What’s wrong with aging anyway?

I said in my blog the other day: What’s wrong with aging, well, I found some verses. Aging is something that happens. I don’t think it is ugly or something to be avoided. Well, we can’t anyway. No amount of money spent on creams, eye gunk, etc etc will slow down the process of aging. Sure, we may LOOK younger on the outside, but our inside is still aging. It is still getting older. Our bodies are still fading away, just as the Bible said it would. So? Those who are in Christ need not fear aging. We need not fear death. This World is not our home. The older our bodies get on this earth, the closer we are to meeting our Savior!!

“For here (this world) we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come (heaven).” Hebrews 13:14 (ESV) *words in parenthesis mine

Anyway, for those who try to hide grays, spend way too much on anti-aging products, or feel less beautiful because of a few wrinkles, stretch marks, or extra fat in places it didn’t used to be (and ha I have all those!) these verses are for you:

“Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.” Proverbs 16:31

“You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:32

“Listen to me, O house of Jacob,
    all the remnant of the house of Israel,
who have been borne by me from before your birth,
    carried from the womb;
 even to your old age I am he,
    and to gray hairs I will carry you.
I have made, and I will bear;
    I will carry and will save.” Isaiah 46:3-4 (I think this passage is BEAUTIFUL!!)

“Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.” Job 12:12

You are ALWAYS beautiful, no matter your age, because you were created in the image of a beautiful and loving God. Aging is not something we can stop. Sure, we can use money on things to make us LOOK younger, but inside we are like grass, withering away. We can’t stop it.

“‘All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, (25) but the word of the Lord remains forever.’ And this word is the good news that was preached to you.” 1 Peter 1:24-25

This blog kinda ties in with the one I wrote yesterday. Sure, we may not like wrinkles. We may not like gray hair. We may not like looking older. We may not like it, but is using money on things to make our outside look younger really worth our money? Now, we SHOULD take care of our bodies, so anything we use to take CARE of us is one thing. Sunscreen and lotion, well and soap to keep us clean haha = GOOD! 😉 Those are NOT things I am talking about. Makeup is not what I am talking about either (though I think we need to be careful how much we ladies spend on that as well). I am talking about spending tons of money on things because we don’t like aging. We don’t want to age. We think it’s ugly or that WE are ugly because of it.

You know, the Bible has a high calling for those who are older (read Titus 2). If we embrace this calling, should we not embrace and accept that our earthly bodies are aging, rather than doing all we can to cover it up?

Just some thoughts by lil’ old me 😉 You can agree or not, I won’t be offended. It is just some stuff I wanted to throw out there and challenge you with. The Bible talks alot about outward appearance. It talks a lot about focusing on that is vanity and that is NOT what we should be worried about. It is easy to where we are though, where aging is not acceptable. Maybe we need to remember to focus our eyes on Jesus and what HE think of us, rather than what the world thinks of us… and TRUST me, I am still a work in progress on this. I am not perfect on this, and I still worry too much about what I look like at times.

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

I hope this blog made sense. I hope it makes you think the way God has been speaking to my heart. I have other thoughts I want to write about how we view our bodies (excess working out, striving to be too skinny, or too buff, etc etc) that I will write at some point!

God bless! Remember: You are beautiful, regardless of age.


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