Take a big long breath of REALITY CHECK!

I ran across THIS video on Facebook:

Click here and WATCH. THE. VIDEO. Really. It is a freaking minute long, surely you have the time to take a minute and watch something, right?

“First world problems are not problems” — this really puts things into perspective. The same could be said about complaining you “need” a bigger house, each child “needs” their own bedroom, you “need” a bigger tv or better computer, you “need” more bathrooms because sharing with 5 people is just TOO HARD, complaining about traffic or other car problems or travelling problems, when we are blessed to have a CAR and not have to walk everywhere etc etc etc… the list goes on and on. Seriously people. Think about it. This brought tears to my eyes. How freakin’ spoiled we are, how much MORE we have than most ANY other country in the world, yet we STILL complain… Really!?!? Wow. Whoa. just Whoa. REALITY people. Reality check. Serious reality check…


If you want to know more in depth of how I feel. READ THIS BLOG I wrote from awhile ago.

This made me have a reality check too. I was complaining and whining the other day that I was bored and want cable back. I am not saying it is WRONG to have cable, but we need to be more aware of how BLESSED we are that we can even have the luxury of choosing if we HAVE it or not. The same applies to any other blessings we have, they are not wrong/bad in an of themselves, but the attitude we have toward them can be. We need to remember to have a heart of gratitude for all we DO have, rather than grumbling over what we don’t have.

I am sure I will have to remind myself how blessed I really am. Yes I have had preemies. Yes I had 2 of those preemies have to stay in the NICU. One of them had to be brought home on a heart monitor. All of my children had colic and I thought I may go insane from the screaming. I shared how the baby phase is hard for me and I am not really a “Baby person” sometimes (when really I am just complaining, if I am honest, woe is me attitude. Shame on me).. but ya know what?

At least my children are healthy, and if they DO get sick, and when they WERE early and couldn’t breath well, I was blessed enough to live here to get them the care they needed. Praise the Lord! Thank you Father.

None of that is as bad as what some others face throughout the world. Disease with no hope of a cure. Dirty water. Dirty food. No doctors. No clean hospitals. Not enough food. Some children are most likely born early, as mine were, and died because they were not blessed enough to have the NICU care that we have in America. Even some in America do not have this luxury.

SHAME on me.

Shame on us.


This Christmas, let’s not focus on what we want, or what we think we “need” – We are blessed just to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our back, running water, indoor plumbing, heat, etc etc etc.

All that we have is a blessing. ALL. OF. IT.  And guess what? It isn’t ours. It all comes from God. The same God who gave us the best gift of all. The greatest blessing of all. His only son. Jesus. To be our Savior. We need to be the hands and feet of that Jesus wherever we are. Wherever God calls us.


Let’s remember that, stop complaining, and start doing MORE for those around us in need.

Love like Jesus.


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