If only I had a maid…

If only I had a maid…

I hear myself think that on MANY occassions. Especially spaghetti night. I guess I should say I would like having a maid that cleans up the kids as much as the house! HAHA. I am sure all you other moms out there have thought this same thing at one time or another. If you haven’t. You are lying. LOL. SHOOT! I am sure many people think that who don’t even HAVE children!

I think part of the problem is, though I am learning slowly, I need to understand what to let go of and what is important, as far as cleaning. We obviously need clothes. HMM maybe if we moved to a nudist colony I could get out of laundry!!! That would be AMAZING. It is almost worth becoming a nudist just so I don’t have to do laundry. ALMOST. I like handbags too much to become a nudist. I mean, I could technically use a handbag still, but I am not sure how a black leather guess handbag with silver studs and chains really goes with my color. I think it may clash. I have also thought someone should invent disposable clothes. Maybe I should. I know my friend Kate would be on board! They make disposable sippies, and plates, and utensils, and napkins, WHY not clothes!? OR maybe I could pull a Project Runway and MAKE my own disposable clothes out of all the things I previously listed, or garbage bags or something. That would be multi purpose! When I am done with the days outfit, I can put my garbage inside and take it to the curb!  Either way, laundry. UGH. It is NEVER done. HAHA. I don’t mind it THAT much, but I tend to get distracted and refluff the same load 5 times. SIGH… PLEASE admit you have done this before?? YES? please?

Dusting? I do that less ocassionally than I used to. I used to be INSANE. I still vacuum once, or twice, or THREE times a day (well the main floor where the girls play, the rest of the house, maybe once a week) I am still insane about the kitchen and bathrooms though! HAHA. Thankfully the girls LOVE helping clean 🙂 I have some babyganics products that I spray on a paper towel and let them dust for me. They actually do a pretty good job too. So, I guess children are like a built in, live in, maid, and better yet, you don’t have to PAY them! HAHA. Well I guess we feed, clothe, house, toy, etc them… so I guess helping clean is their way of paying us for the princess pirate lalaloopsy doll and accessories we get just because we loooooove them 😉 Hey Matel! Make a princess pirate lalaloopsy! My daughter would FLIP! 🙂 I think it would be a seller for sure!

I think to myself “if only I had a maid” when I come downstairs to the ENTIRE dining room covered in beads. Yes, the ENTIRE dining room. OR turn around to see a toddler sitting in the middle of a ginormous pile of cheerios, or spilling out the entire contents of cleaner just to hear it splash, or when there is crayons on the wall, or all the bathtub water now on the floor and poop in the tub, or all the clothes from the dresser strewn about the room, or pieces of the cooties game hiding in the sofa so when I sit down I get stabbed in the buttox by a bowed antenna head, or when I trip and the poop goes flying from inside the diaper (yes this happened, see previous blog Mommy Mishap: Poop Edition). I think to myself, if only I had a maid (or cook! HAHA) when it is 6 pm and I forgot to thaw the meat for dinner.

BUT, for all those times I have thought to myself “if only I had a maid…” there are memories attached to those messes. I may be frustrated in the moment with the mess, but making messes also makes memories. Yes, I may have gotten stabbed in the booty region by a giant mutant bug, but that bug also brought us a day filled with laughter, milestones like color recogntion, counting, and body part recogntion. Yes, I may have cleaned up beads from the dining room floor, but it also brought us the gift of learning teamwork and helping each other as we were all on hands and knees trying to retreive the ball shaped beads that kept rolling away like the meatball on top of spaghetti (by the way, those are now REMOVED from the bead collection. HAHA. You see, I turned the water table into a “treasure hunt” table for the cooler season. I put those cheap vase filler marble bead things in it. I got dollar section buckets and shovels. The girls LOVE it. The other beads are FLAT, haha, so they were easy to sweet up. The ball shaped beads, umm not so much. HA. Lesson learned. SEE!? That mess even taught me something. Children and miniature marble shaped spheres don’t mix. Also, never take a shower, even a fast one, when children and beads are involved in the next room. LOL. Cheerios all over the floor may have made a mess, but it also was a great photo opp I can save for future embarassment on my daughter. BUHAHAHA 😉 Clothes all over the room may have made me want to snap like a turtle viciously seeking the last known fish in the pond, but it also helped me find some “lost” clothes… OH THERE is my phatom of the opera headdress!!! (haha kidding, but I do kinda want one now lol).

As far as the messes dealing with poop… still trying to figure out how those are beneficial. I guess it lets me know my sense of smell is still working, as well as letting me know I am totally ready to star in an episode of Fear Factor! 😉


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