5 things

Today is Monday. Andrew is back at work until the weekend. I have a whole week to make motherhood count. I have a whole week to show my girls Christ in my life. I have a whole week to teach my girls ABOUT that Christ, his love, mercy and grace. If my girls don’t see Christ in my life, my role as a mother is meaningless. I am to be Christ TO my children. I am to mirror Christ’s unconditional love to them. NO. MATTER. WHAT. I have been praying and thinking and praying some more. Through wise godly counsel of those who have gone before me, I have realized some areas in my life that do NOT mirror Christ. MY children are watching me. They see when you don’t think they see. They hear when you don’t think they hear. One may be involved in ministry elsewhere, or be a witness to those around them…but are my words, actions, thoughts and deeds a witness to my children? My children ARE my main ministry right now. Here are 5 things that I can work on that I feel would make me a more biblical mother, and more loving mother and more christ-like mother.

1) Remember they are little. I may see Katie as the “big sister”, the “big girl”… but she is still little. She will make mistakes (just as we all do) and will do age appropriate things. This doesnt’ mean that I do not discipline when necessary or teach her the correct ways, but the manner in which I go about teaching her those things need to be full of grace, love and mercy… just as Christ is with us. Sometimes I get angered or frustrated to easily at spills. Holly, is little. She is learning the world. She is learning how her hands work, what they can do. I sometimes get to easily upset at crayon scibbles on the fridge, or broken toys.

2) I could do a better job at teaching them about Christ. Don’t get me wrong, I do, but I can do MORE. I can teach MORE. I think one can ALWAYS do more to share Christ with those they love.

3) Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. For I have little eyes watching. Little ears listening. Little mouths imitating. I want them to see Christ in me, hear him in my every word, see him in my actions, deeds and works. For they will imitate me… just as I should imitate Christ. If I imitate Christ, and my children imitate me, then I know they will be imitating the One who is worthy of immitation, for I am not, but HE is.

4) Show what a godly marriage relatonship is. Speak to my husband with love, honor and respect. Do not nag, snap or yell. Do not shout, yell or fight unfairly in front of the girls. I admit, I need to work on this. Sometimes, at the end of a long, stressful, frustrating day, I snap at Andrew. I take out frustrations on him. This isn’t right, and it is NOT a good example to my girls.

5) Get down on THEIR LEVEL when sharing, explaining, disciplining, or just talking… I forget this sometimes. I may be short, but if I do not get down on their level I may appear as a giant to my girls, intimidating and harsh.

May our words be filled with grace, our hearts with love, and our actions with grace and mercy. We are to be imitators of Christ. This applies to whatever we do, including motherhood! God is the best example of a parent there could possibly be,for HE is our heavenly Father!!

Those are my 5. What are yours?

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” Ephesians 5:1-2


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