pet peeve #431

Ok, so this may not really be #431, I just put a random number up there for effect. In fact, I am not even sure I HAVE that many. Anyway… moving on.

A pet peeve I have is dealing with modesty and the women’s responsibility to be modest. YES I 100% agree. I think modesty is SO important, BUT it is NOT a sin to be beautiful. If you are born naturally beautiful, as many are, they should NOT feel ashamed of the beauty that God gave them. It is NOT a sin. It is a blessing! Be modest ladies, yes, I am not saying go out and flaunt what you got and show all your bussiness to every Joe, Bill and Fred out there… but being beautiful is OK. Actually, if the Lord made you beautiful and you are PURPOSELY hiding that beauty of “uglying” yourself up, well, that is wrong too, and I think THAT is throwing your blessing of beauty in God’s face.

I am even MORE incredibly frustrated that people, many Christians even :/, say that if a man “lusts” after a women she must be “doing something wrong.” She must not be being modest enough, dress covered enough, walk right, talk right whatever. Some of these things WE CANNOT HELP! I cannot help how the Lord made me walk. I mean really!? For pete’s sake. Some men are just SCUM. They don’t give a RIP if you are married or not. They will lust anyway. You could be dressed head to toe in a giant moo moo dress and some men would STILL lust. So, to tell a woman if men look at her alot she must be doing something wrong is just plain… well wrong, and it actually angers me, and hurts me for those women being told this who honestly ARE being modest and seeking biblical modesty and to be a woman of God.

Men need to take responsibility for their actions. It is not OUR fault if they have a lust problem. Yes, we can do what we can to dress modestly, be a biblical wife, watch our words, our mannerisms, etc… Of course, do not purposely dress to draw other men’s attention in an unbiblical way, but it should NOT be on the women to control the minds of sinful, sick and lustful men.

Sorry if this seemed frank or rude, but it bothers me. AND. Even IF a women is dressed a little less modestly than she should, a MAN can LEARN to CONTROL HIS THOUGHTS! OMG!!! IMAGINE THAT! LOL.

OK, anyway… do any of you ladies get frustrated with this? I know I do! I can be in sweats and a t-shirt, no makeup, wedding ring on and I have STILL gotten hit on. Ummm so what am I supposed to do, never go out? I mean come on! SHEESH.


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