God is our Father, we are their mother


As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you…” Isaiah 66:13

I love this verse. It is so simple. So true. What a beautiful picture of what we, as mothers, are to our children. God, our Father, blessed us with our children, He loves us, He comforts us and He is who we should look toward to know how to parent.

Mother’s wear many hats. We clean.  We comfort. We cook. We chauffeur. We fix boo boo’s. We chase away the boogie man. We dance with Cinderella or fight dragons with a knight. Maybe sometimes we ARE the dragon or the evil stepsister. We break up fights. We hug and kiss and repair broken hearts and repair hurt feelings. We wipe tears. We wipe eyes. We wipes noses. We wipe….bums. We clean puke off the sheets, the favorite teddy bear, and ourselves at 3 AM in the morning. We do our best to remain calm when all we feel like doing is screaming to PLEASE STOP NOW to the non stop whining or demands or fighting. We sometimes do yell and have to say we are sorry. We chase butterflies. We search for bugs. We are an exterminator… and so much more.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control;against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

The fruits of the spirit are vital to motherhood. They are important to have in order to parent the way God parents us. Jesus, God in human form, exhibited these to all those around him. If I am honest…

I am not always loving.

I am not always peaceful.

I am not always patient.

I am not always kind.

I am not always showing goodness.

I am not always faithful.

I am not always gentle.

I do not always have self control.

Though I fail, God does not. He gave us the children we have and HE will change us from the inside out, so that we may parent as he parents us.

God will help us be loving even when our child talks back, rolls their eyes, or refuses to do as asked.

God will help us have joy in the mundane, the mess clean ups, the accidents to mop up, the puke to wash out and the hard times of discipline or teaching hard lessons.

God will help us have peace even when we are worried about our children, they go off to school, they seem to turn away, or they are distant from us.

God will help us have patience when we just can’t take the whining anymore, or we hear “Mommy will you….” for the 500th time in 1 hour.

God will help us show kindness even when are are too tired to think and the demands from motherhood are weighing us down.

God will help us strive to model goodness in our attitudes and our words.

God will help us remain faithful when we feel we cannot take another step, deal with another mess, wipe another snotty nose.

God will help us show gentleness, even in times of teaching life lessons or disciplining.

God will help our hearts, attitudes, and tongues have self control, even when we feel we have to take a bajillion deep breaths, or our heads may explode.

Mother’s have a job. Mother’s have a blessing as well. Motherhood is not easy. Motherhood is not always pretty, or restful, or glamorous. Motherhood is exhausting at times. However, even in these times, look to God. God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us. He is there for us. He gave us a gift. Motherhood is a gift.

Thank you to all you mama’s out there. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are a blessing… and you are appreciated.



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