Important life lessons…

That I have learned from my children.

I think it is safe to say kids teach us lessons that we never expected to receive a class in. HAHA. The joys of parenting, right? I thought I would list a few things that my wonderful girls have taught me in their short, but full of wonderful giving lessons, life.

1) Their heads really are a lot more hard than you would think. Now, no, I do not purposely toss my children to the ground for the sole purpose of figuring this out… but I have learned this. I over freaked out when my first rolled of a LOW sofa (seriously, it was only about 6 inches off the ground haha) onto the PADDED CARPET floor. I even called the nurse. HAHA. She was fine. Sheesh. Now my second daughter has fallen and smacked her head on our hardwood floor. I pick her up, kiss her head, and tell her she is ok, and move on. LOL.

2) They will always want what you have. Even if it the EXACT. SAME. THING they have.

3) The one time you leave home without an extra diaper will be the one time your child has a poop explosion (Thank you IKEA for your emergency changing kits in your bathroom!!!!!)

4) It doesn’t matter if you have 2 of the same toy, with siblings, they will always want the one their sibling is holding. HAHA. So really, don’t bother buying 2 of everything. It won’t make a bit of difference. You are better off teaching them to share. Novel concept huh? WOW OMG WHAT!? Sharing!? NOOOO Anything but that!!! haha

5) The one day your child NEEDS to get up early, will be the one day they actually sleep in OR they could have been sleeping in for awhile, so you decide you have time to stay out late for a date night… well you can count on them waking up that next morning at the butt crack of dawn 😉 THEY. JUST. KNOW. haha

6) If your child eats pureed prunes, do not, under ANY circumstances lick your fingers afterward… it will most likely NOT really be prunes. Ask me how I know…

not food


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