It’s Tuesday, Tuesday, get to go to Pre-K on Tuesday… and Thursday.

My oldest daughter’s first day of preschool was Tuesday. I CANNOT believe how fast she has grown up, and that she is ready for preschool. Some of you may be thinking. HMM wait a second, isn’t she 4? She didn’t go last year? The answer to that was, well we wanted to, but couldn’t afford it and another, her bday was the DAY before the cutoff. My sister’s bday WAS the day, and my mom held her back. I have known MANY parents in this situation who have done the same thing and haver NEVER EVER regretting it. So, we have decided to do the same. I really do believe she knows enough to start. She has letters, sounds, starting to read simple words… BUT she gets SO anxious (like me, kinda like test anxiety) if she is put on the spot, or cannot get something perfect the first time. I struggle with this too, my father was the same way. She is also VERY short. Like REALLY short. Maybe 3 feet tall at 4 years old, lol. My cute petite girl! Then again, mommy is only 5 feet. SO! anyway, that’s the answer. We wanted to do 3 year old class last year, then 2 years of 4 year old if we could afford it, but oh well!

Well, she LOVED it. I was afraid she would be hesitant, but I had been hyping it up, and my mom, her nana, got her some cute books about the first day or preschool 🙂 She read them EVERY. DAY. HAHA. One was called Twas the night before Preschool…so cute! Katie LOVES it.

The week before she kept asking how many night nights till preschool. She was bouncing all over the place like fleas in a flea circus, or one trying to get off a really gross tasting dog, haha… she was SO excited. Those of you who know my darling Katie bug, know she does NOT like to run haha. She likes to dilly dally and take things slow. She likes to read, play with her castle, her princesses, her dolls… she is a slow poke sometimes 😛 So, the fact she was bouncing off the walls like a mexican jumping bean was quite impressive, and let me know she was going to do JUST fine. She picked out the outfit in the picture. She was so excited.

We got there and she immediately went in and was in awe of all the colorful decorations, play centers, learning centers, books, etc. She LOVED her teacher and took the cutest picture with her! She met a new friend as soon as she went in, her name was Kaylee, lol yay for K names, and they played house she told me.

The first day was only an hour, to get them used to it. When we went to pick her up, they were finishing story time and I heard Katie answer what she thought was going to happen at the end, and she got it right! She was proud of herself. I could see her beaming smile all the way from Kansas I think! She was THAT radiant. I needed spf 1000 😉 When we got home she was running ALL OVER like I have never SEEN her. She acted like she had eaten a whole container of cupcakes and washed it down with a 12 pack of sodas. LOL. She was singing and giggling and shouting and dancing. She was BEAMING, even out of her teeny tiny petite pinkie toe nail! LOL. She would run and jump onto her bean bag, she would run into the sofa and bounce off, fall on her booty and crack up laughing. I have NEVER seen her so exciting haha. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I am thankful we didnt’ have the money last year… I don’t think she was quite ready. She is now, and I am so proud of her.

She was sad to go and asked when she gets to come back as soon as we picked her up! Her teacher is fantastic, and so is the assistant. We stayed and chatted with them awhile afterward. When we got in the car she was kicking her feet all around like she had this urge to dance and couldn’t control it. She kept shouting “WOW I cannot believe I get to go to preschool already!” Andrew told her mommy and daddy couldn’t believe it either. They REALLY do grow so fast, so parents, cherish it. Pick your battles, cuddle your child at night when they can’t sleep, kiss their boo boo’s, rub their backs to sleep sometimes, rock them, CHERISH them, play tea party (or other activity) with them even when you don’t feel like it, make a fort and go camping in your living room, have PJ days (like we are doing today hehe), eat spaghettio’s with them, be silly, dance to the same song 80 times a day if it means you get to see them smile so wide you could drive a truck through it (thats how my girls are with Laurie Berkners “We are the Dinosaurs” LOL)…. Let them be little. It goes WAY. TO. FAST.

I am am so glad she loved it. I also love the one on one time I have with sweet Holly Wolly Doodle…pretty soon I will be taking her to prek as well! AHHH!!!

I cannot believe I am officially the parents of a preschooler. Pretty soon I will be writing about her going to REAL school, LOL! And then HOLLY will start! NOOOO NOT MY BABY! Haha. I may need to buy stock in Kleenex brand… HAHA


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