Christmas is gone again…

sad its overI don’t know about you, but I am always a little sad to see Christmas go. There is so much build up, excitement, and anticipation that comes with the holiday season, I am always a little emotional about that all being gone. I love the movies, the music, the decorations, the lights. Oh how I will miss Fa La La La Lifetime! haha. Of course, with my track record this year, I will start watching Christmas movies again come October. I am sure it will be October again in no time! Christmas does seem to come faster each year! I think as I get older time goes faster. Sigh. I am not so sure I like that 😦 the girls are growing up WAY to fast. They had a great time yesterday though. 2 and 4 are such fun and joyous ages. I loved seeing them play with their new toys and just be silly. Holly is quite the clown. She had everyone cracking up!

This year, we will get 2 Christmases though! My mom is coming in on Friday!! Also, Andrew wasn’t really feeling up to par yesterday, so I didn’t make my official Christmas dinner. SO! I think I will save it and make it for my mom! YAY! 2 Christmases!!! AND, we will keep our decor up for a couple more weeks…  BUT something about it doesn’t quite feel the same once Christmas is over.

This kinda got me thinking…

I think the reason people feel a little sad when Christmas is over is because there IS so much build up. So much anticipation. I think we get so excited, then it seems to come and go so quickly. I also think, if we are honest, sometimes it doesn’t go the way we pictured it in our heads. I know mine didn’t this year, with Andrew being sick. Sometimes all the excitement and anticipation is replaced with disappointment. Oh well, there is always next year, we think, right? Do you ever have years that way?

Don’t get me wrong, we still had a wonderful day yesterday… but I admit, it didn’t go quite as I had built it up in my head. Expectations can be dangerous. People let us down. People get sick. Things happen… BUT! I am excited about the Rose Parade. LOVE that haha.

BUT you see, the reason for Christmas, the BEST present of all will NEVER let us down. He always lives up to his name. He always loves, serves and provides what we need. He always keeps His promises.

When I think of that, it makes me feel so much better 🙂 You see, I can celebrate this amazing gift ALL year. In fact, we SHOULD! I can give this gift to others whenever I want by sharing how His love has changed my life.

People, things, weather, events, holidays, STUFF, whether it is getting what you don’t want or not getting what you “want”, will ALWAYS let you down…

Jesus Christ will NEVER let you down!

In fact this year, the Lord gave me the most glorious gift of all…SNOW! 😀 SEE!? The Lord is so good, many times he gives us things we WANT, even if we don’t NEED them!




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