Mustard Seeds can be big too

I shared the mustard seed story with a sweet man who works at 7-11, and with many others I have come into contact with lately. I do my best to always ask the cashier, or others, how they are doing. If they say ok, I will ask why just ok, etc. I am working more at trying to start conversations, in order to hope to be able to share a little of my heart and the gospel and how much the Lord loves them. I was able to do that the other day, and it was awesome. I love when God allows us to see how you have positively effected people. We are not promised that (as in a previous blog I wrote and how many have reminded me, and they are SO right), but it is nice and a blessing when it happens. God has been teaching me alot about this 🙂

We never know what seeds we plant. by sharing God’s love. Even if it seems they don’t hear, the seed has STILL been planted, and God can use it. We may plant a “mustard seed”, and then God will allows others that come along to continune watering it, until that persons faith grows and blossoms, and for those who need that extra faith to make a decision, that could happen too. We may not see it, but we should always be preparing the soil, weeding, digging the holes, throwing out those seeds, because we never know when the Lord may bring others to bring water, act as sunshine, prune them, shape them, and eventually harvest, etc.

We have to sometimes have FAITH we are making a difference. I had been discouraged about this, but through prayers, God’s peace, and wonderful friends and family, I have been encouraged. I have been reminded of this:

“He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

I admit, sometimes my faith wasn’t big enough. God is big though. God can take something as small as a mustard seed and grow it. If the Lord can do that, surely he can use my, even failed, attempts at planting seeds…whether I ever see fruit from it or not.

Another way this verse has been a blessing to me is remembering to hold onto the positives, no matter HOW small. When I have gotten sucked into my pattern of worry or anxiety, I rememer this verse and apply it to that. If I can just hold onto something, in faith, positive, as SMALL as a mustard seed, God can use that to help grow my faith, grow my peace, and help me tear down the cycle of worry! It has REALLY helped me lately. This is what I shared with the sweet man at 7-11.

I really wanted a Dr. Pepper. I try not to drink soda alot, but sometimes I just want one, and one from a fountain. They just taste SO much better 😀 I was out taking something back to the store, so I stopped by and got one. The man whom I have talked to before was there. He remembers me, and we always have little conversations. I have always tried to mention how God loves him, and how amazing God is, how he loves everyone. I didn’t force, they just came naturally with what was said. The other day I asked him how he was doing, and he said “I am trying,” when he asked how I was, I said, I am doing pretty well! hanging in there! He told me he wishes he could say hanging in there because it is better than “I’m trying.” I shared about this verse and God’s love with him. I shared to hold onto a blessing in his life and focus on that, even when he feels down and how God can grow that and how the Lord can give him peace and joy regardless.  He was listening intently to me the whole time. He smiled, looked at me, then said. “Thanks to you, I can now say I am hanging in there. You have made my day better. Thank you.” It was so awesome. So! I guess there was a reason I had that Dr. Pepper craving that day 😉 So, I am praying that the next person will come along and water that seed I planted, or who knows, maybe I will want another Dr. Pepper one day, and get the chance to talk to him more. If not, thats ok too. I have faith that God can and WILL use our conversation, no matter how short or small.

Do YOU have faith? Do YOU have faith, even the size of a mustard seed, in hard times? We can still struggle, still be confused, still be hurt, whatever… but HOLD onto that mustard seed, because with God, ALL things are possible.

With God, even a MUSTARD seed can be BIG too!




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