I was waiting for my oldest daughter to get home from school. It was raining. Well, drizzles really, but it was enough that the ground was saturated and there were puddles on the street. I became mesmerized watching the raindrops hit the puddles. Each drop was so small you couldn’t even see it falling from the sky. In fact, you couldn’t even see the drop actually hit the puddle.

But you saw the impact of the raindrop.

I just stood there for a few minutes silently contemplating how this can be applied to our life. How these raindrops can encourage us.

Some days I wonder if my job as a mama means anything. Sometimes I wonder if the work I am doing really matters. If it is really making a difference. Sometimes I wonder if the ministering to, helping, encouraging, and loving on to those around me is really working. Is it REALLY helping? Is it really even skimming the surface of their hearts and their lives?

Is the little things I am doing amounting to ANYTHING worthwhile? Anything big? Is it making a difference in their lives? Is it making such a difference that they will then in turn be able to make a difference in others lives?

I continued watching the raindrops hit the shallow puddles on the asphalt. Drip after drip. Drop after drop. They were hitting the ground like an elegant dance. I watched as that seemingly invisible drop of life giving water made its mark on the ground. I watched as the drop I didn’t ever see skim the surface of that puddle made circle after circle. The circle growing bigger and bigger and bigger as it radiated outward like the warmth of the sun that was hiding behind the gray clouds.

That’s when it hit me.

rain_original_originalWE are raindrops. Everything we do, whether seen by many or not, is making a difference. Our one small gesture of kindness can create a ripple effect that can cause an explosion of love later on. We may never see it, but it will expand outward. That’s what love does. That’s what grace does. That’s what kindness does.

They are like raindrops. Each act, seemingly meaningless, multiplies itself. Each kind word spoken, or hug given, or I love you spoken may seem too small to amount to a life altering change… but just as a raindrop is minuscule when it hits the surface of a puddle, that small action expands outwards and those around the drop cannot help but be effected.

So, when you are out there loving on people… when you are giving all you can… when you are loving the seemingly unlovable, remember the raindrop. Remember, be encouraged, and keep going. Keep loving.

You ARE making a difference. WE are making a difference.

When it seems that changing diapers or cleaning up projectile vomit at 3:34 am won’t amount to anything. Keep going forward mama’s. You ARE making a difference. Those littles you are loving on are soaking in everything you give. Everything you do. All the ways you love… and one day, they will be new raindrops, making their impact in the waters of life and people around them.

❤ XOXO ❤


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