I will be honest. Some days being a mom is HARD. It is exhausting. It is draining. Some days it is an accomplishment just to have MADE it through the day. I do not think many realize the JOB of motherhood. You are always needed by someone. FOR something. RIGHT. NOW. There seems to always be something to clean up, laundry to do, dishes to wash, bottoms to wipe, sheets to change because your toddler decided to take off her diaper at nap, then proceed to pee all over the entire crib. Wood included. Hey, at least it was ONLY pee… you get the picture.

I was feeling weary right now. The girls are in a whiny and extremely clingy/anxious stage. Katie has just started preschool, so I am sure the NEW change and new step toward being more independent or whatever you want to call it, plays into that. She LOVES preschool, but I have always heard any new change can disrupt their life. She has always been a highly sensitive child. Look it up, its real. LOL. She had been doing better, but these last couple of weeks its been kinda rough again. She cries for no apparant reason and shuts down. I cannot get through to her. BUT, haha, little stinker also cries to try and maniuplate me 😉 I am nipping THAT one in the bud. LOL. Holly has EXTREME separation anxiety. LIKE EXTREME. Kinda wondering if it is normal. I am pretty sure when we drop her off at church nursey you could hear her banchee like screams from China. LOL.

Yet another reason motherhood can be tiring. The discipline. OH the discipline. It’s enough to make every one of us moms go gray by 30. We worry when to do it. How to do it. spank? not spank? timeout? take things away? Its nerve wracking! The pressure to have “perfect children”can just be too much to handle sometimes. Right? Well… I have learned that if my kids are throwing a fit in the store, I ignore them, and sometimes, I have just left. So what. I am “THAT” mom. EVERYONE is THAT mom sometimes. TRUST me. You may see parents pushing their perfectly well behaved children around in the matching and perfectly coordinated gymboree attire, BUT… I 100% GUARANTEE you it is NOT. ALWAYS. THAT. WAY. Things are not always what they seem. Just think of all the tricky evil queens in the disney fairy tales movies. LOL.

When we start thinking of all these “things” or tasks of motherhood, its no wonder we get tired, weary, overwhelmed. We wonder if we can even DO it. We wonder why on EARTH were were chosen and called to be a mother. I stink, we think….

But God doesnt’ think that. He chose you to be YOUR children’s mother for a reason. OH I cling to this. ALOT. Some days I have to, and friends lol, remind myself of this a million and one times. I was writing this blog and came across another blog that I found awesome. I wanted to share it in here as well… It is from a blog called The better mom. It was fantastic.


Also, remember, our feelings are normal. We all get tired and weary, but we serve a God who doesn’t (Isaiah 40:28-31)

We all get discouraged and feel like we cannot complete the day, or wonder why we are a mother, but God knows what He is doing and he will be faithful to complete what it is he has called us to do. He will give us what we NEED to make it through. We are not alone. EVER. (Hebrews 13:5 and Philipians 1:6)

So, trust in Him. Give these days, feelings, concerns, heartaches, troubles, WHATEVER it is about motherhood that is hard sometimes…give them to God. He created you to be the mother of YOUR children for a reason. Run the race. Trust in Christ. He will never leave you or forsake you. (Hebrews 12:1-2)

It isn’t easy though to do this some days is it? I know I struggle. It IS hard some days, and it is OK to admit that it’s hard. It IS! Motherhood is hard work. It can be tiring and draining, and everything I mentioned.

It is OK to feel this way and admit to having hard days. I personally think it is damaging to other mothers, ESPECIALLY new mothers, when we pretend it isn’t hard, that we NEVER have these thoughts, or pretend to have it all together. However, let’s remember we CAN do it because we are NOT alone. God will be right there with us. He will comfort us, love us, help us, give us strength and endurance to run this race called motherhood.



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