Worn: phase 2

Before Simon was born, I wrote THIS BLOG: Worn

I commented on a friends status who was feeling weary and worn at the time because her daughter was still not sleeping through the night. She questioned if Tenth Avenue North wrote the song Worn for those who have babies who won’t sleep through the night…

In case you are wondering:

Yes. I actually believe they DID write (from what I have read/heard. Perhaps they could comment and verify 😉 ) the song during a phase of the children not sleeping through the night. Cool huh? Well not cool that their kids were not sleeping through the night, but it’s nice to know that “famous people” get it, ya know? We are not in this alone! People really DO get how tiring parenthood is, or your work, or being a grandparent who watches the kids, etc etc etc.

Today, I was thinking through that song. I picked up my journal and my pen and began to write. I began to write OTHER reasons that we tend to feel weary and worn, that may or may not have anything to do with our children.

We become WORN when we worry over things we need to give to God. This makes our minds WEARY.

We become WORN when we worry too much what others think over what God thinks, and this makes our emotional soul WEARY.

We become WORN when we waste energy on things that don’t matter. This makes our entire body WEARY.

We are WORN because we are trying to do things on our own, relying on our own strength rather than God’s. Yeah. This makes us WEARY.

We become WORN, anxious and depressed when we compare ourselves to others. When we compare what we have to what others have. When we compare OUR children to other’s children. When we wish we had THEIR experience rather than embracing our own. This makes our hearts WEARY.

wearyThere are SO. MANY. THINGS. that can make us feel weary and worn. Like BILLIONS. Probably GAJILLIONS. Probably endless,infinite things that can make our earthly bodies weary and worn. Jesus himself understood these feelings. He became human.

He. Understands.

There is only ONE remedy for feeling weary and worn. There is only ONE who can take all of our burdens, even in the midst of utter weariness and help us gather the strength to keep going. There is only ONE who can help make our weary days seem worthwhile and help us know that through that ONE person, we can make it.


I think many times we think about being weary and worn as a physical tiredness, when it really can be so many different things. Some of these things we may not be able to help. We can’t always help if our child isn’t sleeping well, so we are physically tired, but we CAN help it if we spend even more energy that we don’t have on worrying about it, wishing away the time, or continuing to wonder when they will.  We cannot help if our baby had colic or we don’t make what we think we should make at our job or where God calls us or hardships and struggles we encounter, or, etc etc etc (I am preaching to myself here too mama’s! HA)

Motherhood (and life!) can be tiring enough, let’s hang onto the energy we DO have by giving over to God the things we have no control over.


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