Just a little something on my mind

My last blog had a song. Born to die. I know, I know, 2 blogs in 1 day. Sorry. But I just felt the need to write this, and the other blog had already been posted. I wanted to make sure people saw this. It is something on my heart. That song I posted earlier is so true. We forget this. We get all excited in the decorations, food, cookies, lights, the tree, and other Christmas festivities, I think we forget, and take for granted, the real reason for this holiday. I had this up as a status, I will share it here too:

In a season where we seem to be thinking of what WE want, telling others, wish-listing, worrying over if we GET the “perfect gift” — remember the PERFECT gift has already been given TO us. He came as a humble baby, was born in a stable, and laid to sleep in a manger. Christmas isn’t about what WE want, but about was already given.

There are many who have recently lost loved ones. Children. I lost my daddy around Christmas. Think about it. For some, it may have been their ONLY child. Those parents are heartbroken. They didn’t want to lose their child. I am sure they would do anything to get them back, hug them one more time.

God, the Father, in all his love, WILLINGLY gave up his ONLY son. TO DIE. FOR US. He gave up HIS son for US. People who sin, all the time. We always screw up! We are wretched, awful, sinners. We do the same stupid things over and over… and over again!  Yet, God still loved us enough to do this.


THAT is what this season is about.


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