honestly transparent

I have been thinking alot about transparency. I have been thinking alot about how what we say in public, or on facebook, and the like, is not negative usually. I have been thinking alot about how mothers, new ones especially, often feel like failures due to some of these things they read. They read all this “positive” stuff and feel as if they must be doing something wrong. They don’t cook enough, clean enough. They don’t sew onsies for the baby and hats for the older children. They don’t knit homemade potholders. I had a blog flashback blog up a few days ago with a link to a blog I wrote in the past about this.

have it all

I REALLY believe if more people were honest with their struggles, we could make a bigger and greater difference for Christ. We are all fallen. We are all sinners. We all screw up. We all have struggles. We all have times we fail. We all have weaknesses. It is OK. We need to be braver about sharing them. I really believe they could help people. NO mother (or person), no matter WHAT their status, tweet, or blog says, has it ALL TOGETHER. NO ONE. It is impossible. We are human. We CANNOT have it all together. It doesn’t work that way.

So, while you may read that so and so can sew clothes with their eyes closed and keep an immaculate house… what you DON’T read ispinnochio that inside they are struggling with self esteem. They think they are fat, so they don’t eat enough, or they cannot cook a meal to save their life, or they do not know how to do crafts, etc, etc etc… Do you see my point? No one has it all. No one can do it all. No one GETS it all. No one understands it all. We just choose not to ever SHARE those things we are bad at, don’t get, stink at, fail at, etc…

SOOOOO I am going to share MY weaknesses. I will share some things I am so NOT good at, in hopes it will help others be braver and less afraid to admit them as well. It really is ok! Our strengths, AND WEAKNESSES, are what make us who we are. We all have different talents! That is the way God wanted it 🙂 Personally, it is more damaging to us to be so hard on ourselves! It makes us do WORSE at the things we are talented in, because all we are doing is focusing on what we CAN’T do that so and so can. But you see, that same person which can do the so and so you can’t do, is wishing they could do the so and so thing that YOU can do, which they cannot… It really is a vicious cycle that we need to stop! It can cause us stress, depression, breakdowns, even health issues!

honestSo, here are some weaknesses of mine 😛

1. I still get entirely TOO stressed out about my girls sleep. The thing is, they are GREAT sleepers 90% of the time, or more, but even still, if they don’t go to sleep right away, or have a bad nap, I tend to overreact WAY to much. I actually am BETTER than I used to be, scary I know, but I still need to take a big dose of chill juice or something!

2. When I am tired I do not always put others feelings ahead of mine. I snap easy, nag more, and just get frustrated too easily.

3. I HATE scrapbooking and would be too OCD about it. I also have no desire to knit, and probably would really stink at it, and give up after a day. LOL.

4. I am bad about talking about something, then taking forever to do it. I have talked along time about getting back into my painting, and it hasn’t happened yet. I let myself make excuses, rather than just going for it!

5. I can cook, and I love creating meals… but I am alot more talented at cooking than I am baking! HAHA. EEK.

6. I can write songs, and pretty good ones, and am talented at singing… but making up the piano or other other instrument part. uhhh. not so much. SO, if anyone wants to buy an acapella CD, I could do that! HAHA

7. I still worry too much about doing things to a T sometimes. My doc wanted me to watch certain foods and limit them. I tend to go to the opposite extreme though and freak out if I have ONE bite of something thinking it will ruin me or make me die. LOL. I am working on this.

8. I am not too good about resting. Even when I am sick. Then, I wonder why I am always so tired. I need to do better at this. It is ok, if my floor has one day it doesn’t get vacuumed.

9. I need to do better at picking my battles and letting things go! I am sorry Andrew!!

10. I worry WAY to much about my hair. I am self concious about it. It hurts my self esteem. I need to stop it. God made me beautiful and the way He wanted. I need to remember that more

So, see?! I have weaknesses too! We all do…

Let’s stop focusing on what we CANNOT do, and start working more on what we CAN, and use it for the glory of God. Let’s stop wanting to able to do what Sally Sunshine can do (which is coveting, and a sin, by the way) and be thankful for the talents and abilities God gave US! 🙂 We are all made in HIS image. We are all made unique. God knew what he was doing when he gave each of us the talents and abilities we have. I also believe we have the struggles we have for a reason. ALL of it has a purpose. I promise! God can, will, and has been, using it all!

This year, I am going to do my best to be honest and trasparent, and I pray that in the process God will use me to bring more to him.

Oh yea… I am also AWFUL (and I hate) at laundry haha. Fluff, refluff… maybe refluff again. Sigh… 😛


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