Gettin’ Crafty

Ok, so I admit. I kinda have ADD when it comes to crafts. At least that’s what my friend, Kate, tells me. LOL. It’s ok, she admits to having it too. HOWEVER, I have carpel tunnel, boo, so finding a craft that doesn’t make my entire hand go numb and start hurting within 5 seconds poses somewhat of a challenge. I loved to crochet, but it just hurt too bad. SIGH 😦 Don’t you feel bad for me? I cannot make hats and scarves for my poor children. We are up north, they will freeze to death due to my wrist malfunction. LOL. Oh well, I guess that’s what Target is for. BUT if I lived in the 15th century or something, they may have frozen! HA! ANYHOO… I want to try sewing. With a machine. I have heard that actually may be something good for people with CT because my hands are stretched out flat. I LOVE pillows and I love changing out decorative pillows, so this could be a very cost effective craft for me! I could make pillow covers and change those out! CHA CHING!

Well, the other day my friend this picture of her re create of THIS (see below, this is the pinterest one) felt Christmas tree from pinterest, which reminded me I had seen that and wanted to do it:


Seeing her version made me remember I had seen this and wanted to do it. Thanks Jessica! So, off I went to Michael’s. I got one big sheet of dark green felt for like 3 bucks, and then some colored sheets of felt for only 29 cents a sheet! Hello, DEAL! It was SUCH a cheap craft to do. I managed to cut things out and finish the project without my hands going numb either! So I say it was a victory all around! WOOHOO! NOW…. I will say, I NEED to get actual CRAFT scissors. Dollar store scissors didn’t make for the prettiest cut lines. But, eh, oh well. I don’t think the girls care. They LOVED it! πŸ™‚

Here is mine: I ended up cutting strips and adding “garland” thanks to the awesome brain of my 4 Β year old! She took the ribbon on the present and made it garland. I thought, wow, awesome idea… so I cut more strips to use πŸ™‚

and here is the girls enjoying their newly found decorating tree πŸ™‚


So fellow mommies who want some cheap, fun, easy craft ideas… here ya go. If my defunct wrists can make this, I guarantee you that YOU can πŸ˜‰



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