Reasons I get tired of Facebook, and reasons I have a hard time saying a total goodbye

So, I have written a couple of blogs about Facebook. READ HERE and then READ HERE

Today, I am just going to share some things that really aggravate me about Facebook. So, I apologize in advance for this rant of a blog, though I DO think they are things to think on (myself included) and to think about before we post things.

My hormones are a raging today, so you may wanna stand back. LOL. So, I am sure my raging pregnancy hormones have something to do with how emotional I get over some things, that, and I am super sensitive like my daughter Katie. Hmm. I wonder where she got it from. SORRY MOM! I realize how challenging it can be raising a highly sensitive child now! LOL.

However, I also have reservations totally shutting down the whole operation. Why throw the baby out with the bath water right? Maybe I should just drain some of the nasty water out? Maybe add some pretty pink bubble, or foaming bath soap instead? Or how about some lavender bath salts!? OHHH that sounds nice… Too bad our water pressure SUCKS and I can’t take a bath, unless I want to wait 10 years for the tub to fill up, and by that point the hot water has run out. HAHA. Yes. we WILL replumb the house. Eventually. For now, a shower works ok…

Reasons I get tired of Facebook:

1) It is not a competition — I get so tired of the posts I see that are CLEARLY made to puff up people’s egos. I am sure the way I have posted at times, it may seem I am doing the same. I am sorry if I have ever made anyone feel this way. I do try and be careful though. Life is not a competition bro. We all have our own unique abilities. Let’s embrace those, rather than making others feel bad cause they can’t do the same “kick butt thing” that you posted about on Facebook.

2) Grumpy Cat — ok Shoot me. I guess I am grumpy, but really. They are STUPID and I hate them. If that makes me grumpy like grumpy cat, so be it, but you won’t see me post the same picture of myself with a different tagline multiple times a day.

3) Selling this product or that product — OMG. I could care less about your product, to be honest. Now, I am not talking about the people who do an occasional post here and there about what they are selling, or friends who have a facebook page for their product and will post a link saying, hey check out my page. THAT is totally cool! Also, things the person HAND MAKES is different to post about, imo. I am talking about the ones I see that pretty much their entire timeline is splattered with product information, why you should buy this, or that, or use this or eat that. My product will make you fly like superman kind of thing. You know, those pyramid type companies. People, PLEASE, if you have that much to post get a Facebook page for your product and stop clogging my newsfeed. I have many friends who sell things and they HAVE made a separate page for it. GOD. BLESS. YOU. ALL.  To be honest, I have opted to take some people off my newsfeed for this reason. No offense, I just don’t think it appropriate to use your timeline as a way to make money.

4) Getting random messages from people who have not talked to me in YEARS. Seriously, YEARS… saying things like “oh I know you are as stay at home mom and probably need money. Join my team and sell my product to make money.” Please. You don’t care about me, or the people that you do that to. Think about it. How would you feel if someone who has taken no interest in anything else in your life, randomly, out of the blue, wrote you asking them to join their team selling such and such? You would probably feel used and like that person just wanted to use you to get ahead and make more money for themselves. It appears selfish. Sorry. That is harsh, but it is the truth. That is exactly how those types of  messages make me feel.

5) TOO MUCH POLITICAL CRAP — enough said.

6) Food battles — I am not talking about a Facebook edition of Food Network. I mean the whole foods vs convenience foods battle. I have mentioned before we are doing what we can to eat healthier, more REAL foods, less processed junk. However, I will not go off the deep end. We will do what we can, and do the best we can. THAT is the bottom line. I am tired of all the articles and findings and research about how everything will kill you or make your hands and feet fall off one phalanges at a time. I have seen rude comments, things like “people who feed their families processed foods are lazy and don’t care about their children” — WOAH. TIME OUT. Enough with the cut downs and judgmental assumptions. You don’t know those people, you don’t know what they are dealing with, how much money they have, or ANY of their circumstances in life. People have said comments of the like to people who use formula, how is has all this bad crap, GMO, stuff that makes your child die, etc. HMM what if they CANNOT breastfeed? I have tried twice. and failed. twice. My first daughter was failure to thrive. My second daughter threw up. CONSTANTLY. Being a parents is hard enough without posting all this fear mongering stuff. If you have a LEGIT study? post it. But you have to remember that OF COURSE some studies are going to be biased. A Study from someone who hates steak will be biased toward steak and how bad it is for you. So, just give it a rest and stop judging. I have 2 words for you. GLASS. HOUSES.

7) Fake — I have said this in a previous post, but come on. People post highlights of their day, which again, can lead to mothers and other people just feeling like a giant ball of horse poop. Facebook, as much as people SAY they are “real” let’s be honest. It isn’t.

8) Meanness — People think because they are hidden behind a computer screen they can type whatever they want, say whatever they want, however they want, with no regards to peoples feelings or struggles. Newsflash. Typing is still using the tongue for evil. Proverbs it. Yes I said “proverbs it.” you know, we say google it, well I say go to proverbs. It has quite a bit to say about the tongue and just because your mouth may be silent, your fingers are still doing the talking. So, think before you type. Read it and think again before you hit enter.

And now, why I cannot completely say goodbye to Facebook, though I am close.

1) I enjoy seeing pictures of old friends and their children

2) It has gotten me back in contact with old friends

3) It is a great way for my family, who are ALL in different states to see pictures and read about the girls

Hmm. My list of pros is definitely A LOT shorter than my list of cons. Something to think about…


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