Things I could do without as a parent…

I LOVE being a mommy. Do not get me wrong. I LOVE it 🙂 My girls are sweet and precious and adorable and cuddly…

most of the time. HA!

Still, even though I love my job, there are some things I could do without. So, let’s begin. Please add your thoughts 😉

1) Puke. I love my kids to pieces, but when they were babies, they puked. ALL. THE. TIME. Our poor sofa. We joked maybe we should get a white or creamish sofa because the puke would probably blend in better. Holly, my second child, was having a GOOD day if she “only” puked 4 times. LOL. And it wasn’t just a little spit up. That, I could handle. It was the “OMG they just puked up the whole bottle” type of puke. I always secretly laugh when people say their babies are pukers, when in reality they are spitter. There is a BIIIIIIGGGGGG difference. Let me assure you. LOL. I honestly hate puke in general though, even though I feel for my poor babies when they are sick.

whining2) Exploding poop diapers. Enough said.

3) Whining. Ummm need I say more?

molar4) TWO. YEAR. MOLARS. All I have to say is THANK THE GOOD LORD for creating the person who created Motrin. AMEN. LOL

5) The “I really feel the need to touch everything in order to experiment, and this bottle of nail polish looks really shiny and fun, so I am just gonna go ahead and use it, spill it on the floor, then I will decorate the couch cushions. Ok mom?” phase. Thankfully the couch part didn’t happen (yet), haha.. the first part? yes. it did. LOL. Destructive things have happened in most all areas of our house, so feel free to insert ANY destructive aspect in this number. HA!

6) Potty Training. Ok, so it wasn’t that bad for Katie, but I haven’t started with Holly yet. I wish there was a magic button to push and be like, hmm ok I am so done with diapers, so we are going to tell your body to start using the household facilities to do your business 😉 If only if were that easy? Right? I wonder if the Staples button would work…

7)  The “I know I have exactly what you have mom, but instead of eating mine, I am just going to sit and fuss about wanting yours and I won’t give in, or eat a bit of this food you spent awhile cooking until you give in. I will make your ears bleed. Capiche?”

hawk8) Bird of Prey screeches. You are human, not a hawk swooping down to snatch the poor unsuspecting field mouse for dinner. However, if you keep that screeching up, I can arrange for the mouse for dinner. I guess my children could have a future in human sound effects though. Yes?

the last 2 I know we ALL struggle with at times… don’t lie. I know you do. If you like you will only feel guilty, then worry about how you didn’t tell the truth ;)….

guilt9) Mommy guilt
10) Mommy worry

I really believe if we start opening up about things that MAY not be so great in motherhood, we can reach alot more people. Honesty helps. Honesty serves. Honesty loves. No matter how much you love motherhood, we all have things that frustrate us, bring us down, make us tired and exhausted. That is ok. We don’t have to love EVERY aspect of being a mommy to LOVE being a … mommy 🙂


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