Calm in the Chaos

treadmill momIt is no secret that being a mother is often times (if not MOST times haha) chaotic. From diaper changes to dirty laundry to dirty dishes, it seems we are always cleaning up the chaos so to speak. Many times it seems like we are on an everlasting, never-ending (are those 2 words redundant?) treadmill of chaos. As soon as you change child A’s diaper, child b decides to dump the entire contents of their juice box on the freshly cleaned carpet, all the while child c is screaming because you won’t let them have a cookie. Feel free to keep adding children and scenarios depending on how many children you have, but I think you get the drift.

I don’t think life without chaos is possible. This world has chaos. A child will always dirty their diaper. A child will most likely spill their juice box multiple times in their life, and possibly as an adult too. The dirty laundry and dishes will be on a never ending cycle of rinse and repeat (pun intended). Meal time messes are inevitable. A baby will scream. A baby will vomit on your church clothes minutes before you are meant to leave. You will lose it. Your children will lose it.

Chaos. Is. Inevitable.

However, calm in the chaos IS possible.

Jesus is the calm in our chaos.

When we feel we cannot spend another minute wiping butts or folding laundry, take a breath and truly think about that. Breath in the life giving peace of Jesus Christ. Remember that HE gets it. He endured more pain and agony than we will ever understand… all for us. All so that we CAN have peace in our chaos.

No matter WHAT that chaos is.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

You know what that verse means right?

Regardless of how much you pray, how much faith you have, how much you read the Bible or go to church (all of these wonderful and GOOD things of course, and ones we should strive to always be growing in)… you will STILL face trouble. You will STILL face hardship. You will STILL have days where you feel you are drowning in a sea of chaos. No follower of Christ is free from this. NO. ONE.

However, as followers of Christ there is one thing we do have.


During the chaos, breath in HIS calm.

This is something that I have to DAILY remind myself of. Going from two to three children has been amazing, but exhausting. It has been wonderful, but weary. It has been a blessing… but chaotic.

Chaos does not always have to result in us mothers losing our cool, screaming at the children or having a meltdown at midnight. All of which I have been guilty of. Yesterday in fact.

Sometimes we need to remember that the chaos is pointing us toward Christ. It is reminding us of the truth of John 16:33. Let me re-word this verse for us moms…

I have said these things to mothers, that in me you may have peace. In this mission of motherhood, you will face struggles, but take heart, my peace will overcome the chaos.



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