Stupid things people say

You have heard that kids say the darndest things. Well, I think adults can say some pretty dumb things as well. I have a few things I have gotten from people that just seriously BAFFLE me. I would love to hear some stupid things people  have said to you! SO comment away, please! 🙂

So, I have mentioned before I get asked ALL the time if Katie and Holly are twins. My first few comments are things I have heard in these “conversations” with people, actually some of them are idiots if you ask me, but I know I need to play nice…

* One time someone asked if the girls were twins. I said no. They then said. “Wow, your older daughter is really short then. Is something wrong with her?” Katie is 4. She isn’t deaf OR stupid. She can hear you say that. At least now I can make them feel bad, or at least shut up, by telling them that actually YES there is something wrong with how she is growing. We are seeing a specialist in February. HA. That shuts them up. I mean, really? I don’t mind asking if they are twins, but to ask, IN FRONT OF, in EAR SHOT OF, my daughter, if something is WRONG with her!? WOW people. Think before you speak. I honestly do not think people expect me to respond that something is in fact wrong… yikes.

* Another twins experience was at TJ Maxx. OH my I love that store, probably a little TOO much, but that could be a whole blog haha… I was with the girls and a worker said “well look at those twins” to another worker. Yes, so the first thing that annoyed me was assuming they were twins, the other was talking about me TO someone else when I could hear them! LOL… well I kindly said “Actually they are not twins.” Well, geez, you woulda thought I just told her I was going to come by at night and brutally murder her cat and three dogs, and her goldfish named orange juice, because she gave me the MEANEST, UGLIEST look. She acted seriously TICKED OFF  and offended I said they were not twins. She stormed off and shouted in a voice that sounded like a tantruming 3rd grader “WELL!!!! they sure LOOK LIKE IT!” and rolled her eyes. Umm, wow. I am so sorry that the fact my daughters are not twins offended you, but I really cannot help that. I kindly just said in response, ok ok, so it was in a slightly annoyed tone “Well, they ARE sisters you know” LOL

* The last and BEST thing I have heard about my girls being twins are them: “Are your girls twins?” me: “Nope they’re not twins” ok get ready this its the mother of all stupidity… their response? “ARE YOU SURE?” UMMMMMM WHAT!? no, I am not sure. Shoot. I forgot that I travelled through timewhile they were being born, one was born 2 years prior than the other technically, but since I travelled through time, they were born only 4 min apart. HAHA seriously? Are you sure. SHEESH

* In pregnancy when people, complete strangers, ask me “Wow you are so tiny, is your pelvis big enough to have labor normally, or will you have to have a c section?” UMMMM WOW, I do not know you, are you SERIOUSLY looking at me and sizing up my pelvis and lady parts!?!?! GROSS, and you are SICK. If we have a third child, my response will be “Actually I have had 2 prior children and I can assure you my vagina is quite capable of pushing out babies. Thank you for your concern.

* “Watch out because Jesus must be coming back very soon, because it hasn’t been this hot in 100 years!” ummm ok? So it WAS this hot 100 years ago? And Jesus still hast not returned. I am not saying he isn’t coming soon, and yes, we need to always be ready, but this comment is just STUPID and it SOUNDS stupid! LOL

* I HATE when stores advertise “HUGE SALE! EVERYTHING 50% off!!!!” or whatever, but then it says in small print “exclusions apply” umm so it isn’t everything then. SO not only is that stupid to say that, but you are also a liar. NICE. LOL

OK!!! what about you? what are some things you feel are stupid (or just wrong!) to say?


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