather than others. Focus on THINGS rather than people. Grow a desire for more money, more things, more stuff, more people under you. It can almost become an addiction if one is not careful. This is not the type of life the Lord calls His children too. He tells us we cannot take anything with us. This world is not our home. He tells us that what we have is not important, money is not important, and NONE of that makes us happy. Only our Savior makes us fulfilled and He is the one who will supply our needs, and I don’t always think that a 75.00 bottle of “anti-aging” is something we NEED. What is wrong with aging anyway?

Again, I am not saying that these companies are wrong overall, but some of the attitudes I have seen from those IN things such as this, IS. When we claim Christ and make people feel this way or have this attitude, I think it can greatly hurt our witness. Yes, some people greatly benefit from helping their families while being a stay at home mom, and that is great. However, I think sometimes there are better ways to do that. I have friends who make things and sell them. They use their God given talents and abilities to create things and use those to make money and help their family. Again though, in this culture and what we are bombarded with, sometimes I think we THINK we need more money, when in reality we may just need to change how we live in order to be OK with what we have. This is something God has been really speaking to my heart on.

Again, these are my convictions and what I felt the Lord speaking to my heart about. I wanted to share. I am not saying EVERYONE in things like this act this way or only want more money. I am simply sharing my heart. Maybe it will help others, or make someone else think… the way my friend did for me. God bless.

simply recipes

SO! I have people ask me quite often how I make what I make. I have posted things we have had for dinner on my facebook before and people are always saying how good it sounds.

SO. I have decided to start a new blog!

simply delicious.

You can find the link to it, in the column to the right!

I am going to do my best to post a recipe once a week. I will be posting a recipe soon 🙂

I so appreciate all the readers I have here, and the comments, input and encouragement I receive. I hope you will also enjoy getting some crafty kitchen ideas from me. I love cooking simply, easy, healthy, FAST and CHEAP things! So, if you ever want some easy and cheap ideas, check it out!

Chucky, the Elf

Wanna know why I am scared of that Elf on the Shelf?

This is why:
Do you SEE his face!? He is holding a sweet note that there is a present from mommy and daddy, yet he has a demented look on his face. I would be a little leery. Seems to me that note is a ploy to get you near the candy jar, so he can stuff you in there and candy cane and feather you! Like this:


What about this?

Or this?



How about this!?


Another example:


And yet another:


And one more to bring my point home:


I mean, look, even St. Nick himself, KEEPER of the elves, thinks he is creepy! I think this elf on the shelf is an elf that was sent away for being naughty, only you won’t figure that out until it’s too late….


Gettin’ Crafty

Ok, so I admit. I kinda have ADD when it comes to crafts. At least that’s what my friend, Kate, tells me. LOL. It’s ok, she admits to having it too. HOWEVER, I have carpel tunnel, boo, so finding a craft that doesn’t make my entire hand go numb and start hurting within 5 seconds poses somewhat of a challenge. I loved to crochet, but it just hurt too bad. SIGH 😦 Don’t you feel bad for me? I cannot make hats and scarves for my poor children. We are up north, they will freeze to death due to my wrist malfunction. LOL. Oh well, I guess that’s what Target is for. BUT if I lived in the 15th century or something, they may have frozen! HA! ANYHOO… I want to try sewing. With a machine. I have heard that actually may be something good for people with CT because my hands are stretched out flat. I LOVE pillows and I love changing out decorative pillows, so this could be a very cost effective craft for me! I could make pillow covers and change those out! CHA CHING!

