Second Christmas!

I will miss Christmas when it is gone, completely…

but for now, we get to celebrate a second Christmas! My mother, the one and only Nana, is here for a week. So excited. The girls were beyond thrilled when I got back from the airport with her. Sweet Katie bug ran full force up to her, screamed NANA!!! I LOVE YOU NANA! I am so glad you are here!” Boy, that melted my mom’s heart. Mine too. Both girls gave her some serious lovin’ on when she arrived. I think she felt pretty special. After some homemade chili, the girls tried to show her EVERY. SINGLE. TOY they had, what it was called, what it did, how they played with it, etc. HAHA. Then, they went through and got things they knew Nana gave them, asked if they remembered she got it for them, and showed her how much they loved it. SUPER SWEET. We love when family comes to visit, right? Ok, well most of us. I am sure we all have that ONE family member we could go without seeing for a while 😉 I am pretty blessed. I really and truly enjoy both sides of my family. They are fun, caring, and loving people.

SO! I am excited we get to stretch Christmas out a little bit longer 🙂

I love my momma!!! I know one day, too soon, I will be in Nana’s chair, with my girls grown, and their kids will run up to me screaming Nana- or whatever name I decide to go by. I think thinking Auntie Em, just cause it would be awesome (I know, it isn’t technically a grandmother name, pfft oh well)  haha. I tried to get my niece Shannen to call me that, but so far, it ain’t happening! BOO! LOL.

handsI am thinking of doing a craft with the girls for Nana. I want to do something with their hand prints, and make up a little poem. I got some of this idea from my awesome friend Amy! I am thinking of putting their hand prints down on paper, with their names and the date of course, then write this poem around their sweet hands, then frame it 🙂 I will have to post pics if we manage to do it!

These are the hands you would hold
When we were 2 and 4 years old
And even though we’re miles apart
We will always be close to your heart


Momma, I love you, and I am so glad you are here!


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