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I haven’t written since before Thanksgiving, so I wanted to give a quick blog update so I at least feel like I have written SOMETHING. I hope that everyone had a truly wonderful holiday with family or friends, or both. We had a WONDERFUL time. We were able to meet up with most all of Andrew’s immediate family! His sister and brother have not seen Holly. AT. ALL. 🙂 So that was really special.

God is truly amazing. I just have to say that. If you ever EVER question if ANY problem is “too big” for God (or too small for Him to worry about) DO NOT. Nothing is too big for God. We are proof of this. More to come soon… But we are in awe of our loving God, and so thankful when people choose to be the hands, heart, and feet of Jesus.

NOW! It is the Christmas season. OFFICIALLY. Of course, I have been watching Christmas movies since October 😉 BUT now people cannot make fun of me 😛 We have the decorations up. I even got some awesome garland for 70% off!!! Yup. thats right. Michaels had a door buster deal from 7-10pm. AWESOMENESS. I love Christmas. I love decorating!! We are going to do the outside… hopefully today. YAY! I love the holiday’s. Such a sense of hope and joy in most everyone you see.

How awesome would that be if we could maintain that level of hope, faith, joy, and peace ALL year? How much of a difference could we make for the kingdom!?


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