Well, the other day my friend this picture of her re create of THIS (see below, this is the pinterest one) felt Christmas tree from pinterest, which reminded me I had seen that and wanted to do it:


Seeing her version made me remember I had seen this and wanted to do it. Thanks Jessica! So, off I went to Michael’s. I got one big sheet of dark green felt for like 3 bucks, and then some colored sheets of felt for only 29 cents a sheet! Hello, DEAL! It was SUCH a cheap craft to do. I managed to cut things out and finish the project without my hands going numb either! So I say it was a victory all around! WOOHOO! NOW…. I will say, I NEED to get actual CRAFT scissors. Dollar store scissors didn’t make for the prettiest cut lines. But, eh, oh well. I don’t think the girls care. They LOVED it! 🙂

Here is mine: I ended up cutting strips and adding “garland” thanks to the awesome brain of my 4  year old! She took the ribbon on the present and made it garland. I thought, wow, awesome idea… so I cut more strips to use 🙂

and here is the girls enjoying their newly found decorating tree 🙂


So fellow mommies who want some cheap, fun, easy craft ideas… here ya go. If my defunct wrists can make this, I guarantee you that YOU can 😉


internet issues

We all rely on the internet now a days. Maybe too much. Facebook, twitter, google plus, or whatever its called, amazon, ebay, pinterest, shopping, groceries, banking, etc… we all have our internet addictions. I admit, I really love the internet. I am really NOT good in large groups, so facebook, and “meeting” people that way, being in discussion groups, etc, is good for me. It is a release for me. It helps me when I feel lonley etc. OHMYGOSH. You should see me in large groups. I either totally shy away and act likea recluse, which can come across as rude, or I end up spouting off things I wish I hadn’t to people I met the first time :/ It is NOT pretty folks. The truth is, while I love helping people, encouraging people, etc, I am INTROVERTED. I do NOT like parties, gatherings, family reunions, really reunions of ANY kind. LOL. Talk about black sheep. That would be in in those settings. When I try and “fake it” in large gatherings, I am about as real as a SHORT white person trying to FAKE it in women’s NBA. Seriously. It isn’t pretty… SOOOOO needless to say, I have kinda found my nitch. My internet nitch. I started a facebook group (though I wish it was more active, sigh… 😦 ) I blog, I post verses, quotes, etc on my facebook timeline that have spoken to me, in hopesto encourage or challenge others. WELL….

Comcast has decided to totally screw up our internet. HAHA. It was running SO slow, like slower than a tortoise.With what we pay for JUST internet, THIS was just ridiculous. So my awesome, more extroverted, husband called them. Well guess what? Instead of FIXING it, they made it worse. The sent their voodoo vibe through the wires and now,it barely connects at all. It will be a miracle if this blog I am writing actually manages to get posted (let me know if you see it haha). If it does, it is God himself cutting me a break. Seriously. The fact it is working for me to even TYPE is a miracle. HAHA. SOOOO….

*note: during the publishing process, our internet stopped working. Hopefully it will post this time…. please stay tuned. HAHA

I may be unable to blog for a few days, seeing their earliest appt wasn’t until later in the week. FUN TIMES. We use a ROKU. So that means NO netflix. NO Pandora. We already have NO cable and we do not have a DVD player currently either haha. YAY FUN TIMES! 😛 We don’t watch alot of tv, but for those who know me, know I LOOOOOOVE music. So not having music playing stinks. I love the fact that listenting to praise music can really lift your spirits and connect with the Lord through worship! It comes in and out and is just all around annoying, so I just turned it off. LOL.

Needless to say….

We are currently looking to other options for internet… because I can live without cable… but I am not so sure how I would manage without internet. I think I may go crazy and start foaming at the mouth or something 🙂

