Empty Threats

As mothers, or parents in general, I am SURE we have all said (or screamed) some empty threats at some point. I will admit I have. I have probably done too many to count, even in the 4 short years my oldest has been alive. If you are one of “those moms” who says “I have noooo idea what you are talking about, my children are perfect angels, and I NEVER make empty threats. EVER” with that condescending tone… well just get over yourself. You are a liar. HAHA. I really think all parents have made empty threats at SOME point, even if it is just “If you do that one more time you are going to timeout…”  and we ALL know we have said that a few times sometimes before we actually follow through. Again. I know I am guilty of this at times.

Now, I am not saying I do this the majority of the time, or do not find discipline important. It is very important. We are to train our children up in the Lord, in the right and biblical way… BUT we are all human, and there are times that I make these type of threats in the heat of the moment, or when I am tired or frustrated.

SO…. I have compiled a few things I have said that AHEM (excuse me, I have some phlegm in my throat that needs clearing)… said, that I may not have always meant or followed through on. I think we say things in the heat of the moment sometimes as parents. We do not think before we speak. SHOOT. That issue follows us around our WHOLE life. We, even as parents, need to think before we speak, not only to other adults, but also to our children.

PLEASE! Add your idle and empty threats to the list 😉 LOL. We have a big non threatening party! WOOHOO

1. YOU BETTER EAT YOUR DINNER OR YOU WILL GO TO BED HUNGRY!!!! Yup. I have said this. Have I EVER followed through? Of course not. My mommy guilt attacks me and I cannot imagine my poor, sweet daughter, starving. PLUS, if she went to bed hungry it would mess up a good night sleep. I am so not down with that. LOL. So, I cave. I give her a little something so that she still sleeps! You know that night time is important to you as well MOMS

2. YOU BETTER CLEAN UP YOUR TOYS RIGHT NOW, OR I AM GOING TO THROW THEM ALL AWAY!!!! haha, again, I have said this, I admit, but of course I have not thrown all their stuff away. That would only be punishment to me too! Well, and our budget. I mean, they would eventually need SOMETHING to play with. I can only tolerate the noise of banging on pots and pans for so long before I would admit myself to the insane asylum. Again. NOT WORTH IT. Though, I could “pretend” throw them away…. hmmm…. but then is that lying? lol

3. YOU BETTER STOP THAT RIGHT NOW (or go to sleep right now, or whatever else you want to insert here) OR SO HELP ME….  Ok so this one is really incomplete, but I am pretty sure we parents have used this a few times. It is one of those threats that is supposed to scare your children I guess? Make them tremble with fear as to the worst possible thing you could do would be. OR WHAT!? “Will my mommy and daddy make me sleep outside!? in the DOGHOUSE!? Will they make me eat liver?! Will she make me wear that sweater from Aunt Trudie!??? NO!!!!! anything but that!!!”

4. STOP CRYING OR I WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT: Ok, I haven’t actually used this one (yet, thankfully) BUT I know parents have used this, especially you DADS (come on, you KNOW it is true. Don’t lie. Don’t try and hide it). It is actually kinda mean. I mean really parents? If your child gets hurt or gets in trouble, or COURSE they are gonna cry. So sheesh. Grab some tissues (and possibly a beer, for you dads) and lighten up. LOL.

5. BECAUSE I SAID SO. THAT’S WHY!: Again, not really a “threat” per say, BUT it is said, usually, with a threatening tone. Admit it. When you are fed up and so frustrated you cannot see straight (yes, this happens to me time and again, lol) when you want your children to do something, and they ask BUT MOOOOOM WHY!? for the 420149201 time, you may regurgitate this out faster than if you have gotten baby poop in your mouth.

6. I said this one earlier, BUT I will add it to the list YOU BETTER STOP THAT RIGHT THIS INSTANT OR YOU ARE GOING TO TIMEOUT or, better yet, YOU BETTER STOP THAT RIGHT NOW OR YOU CAN SPEND ALL DAY IN YOUR ROOM!!! sigh. I admit, I have said that to Katie…

As parents, we all get frustrated. We all lose our temper at times. We all get tired. Annoyed. and just plum worn out. We all make mistakes, and say things in the heat of the moment. We are human after all. There are no super parents, super dads, or super moms… but we do serve a SUPER God, who can help us in the journey of parenting. PRAISE the Lord!

So, what are some empty threats that YOU have said?? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Empty Threats

  1. I have totally done the first one and my kids do go to bed hungry quite often. They are very picky eaters and if they won’t eat what I made for dinner then they don’t get anything else until breakfast.

    1. My girls are not that picky really. They eat almost anything, but sometimes (holly mainly, the almost 2 year old) wants down, but then is hungry again a few seconds later. I have started trying to tell her if she gets down she gets no more food, lol. I think it is working! she finished dinner tonight! WOOOO :)BUT you are right… I shouldn’t be afraid. LOL, I know they won’t really starve. Thanks for reading and for your input! 🙂

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