Lessons from a child

Children know alot more than we give them credit for. They have an amazing way of looking at things. They see things through untainted eyes. Yes, we are all born into sin, but there are certain things that are “learned” sadly. Racism is taught. Being a no good dad  is taught. Being disrpectful to women is taught. Being disrspectful to your husband is taught. Being too focused on what the WORLD says women can and should do rather than see her biblical calling to womehood as truly amazing, is taught.

Children have an amazing ability to love all, appreciate all, see good in all, and be a friend to all. I hope as parents, we continue to instill these ever so important qualities into our children. Children say what they mean. Children say what they mean WHEN it pops into their head. LOL. WE sometimes need to teach them NOT to, but the point is they are REAL. They are HONEST. They do not hide. They are not fake. We could stand to be a little more real at times. If we are, I think many issues could be resolved. If we are honest with ourselves and others and struggles we face, it would make a difference. It would make a difference for the new mom who is so overwhelemed and depressed she thinks she made a mistake becomming a mother. It would make a difference for the teenage girl waiting in the waiting room at the abortion clinic who found out she was pregnant and is scared to tell her mother and sees no way out. It would make a difference for the struggling marriage. It would make a difference for the woman struggling with enjoying intimacy with her husband. Being transparent and real and authenic should be part of our Christian nature. Jesus was never fake. Jesus was always ready to help and share in struggles. We could learn something from children here.

Sadly, we raise children to think that you must be fake to make it. SHHHH you don’t talk about this, or that, or the other. We quiet them. We quiet their spirit. We crush that innate desire in us to be real and authentic. We grow up thinking we don’t NEED it, yet we cannot help but feel alone and wonder why no one understands. We wonder why we have a desire for people TO “get us” and to be real with people. We were wired to live in community with others. Part of living in community is being REAL. HONEST. AUTHENTIC. TRANSPARENT.

The bible talks of iron sharpening iron. Proverbs 27:17. How can we DO that if we are not authentic? You can’t.

I am not saying to run around broadcasting your problems, sins, and issues over a loudspeaker through the neighborhood (though heck who knows, maybe it would help bring people to Christ). If we were honest with others, I think it would help people see Christians are NOT perfect. This fake it till you make it isn’t biblical. That is still a form of lying. You are lying to yourself, therefore you are not able to help others. They think they are alone. They think you have it all together. You don’t though, do you? WE don’t. NONE of us do. If we were more open with struggles, I think it would make a world of difference.

What if as a group of believers, we stood on a road with signs that say “I am a Christian. I am a sinner. I struggle with such and such. Need a friend?” Or something similar, rather than this turn or burn, or God’s wrath, or you must repent stuff. Yes, we need to repent. Yes, we need to trust Jesus, but we cannot expect people to if we do not first show them love first, or compassion, or understanding. If we have groups of people do this, how powerful do you think that would be? I think it may just be amazing.

Christians are sinners too. We are just covered by God’s amazing grace. Cleansed by His blood. We sin. We struggle. We screw up. We need to make sure the world knows this. Christians are not perfect. We do not have it all together. We just have Christ alongside us. When we fake it we give the appearance we are better than others. We aren’t. I saw a picture that said “Christians aren’t perfect. They just expect you to be.” YIKES :/ We need to change this. I believe we can.

Take it from a child… Don’t fake it till you make it. Be honest. Be real. Be transparent. BE AUTHENTIC. I believe its the first step in making a world of difference.


5 thoughts on “Lessons from a child

  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts friend! They are words I needed to hear today. I appreciate you being frank in your blog and sharing what god has put on your heart. God had spoken to me through your blog many times.

    1. Aw you are welcome hun. I am so blessed to hear this. I really appreciate you reading. There are many things you have said that has also encouraged and spoke to me as well! ❤

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