What a great week

The girls and I had such a GREAT week! We did SO much! We have memberships to the places the girls like the most (some of them thanks to family!!!). It is SO worth it. Now that katie is 3, most places she has to pay for, so buying a membership is much more economical. It pays for itself in LESS than 2 visits. UMM yes, worth it. We went to the Science Center today 🙂 Monday we went to the zoo, and tuesday to the aquarium.  We packed lunches all three days and parked fairly cheap! Well the zoo has its own free parking. WOOHOO. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Inner Habor area. Today, we hung out longer. We played in a splash fountain and took a SPEEDBOAT ride! I was commened by people for handling the girls alone on the boat. LOL. It wasn’t hard! I am getting more confident in myself and having the courage to get up and get out there with the girls, other than the bookstore, library or parks haha, and it isn’t so hard. OH! Yesterday, we took a REALLY long walk together and visited these awesome green houses with SO many beautiful flowers (I inserted one that I really liked. I took pics of alot of them haha)! I am so thankful the Lord is working in my life and making me a better (and more confident)mommy, AND a more relaxed one lately too, worrying less, enjoying it more!!! AMEN!  🙂 The Bible speaks truth…

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philipians 4:13
“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7
“So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?” Hebrews 13:6
“Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.” Hebrews 10:35-36

Now, I know that some of these verses were in context of something else, but I think it can apply to motherhood. I struggle with worry sometimes, another way to look at it is FEAR. I was afraid to do things sometimes out of FEAR. With Christ, I have no reason to be fearful. I can be the mother God wants me to be. I can enjoy blessings with my girls without feeling like I CANT do it alone, or could never handle them alone. THAT is letting the fear win. SO moms!! Get out there and enjoy the WONDERFUL world and God’s creation with your children. There are SO many wonderful biblical lessons to teach. It was neat today at the science museum. We were in the body section and it was neat helping my kids understand how GOD made us and our amazing bodies. He knit us together in HIS image. AWESOME huh!?

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:13-14

The zoo is an amazing place to teach about creation and how uniquely God made the animals. We also talked about Noah’s ark. We did the same when we were at the aquarium! It was so neat to see Katie, my 3.5 year old, apply what she has learned about God and the Bible to things she sees in creation. She gets excited at all the little things and always share it with me. Birds, flowers, bumblebees, how differant and unique each thing is… just like how God made us… then again, I can use that to teach her that WE, humans, were created in GOD’S IMAGE. I am so glad the Lord has increased my faith. I am so glad I am following Him, stepping out of my bubble, worrying less, being less afraid, less anxious.. LESS controling (meaning the need to feel everything has to be a certain way, certain time, certain expectations) because we are learning SO much, growing together, loving each other, the mother daughter bond is growing 🙂

Today, I took a wrong turn. I thought ehh no biggie, I will just go in the back way. NOPE. ALL one way streets. LOL. I ended up on another highway and had to drive a bit until an exit I could turn around at, then got off an exit to early and had to figure my way back to where I meant to go. IN downtown Baltimore. Alone. HAHA! Did I care? Nope? Did I worry? NOPE! AND!!!! I didn’t freak out!!! THAT is God, people. Becuase usually I completely FREAK out in situations like that, or say to myself “See Emily, this is why you dont DO this without andrew around too.” PFFT. The girls and I can have fun without daddy sometimes 😉 I know I wont be perfect, I know I will still have freak outs and bad days… but it felt SO good to not care we were going to be “later” than I wanted, that we took a wrong turn. I figured it out, the girls and I just spent that time talking and singing about what we saw 😉

Here are the links to where we went 🙂
Maryland ZOO
Baltimore Aquarium
Maryland Science Center

So thankful to the Lord for this amazing week. It was one of the best, and most relaxed, ones I have had in awhile. I felt so FREE and at peace. THANK you Lord for your abounding peace and steadfast love! And to think! He isn’t even DONE with me yet!! Praise the Lord. So excited about more weeks like this. With God, I can overcome anything…. even worry, anxiety, fear, need to control…

blog recommendation

I posted this on my facebook today. I know I have a few readers who are not my FB peeps. LOL. SO, I wanted to share this. This mom said it perfectly. It’s how I feel. It is what I struggle with sometimes. I fight the mom instict with what society tells us we “should” do. Society tells us we need to force independence. Society tells us children are a burden. Society tells us to let them cry, make them be alone, etc, etc, YET our GOD GIVEN motherly instincts go against those things. God didn’t give us the “inner mom voice” for NO REASON. He didnt’ give it to us to ignore it. They go against our hearts. They go against the grace and mercy we are meant to model for our children the way Christ modeled it…by sacrificing his everything for us. OUT OF LOVE. I hope you gather some encouragement, truth, and wisdom from it as well. A few days ago I had a long blog about things such as this, I thought this went wonderfully and added something too wonderful to pass up. I hope you read it. God bless.

and here is another on encouraging your children: SO good!

