I am jealous of my husband.

I am totally 100% jealous of my husband. I know what the Bible says about jealousy too. I guess I should say it is more of an awe I have for him. I see things in him that I wish I had myself. Qualities I KNOW, through Christ, I CAN ACCOMPLISH. I am just not there yet. I am trying, but I fail daily.

This is where the jealousy comes in.

My husband is THE. MOST. CALM. person on the planet, I swear. Nothing phases him. He is SO SO SO good at going with the flow, dealing with frustrations, and not worrying about tomorrow, and all that jazz SO much better than me.

I admit it. I am a “worry about tomorrow-aholic” (especially during the “baby phase” sigh…)

I have even tried to convince myself I am “not worrying” I just want to “be prepared”

No Emily. You, my dear, are worrying about tomorrow, and we ALLLLLL know what the Bible says about that 😉

Just this morning I was trying to have a discussion – the same one I have had 48201482918420141 with him before, I might add – about “what will we do… IF”

These conversations really are pointless. I KNOW this. WHY, oh WHY, can’t I be like my amazing husband and put these stupid, anxiety producing thoughts out of my head!? ARGH, ARGH, and some more ARGH. I am frustrated with myself, can ya tell? LOL

I know the MAIN reason I don’t enjoy certain things, or certain “phases” in life is because I am worrying about tomorrow, what iffing myself to death, rather than focusing on ENJOYING and TREASURING each moment for WHAT. IT. IS, and doing whatever it takes to feel that joy.

I am too busy stressing about what COULD happen to enjoy what IS happening. 

That, my friends, is NO way to live. God knew what he was talking about when he told us in Matthew to not worry about tomorrow. Yes, I think it is because He wants us to have faith and trust in Him, but I believe it is MORE than that. God also wants us to enjoy and treasure each day, each moment.

worry chairIf we are too busy worrying about tomorrow, today will be gone before we know it, and we will go to bed realizing we spent over half the day angry, frustrated, and anxious because rather than enjoying today, we were focused on tomorrow.

So, ya’ll fellow worry about tomorrow-aholics. Let’s unite. Let’s give our worries to God. Let’s CHOOSE to focus on today and NOT worry about tomorrow. Through Christ, ya’ll… we CAN do this!

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6:34


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