simply me.

Howdy! I’m Emily.

I am a little crazy, a little dorky, and an impulsive, (and can be a wee bit emotional, haha) girl! Born and raised in Texas, but now up north, but the south will always be a part of me. You can take a girl outta Texas, but you can’t the Texas outta the girl (no matter how much she loooooves the north 😉 )

I am married to a wonderful man named Andrew and have a 2 beautiful girls, Katie Rene’ and Holly Grace, and a little boy bundle of joy, Simon Zechariah 🙂 We love where we are and are TRULY thankful to be where God has been calling us. I love being a mother, it is the greatest blessing, even though it can be a little crazy at times!  I hope that my blog gives you some insight into the crazy life of Emily and what makes me tick.

You will learn I can be a tad bit crazy when it comes to rearranging. Hey, I call it the money saving poor man’s redecorating! I love decorating and I really love doing it on a budget, and helping others do the same. I love making our home feel warm and inviting. I love things organized, though some call it OCD tendencies.

I love coffee, sesame sticks from trader joes, and I am OBSESSED with Mexican food. I enjoy wine and even like Guinness! I love our big screen tv and LOVE technology things.

I am not a fancy gal, I would rather wear my PJ’s than fancy dresses or jewelry. I ADORE vintage things. I love to cook and bake and I really enjoy making up simple recipes. I do NOT love laundry, but I love the smell of clean clothes. I am slightly weird and love cleaning.

I love playing with my kiddies. I love painting. I love photography and really enjoy taking pictures. One of these days I will get a REAL camera rather than using my smartphone. HA. I would love other crafts, but I have gimp wrists due to carpal tunnel. I love love love music. I love writing music. I love singing. I would love to write a children’s music CD. I love Christmas movies.

I love helping others. I love (and feel called to) working with high school and college age girls. I LOVE kids! I love using my life experiences to help them see how truly beautiful and treasured they are by God.

I love the Lord and am so thankful for all that He has brought me through. I had some hard things in my life, but the Lord has truly used them for His glory. He has used them to make me who I am today.

I hope my blog, Laundry & Lace, can help you find your beautiful, even in the midst of the mundane… even if your lace is nothing more than a beautiful HOT cup of coffee 😉 hey, a mom can dream, right?



One thought on “simply me.

  1. Awesome and inspiring. Both my husband and I are in that season where we have to completely trust in God as well. We know He is forever faithful and always keep us safe and provide for our every need!! We also feel the calling into full time ministry too, in this time He is moulding, shaping us to be the leaders and good examples of Christ followers.I am a bit crazy, random and emotional myself 🙂 Funny that!!

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