Faith and flat tires

Ok, I know, I know, I shouldn’t make a blog from a facebook status… but I really felt this status was THAT good 😉 I really feel it was the Lord breathing peace into my life. We are going through some things in life that need prayer. We need wisdom. We need patience. It is scary sometimes. Hard sometimes. I get anxious and afraid. I have good days of faith, and I have BAD days of faith. Today was a REALLY bad day. I almost had a panic attack. Sigh. Thankfully, Andrew was able to come home early… BUT after I picked him up, sigh, because he had a flat tire on his bike, sigh again, and it can’t be pumped, sigh again, there is a hole,it was almost normal off work time. Let’s all sigh together. LOL. It was ONE of those days that that could not have happened at ANY. WORSE. TIME. I almost wanted to shake my fist at God, and say REALLY!?!? Are you KIDDING me!? IS this FUNNY to you God? EHH, I kinda did actually. I admit.

Hearing the collective amount of sighing going on my neighbor told me she would watch the girls while I went to have time with Andrew. Alone. Just us. We talked. We prayed. We cried. Ok, so I was the only one who did the crying. Alot of it. BUT, it was good. We are on the same page on a few things that we were not once were. PRAISE the Lord. So, that right there is a HUGE relief 😀 And for the record, it was ME being stubborn this time. It isn’t ALWAYS me. 99.9% of the time, Andrew is the stubborn one 😛 HAHA kidding. Just 90% 😉

God broke me today. Andrew and I NEEDED to be on the same page. Honestly, it doesnt’ FIX the issue we are praying about, but it makes it so we can move forward TOGETHER… and THAT is important. Husbands and wives REALLY need to be on the same page on certain things or the marriage will suffer. Your sanity and peace will suffer.

Reflecting on this. Andrew’s tire busting was probably the best thing that could have happened. If the tire hadn’t of busted, Andrew may have come home on a “bad” tire. He could have gotten hurt. That would have been much for painful than the annoyance of the fact his tire being ruined. Sometimes God breaks us to hinder us from even more pain. He breaks us or punctures us in order to get our attention that we need to STOP. It is hard to see it when you are going through it, but I REALLY believe that. So, see, God used the tire to teach me a lesson! HA HA!

So, I learned some today. Ok alot. I am sure I will have to re learn it all in a few days… as I am sure I will freak out again, but I hope I can hold onto this. I hope this status I wrote will remind of God’s perfect peace. His perfect timing. His perfect love. His… well, perfectness. He is perfect, even though I am imperfect. ALWAYS. I hope this blesses you as well ❤ AND haha I guess this blog was longer than just a facebook status. What can I say, my brain must have a slow leak and all the air let out on this blog… kinda like Andrew’s tire. HAHA!

So, today may not have been perfect. We may be going through a hard season. It may require alot of faith, trust, patience, peace and perserverence. It may seem impossible to make it through on my own… Good thing I don’t have to. God is all those things and more. He IS perfect. He can use my most anxious situations for His glory. Today didnt’ start off so well, but it ended better. Why? I decided to do the best with what we have been given, pray for wisdom, listen and follow the Lord… then LEAVE the REST to HIM. He will NEVER leave our family or forsake us. Keep praying friends. We still need them, especially for wisdom, but remembering we serve a perfect God helps make imperfect days and imperfect situations seemingly brighter and more bearable. With Christ, I can have confidence. With Christ, I can have peace. I can leave fear, anxiety, worry, discouragement, and frustration at HIS beautiful feet and in His nail scarred hands. Now, I will need to read this status to myself every morning 😉 ♥


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