I want to write a blog, but I have no idea what to write about

SO, I want to write a blog, but I have no idea what to write about. LOL. Have you ever had days like that. I feel like there is so much in my brain, but I cannot wrangle enough of it together to form complete, much less understandable, thoughts. Sigh.

The joys of mommy brain

stupid faceSo, I guess today I will just make fun of myself. Nothing like a good old dose of “Oh don’t worry we are laughing WITH you, not AT you… “Yeah. Right. We all know that when people say that they are laughing at you. What a cop out. Next time someone says that just punch them, then laugh, and say the same thing. At least that way you got the last laugh. HEH.

Stupid things Emily has done:

1) Run smack into one of those poles in the middle of Target. You know those support poles? In all fairness, I was looking at my 2 year old and trying to get her to stop throwing a fit over not getting to go in the bra section to get a hot pink bra with neon stars. I will just blame her. Yeah. Sounds good. LOL.

2) Run into the screen door, thinking it was open. Yes. I did. Just like those birds on the windex commerical. Sigh. I am sure there was a kid to blame in this somewhere as well. I just cannot remember. I think the number of times I have run into things is starting to effect my memory… What day is it again? Is it Christmas monday?

3) In pregnancy: Put milk in the cupboard, dirty dishes in the fridge, and snacks in the dishwasher. Yup. And all in one trip to the kitchen for that pregnancy craving. HA. But see? A kid? to blame. Again. I am starting to see a trend…

4) I walk a little crooked, and end up pushing people off the sidewalk. haha. Maybe I am slightly disproportional? LOL.

5) I called penguins, flamingos. Twice. LOL. In front of my mother in law and all the fam. Yeah. Haven’t lived that one down.

6) I missed an exit to my besties house here… even though we have lived here about 4 years… and this was like uhhh last month. HA. Again. Blame the kids? They were yapping and I was not paying attention? LOL.

7) I pretty much run into things at least once a week. HA. I should video myself then submit it. I may win something… other than the most number of bumps and bruises, though I may win that too. I always have bruises and can’t remember what I ran into to get the, haha.

Ok. I know there are more stupid things that I have done, some probably more so than what I wrote, but my mommy brain (or perhaps the brain damage from running into things) is getting to me. I am sure my husband could add a few stories. LOL.



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