Date night?

datenightAndrew and I had a REALLY nice date night last night! For all of you parents who forgot what date night is, it’s that thing where you get all doodied and purtied up, go out for a nice dinner, wine, whatever, with your husband. You may even get all 50’s and share a milkshake together 😉 Your husband may (or may not, if it’s the latter, you should give him a swift kick in the behind and tell him Em said he better wise up! HAHA) open doors for you, treat you like a princess, and you can actually enjoy an evening free of the kids, and have conversations that do not revolved around pee, poop, goldfish crackers, and debating on who went on a treasure hunt in your dresser drawers… Yes. THAT thing. Or the short word…


We had a great time. It was Andrew’s office Christmas party. We had it at this super sassy fancied up bar called Silo Point 5. And no, it isn’t like a hillbilly bar that only serves budlight. This was a fancy pants bar. I got some special drink called a Key lime martini. OMG. It tasted like someone scooped up a piece of key lime pie and turned it into a milkshake. Yup. It was heaven in my mouth! And the food? OMG the food. INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. HOLY CANOLI it was DIVINE 🙂 Did I mention how good the food was? All kinds of things. These amazing shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, spinach dip in a bread bowl,  amazing veggies, tuna something or other, goat cheese tarts (they were in this thing that looked like quiche. YUMMO), BBQ roast beef sliders… I am sure there was more, but I can’t remember. But, WOWEE. SO good. I kinda felt like the Queen of Sheba! We were even in the fancy party room upstairs, that looked over the bar and you could look out and see the inner Harbor. SO COOL!

We are very blessed to have neighbors who have their 4 year old granddaughter living with them right now. They are young and hip g-parents though 😉 We date swap! Can everyone say SWEEEET!

I was kinda worried, because this was the FIRST time the girls went to bed for anyone else! I know, I know. I am lame. Anyway, wait, Katie was put to bed by someone when I was in labor with Holly. Anyhoo, they did GREAT!  I was so happy. It was so nice to leave before the girls were down and come home to a quiet (ok semi, the neighbors watching them was watching some discovery  channel show on apes or monkeys, or something, haha) house.

So yup. I dolled myself up; well, as much as a mommy of 2 can haha, it was quite interesting trying to curl my hair while simultaneously trying stop sibling world war 5, give Holly water, and give her hugs. Somehow I managed to walk away unburned and with my hair looking quite good! I was darn proud of myself for that. SO! I had a night out on the town with my prince charming 🙂 It was awesome.



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