Top 10: Christmas Scary Things

xmas decorI absolutely love Christmas. I love the sounds. I love the smells (of all the cookies I know people bake, and green bean casserole, crescent roles, sausage cheese balls, chex mix, etc). I love the tree. I love the lights. I love going to look at Christmas lights with my family. I love seeing the joy and wonder on their faces at all the Christmas things they see. I love the movies. OH do I love the movies. I love me some Frosty the Snowman as well…

but, there are a FEW things that scare me at Christmas. These send shivers down my spine, and make me shake with fear, and some are just downright so bad, I may as well lay down and die right there… lol
10) Have you ever gotten down your lights and come to find that HALF the strand is out!? Yup. Scares me. LOL. I dread the thought of looking bulb by bulb and working my fingers to the bone like I am in a sewing factory pulling out the teeny tiny bulbs, trying to find WHICH one is the culprit. Usually I just give up and get a new string. HA.

9) NO MORE COOKIES!!! Ahhhh!!! this is a NIGHTMARE!!! Or, when you go to make Christmas cookies and find you forgot ONE primary ingredient, like sugar or milk or butter, and it is now 11 pm on Christmas Eve and all the stores are closed. Yup. SUPER scary.

8) THIS: 

toy cart7) Missing instruction manuel to oversize “you gotta put together before Christmas morning” toys

6) Having to then frantically put together said oversize toys before Christmas morning. I usually end up with blisters on my palms from the screwdriver. LOL.

5) Waking up Christmas morning, rather your children waking you up by smashing their feet into your skull chanting  “PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS!!!, to discover you are out of coffee. Folks. This is a national emergency right here… and YES it has happened to me. BAD. NEWS. LOL

santa is fake4) Your children either – discovering Santa isn’t real and hating your guts for lying to them or…

3) Your children have known Santa isn’t real and then proceeds to tell all their friends the same life altering information…then…

2) Having to then EXPLAIN to the parents of the children who are now scarred for life and won’t talk to their parents, not even for a cookie, why your seemingly sweet child decided to ruin the “fantasty” of Christmas for the rest of the neighborhood children, forever deeming you “THOSE people with THAT kid”….

1) and lastly. THIS:

elf on theshelf

Merry Christmas. You better watch your back, or Elf on the Shelf will string you up by your hair using licorice and candy canes…


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