A simple poem by simple me

I woke up this morning thinking about my job. Yes, my job. The most important job in the whole wide world. I am a mother. I am important. My job is important. My children are of uttermost importance and they were entrusted to me by a loving Almighty Father! Katie woke up and we were snuggling in my bed, and I couldn’t help but think of the ups and downs of motherhood. The hard, the easy, the good days the bad… yet I was thinking to myself how all the bad days in the world are worth it for these precious moments of sweet snuggling. SO! My musical talent self, haha, and the love I have for music, ask my husband and girls,I am ALWAYS making up little tunes for them. I have a seat belt song! I should call Laurie Berkner 😉 I also love poetry. I love writing poetry and really should get back into doing that more. I wrote a poem in high school that won awards,and was published in our schools liturgy book as well as in a Who’s Who book. So, since I have love for these things, I kinda started putting some thoughts to a poem type song thing. I hadn’t written something in a few days, so I figured, hey, you are my friends and readers, I may of well share this little simple poem with you all 🙂 Hope you enjoy it! I have been out of practice for awhile, lol, so bear with me 😉

Moments in Mommyhood
by: ME (Emily Kulp)

There’s cereal on the floor
and Popsicle in your hair
I’m hearing endless no, mine and stop
in my tired annoyed ears

You painted your sister with markers
your walls  with finger paint
’till I see your diaper on the floor
get a whiff and scream “Paint, this ain’t!”

You wanted cupcakes for breakfast
wouldn’t touch your hot dog for lunch
I kept pleading: “JUST EAT IT!”
you sat there, shoulders in a hunch

I clean toys off the floor
a million and one times a day
but step on the lone princess shoe
a high heel that was hiding, it got away

Some days I feel I can’t make it
Sometimes I want to give up
Some days I am so tired
I scream “I’ve had enough!”

But then something happens
something so great
Something that makes me
feel a little less… irate

I take a deep breath 
and start to calm down
I realize what blessings
I have running around

I get cozy cuddles each morning
Squeezable snuggles each night
teaseable tickles at nap time
glorious giggles show your delight

Your eyes say I love you
no words need to be said
you place your sweet tiny hand
on my shoulder before bed

You find excitement in leaves
and wonder in rain
When you get a small boo boo
a kiss heals your pain

I realize my child
what a treasure you are
your hugs and kisses are perfect
your eyes sparkle like stars

God gave me a blessing
When he gave you to me
How lucky how lucky
Can one person be?

I feel very lucky
I’m incredibly blessed
God gave you to me
Even though I’m a mess

I know I may shout
I know I may scream
But know that I love you
You make life such a dream

I am your mommy
And always will be
I really love my job
You are special to me

A mother, a child
a husband, a wife
the blessing of family
is the greatest in life

So although I get weary
may not always be calm
My job now and always
is none other than MOM


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