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Did you wake up today discouraged? Do you ever feel as if you just are not SEEN. Do you ever feel that your job as a mother is overlooked, under appreciated  not valued or not deemed important? Do you ever feel that what you do is repetitive, draining, exhausting, dull or boring at times? Do you feel as if what you do isn’t important?

I have days like this too. I think all mothers do. I want to share a little devtional from a book I received. When I read just the passage I am about to share, I weeped! How true it is. WE ARE SEEN by our heavenly Father. ALWAYS. What we do for the kingdom will never go unseen or unrewarded. It is never unimportant. Raising children is a VERY important job for God’s Kingdom. Don’t ever forget that mothers.

“Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work will be rewarded.” Jeremiah 31:16

“As mothers, much of our work is unseen. We do the things that are most noticeable when they are left undone. We do the things that usually need to be done again immediately upon completion. We cook, we clean, we pack lunches, we make plans and provisions, we change diapers, we treat illness, we chase bad dreams, we oversee homework, we host play dates, we wash clothes, we unload dishwashers, we tie shoes, we calm meltdowns, we bandage scrapes, we chaffeur between activities, we remember everything and everyone.

Sometimes we go long stretches of time without any substantial expressions of gratitude. It can be lonely or frustrating to feel like the invisible servant, with no needs of our own. Sometimes all it takes to keep us going is a moment of truly “being seen” for who we are and what we do.

I had a moment like this one day when I was unloading suitcases and children from the back of my father’s car as he dropped us off at the airport when the kids and I were leaving on a trip. “Honey” my dad said to my frazzled self. “I see you.” he said “I really do.” My eyes brimmed with tears (happy ones) and I felt totally renewed. I had a lightness in my heart and renewed energy for our journey. ALl I needed was to feel seen and understood for what I do. We have a heavenly Father who sees our efforts and recognizes the extent of our sacrifices and depth of our love. Our work will be rewarded,in this lifetime and the next.”

– Heart of my Heart, by Kristin Armstrong

A very dear friend gave this book to me for Christmas. They are little short devotionals to read for each day of the year, especially for mothers. I read that passage one day when I was feeling particularly discouraged and God really used it to speak to me. I hope it can encourage you mommy’s. Many of you I cannot physically see. Many friends around here I do see and SEE your work that you put into being a wonderful, loving, kind, caring and nurturing mother. Either way, those I can see, or those I can’t. Friends I know here, or friends through my mom board online. Friends I knew back in the day, in high school or college, that I may not see PHSICALLY now that that they are mothers…

Your job MATTERS. Your job is IMPORTANT. Your job may feel never ending, blah and boring some days. You probably end the day on several occasions thinking “What am I doing? Does any of this matter? Where is the joy? Where is the appreciation and gratitude?”  You probably crawl into bed at the end of the day utterly exhausted only thinking how you must do the SAME. THING. over again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. I want you to know…

I see you.

I know how hard you work.

God sees you. He sees the love you pour into your children’s life.

Your work will not go unseen.

Even if it seems that way from a worldly, day to day, perspective, the Heavenly Father does not see it that way.

He sees every tear you dry, every cup you fill with milk, the milk you clean up from your child spilling that milk, ever diaper you change, every frustration you face with discipline issues, every hour of sleep you lose, every mouth you feed, every teeny tiny pair of pants you wash, every tantrum you tame, every blood curdling scream your ears endure, every meal you prepare, every plate you clean, every bathroom you clean, every puke stained bedding you wash, every nose you wipe… so on and so on. and on some more..


You are valued. You are appreciated. You are loved. You are important. You are special. You are amazing.

YOU are a mother… and you are seen.



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