Things I have thought of as a mother…

These are some things that have popped in my mind as a mother. I have not actually done them, but sometimes I think it would be awesome 😛 HAHA

1) Have a gerbil type water bottle attached to the wall, for their drink. Fill it up for the day, and they are set! And it wouldn’t leak all over the house. Then again, maybe it would. Who knows.  HAHA

2) Automatic dog food dispenser, except for cereal. I guess those things at hotel breakfast bars would work… You could have a few and fill them with different things! Cereal, goldfish, and just to be healthy, throw in some baby carrots! HA!

sick day3) Sometimes I have thought a place where you could pay by the hour for child care would be awesome. I have not family around, and no one really who can come watch the girls when I am sick, or just slap worn out. So, my friend and I thought there should be a place like that called “mommy’s sick day” – I honestly would love to have a safe place I could leave my girls if I just need a nap, or have a doctor’s appt etc. Everyone else around me has their own children, or work… so I am pretty much doing this alone. Every day. So that would be nice!

bewitched4) I wish I could be like the lady from Bewitched and twitch my nose and have dinner on the table, or cleaned up etc. Awesome right!?

handy helpers5) I would love to live in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with those “handy helpers!  I mean, really! Those things do everything! Clean up, cook, throw a ball, haha. That would be amazing. Or shoot, I would settle for Toodles some days… maybe it would have some ideas when I am plum out of them. LOL.

Again, I have NOT done any of these. LOL. I love my girls and love being a mother, but sometimes those mommy brain tired moment kick in and weird, strange and random stuff pops in my head 😉 Then again, I am pretty weird as it is! 😛


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