It’s easy when it’s going good…

stormWe have all heard that song/saying “Praise Him in the Storm”

But how many of us REALLY do that? It is easy to praise the Lord, be joyful, happy, thankful, have faith, believe in God, etc, when things are going well. When your job is great, when your kids act well, when everyone is healthy, when you are not in want, when you have plenty of food, when you have a “big enough” house, when you have shelter, when you have comfort, when you have lots of money, when you have your smart phone, tv, cable, sassy computer, iPad, Nook or Kindle, etc etc etc…I could go on and on…

Also, it is easy, when you are in a good place, to tell someone “Oh at least it isn’t this, or that…” “Oh well just trust God…” Yet, when you find yourself in that position, or something similar, you don’t really follow the same advice. Do you? Be honest… We ALL tend to do this. Dish out advice, but forget to follow it when we find ourselves in that position, or something similar. We try to excuse it away, oh well mine is harder than so and so, or this is scarier, or this is worse, etc… That isn’t the right attitude. We all have struggles. We shouldn’t compare struggles.

But what about when things are bad? Scary? What about when you are struggling (everyone struggles)? What about when your child is diagnosed with a disease or another issue? What about when your child is born early and fighting for their life in the NICU? What if you lose a child? What if you suffer a miscarriage? What if you get diagnosed with cancer? What about when your husband loses his job? What if don’t seem to have enough food? What if you have to cut from the budget comfort items (no, you don’t REALLY need cable, or smart phones or your tablet, they are a luxury)? What if you lose your spouse? What if your spouse leaves you? What if you lose your home? or car? or anything else you feel is important? What if you have no idea how you will pay bills? What if family abandons you? What if you end up pregnant and are a teenager? What if your spouse cheats? What if you are abused? What if your church family betrays you? I could keep going…

Do we praise God then? Do we trust Him then? Do we believe in Him then? Do we trust in His goodness, love, mercy and grace THEN???

Faith isn’t just about believing in God in the good times. In fact, it shows your faith more how you react in the BAD times. If we abandon God when we are in a storm, throw it in His face He must not care, or be real, be love us… that is not what following Christ is about. The Bible is pretty clear that in THIS life we will have struggles. This world is NOT our home. This World is broken, but you see, God has already won.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

You may think I am going to post the song “Praise you in the storm”… but I am not 😉 I have sorda written about that before, today I want to take a different spin on storms.

Blessings, by Laura Story is one of most favorite songs. It REALLY makes you think. You see, we are humans. We only see what is right in front of our faces, but what we forget is God sees the whole pictures. I believe that some storms and struggles we go through are to protect us from something greater. To make us into something greater. I think they are sometimes God’s mercies in disguise, as the song states.

Please REALLY listen to the words of this song. I really encourage you to contemplate what it is saying. Do you praise God in the storms as much as when it is going good? Would you praise Him if you suddenly found yourself with nothing?


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