Chucky, the Elf

Wanna know why I am scared of that Elf on the Shelf?

This is why:
Do you SEE his face!? He is holding a sweet note that there is a present from mommy and daddy, yet he has a demented look on his face. I would be a little leery. Seems to me that note is a ploy to get you near the candy jar, so he can stuff you in there and candy cane and feather you! Like this:


What about this?

Or this?



How about this!?


Another example:


And yet another:


And one more to bring my point home:


I mean, look, even St. Nick himself, KEEPER of the elves, thinks he is creepy! I think this elf on the shelf is an elf that was sent away for being naughty, only you won’t figure that out until it’s too late….



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