Contagious Cooking

I think cooking is contagious. The more beautiful and tantalizing pictures of food I see on Pinterest or the text pics or FB statues my friends send me of the super awesome dishes they so effortlessly whip up (Yes, Amy, Kate and Hilary, I mean you 😉 ), the more my taste buds start to water and I get this overwhelming urge to become Suzy Homemaker, not that I already don’t love being a homemaker and stay at home mom. I do… but cooking? I don’t MIND cooking, but it isn’t my most favorite activity. We eat. I am not saying I serve up ramen or canned soup everyday, I just usually make fast and easy recipes. Boring. LOL. Like spaghetti, tacos, nachos, stir fry, baked chicken. Not that there is anything wrong with that, its good for you, good food, healthy options, I just have never had that JOY of cooking bug that so many of my friends and family seem to have. I think some people are born with restless cooking syndrome. I think restless cooking syndrome is where your legs automatically take you to the kitchen, especially when  house hunting, your hands have this uncontrollable urge to stir, beat, whisk, cut, chop, slice, etc, your taste buds are heightened so you have this innate ability to know exactly how much is a pinch, dash, or sprinkle.

I am beginning to realize that cooking can be…. FUN. Now, I am not saying I am going to whip up a 5 star 15 course meal everyday complete with sorbet between “courses” to clease your palet… BUT I am enjoying finding fun (still easy and simple) recipes. I made a super yummy salad this weekend. Next time, I think I will grill up steat strips, salmon, or another kind of fish, to put on top… It is a Paula Dean recipe that amazingly doesn’t call for a tub of butter! I KNOW! I almost died of shock myself. This is what I made, and I even took a picture of my masterpiece! It was so good, easy, fun. I am starting to enjoy this chopping thing… it is kinda theraputic! LOL.

here is the recipe. It is called Black Bean and Avacado salad, but as you can (hopefully) see from my picture (if it attached right, for some reason I can’t see it in my “add new post” page, but can in my blog preview…anyhoo) there is much more to it than just black beans and avacado. OH MY GOSH. I love avacado! MMMM. Both my girls DEVOURED this salad. Yes, you heard that right. THEY ATE SALAD! A toddler and preschooler 🙂 I was quite excited, then again, my kids love healthy food so hey! I hope they stay that way! 

Later this week I am going to be making this!

I also invented, sorda, as I am sure there are SIMILAR things out there, a recipe. It is almost like a mexican version of Chicken Parmesean. I only came up with it because I had not been to the store in ohhhh forever!? So, I got out what I had that I thought would go together and came up with a dish that was OMG SOOOOO incredibly DELICIOUS. My husband and 3.5 year old kept going on and on about it, my 16 month old kept asking for more and saying mama yum yum yum! SO, it was a hit. It was easy. It was quick. It was cheap… Here it is:

chicken breasts
dark red kidney beans, but next time I will use black beans. either would be fine,
saltine crackers (though next time I am trying it with tortilla chips)
Shredded cheese (I used 4 cheese mexican blend)

thaw chicken and lay it in baking dish. COVER generously with salsa, then add beans on top, then crumble the cracker crumbs on top, top with shredded cheese, add a dash of pepper. Bake (I baked uncovered) at 350* for about 30 min, or until chicken is done.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! SUPER simple. SUPER delicious! I am really starting to get this “joy of cooking” bug that some have… which is why I say cooking is contagious 😉 I can’t wait to be in our NEW HOME to cook!! YAY!