Townhouse living

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our humble sweet awesome abode? Probably. BUUUUT, I will say it again. I REALLY REALLY love our home. I love our towhouse. I love the location. I love the enviroment around us. I love the FEEL of it. I have a few reasons why I feel like I enjoy our townhouse more than a “regular” stand alone home. Now, I am not saying we won’t ever GET a stand alone home, or that I dont like them. If you have an awesome community (which our old one in Auburn was pretty cool) then they can be just as awesome. I am just saying, that as of today, this moment, I LOVE my townhouse and wouldn’t trade it for a stand alone unit. The girls and I even went on a walk today in neighborhoods with fairly large, nice homes, and I can honestly say I didn’t think to myself “Maybe one day.” I thought. wow more to clean! HAHA just kidding. Kinda 😛 So, I started thinking of reasons I love being in a townhouse so much.

1) Community — I love that I can be on my patio or porch, and if a neighbor comes home, or leaves, they ALWAYS say hi. They stop and chat a minute. Talk with the girls. Its neat. We are SO close together space wise, you can’t HELP but get to know people! No hiding away here 😉

2) Mailbox on the house! — Ok, this may sound weird, but I LOVE this. I love we are in a place, where the postman/woman parks at one end of the street and walks to give people their mail. It reminds me of my granny’s old home, and how her mailman would always talk to me when I was there visiting. I love that here. I love that we are getting to know our current mailman. He always chats a minute. SO cool. He always waves to the girls and asks them what they did fun that day, or what they learned, or if they were silly. HAHA.

3) Yards that run together — this kind of goes hand in hand with community, but I love that when Katie’s new friend comes to play, they run in our yard, their yard, the neighbors yard… and its loved here! Neighbors share yard space, tell me the girls can use their grass. We are not on an end unit, so the end unit neighbors told us we can go through their backyard whenever we need to (ie to bring the mower around, otherwise you have to walk it ALLLLL the way around the block, or through the house. EWW. haha etc)

anyhoo! Those are a few things I totally love about this house. It is the perfect size. As I mentioned earlier… why do I want more space than I need? I don’t want to have to un terrorize and clean up the tornadic tasmanian devil effects my 21 month old can have on spaces sometimes. LOL.

Plus… your butt can only take up so many square inches at once, or your feet when you stand up for that matter. Why do you NEED a huge place? LOL. I don’t want to have to walk a mile to get my second (or third) cup of coffee! HA! Big bedrooms? why I say, you only sleep in them usually, in the dark.

I feel like goldilocks 😀 That house is TOO big. Our apartment was too small (and just plain awful LOL) this townhouse is JUUUUUUUST right!! 🙂

Thank you LORD for our wonderful home. I am so thankful and blessed.


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