Say no to drugs

Do you remember that commerical? I am sure EVERYONE remembers… well most everyone in my time period and before anyway 😛

This is your brain… (and its an egg)
This is your brain on drugs… (and its an egg frying.)

I am not sure how well that commercial really worked, except to make me want fried eggs, preferably over medium. Not too runny of a yolk, not to hard of a yolk. It’s JUUUUUST right, as goldilocks would say.

Anyway. We all know what kinds of “drugs” they are talking about, but I think there are things just as dangerous, if not more so, haha, than drugs! Let’s make a list. Please feel free to add. I got to thinking about this when I wrote this status today…

“Little girl clothes are like drugs.  The more you get the more you want. You know you need to quit, but can’t help yourself and keep going back for more. Addictive. They must be “laced” with something. Haha laced, get it? :P”

It got a ton of likes, lol, so I am guessing mothers of little girls totally GET that. Hey even mothers of little boys who have friends with little girls, or nieces, or even grandmas, or aunts, or whatever! Little girl clothes are just so darn cute. I especially love targets selection LOL. Thats how they draw you in. Thats how they end up taking all your money. The stores that is, lol, and the brands, not the girls. HAHA. but I am sure as my girls get older, they will do that too 😉 LOL

So, there is my list… (so far, add to it! I am SURE there are MANY things I forgot haha)

1) Little girl clothes
2) Those Italian Ice things. MAN those are good. I hate to say, it, since I was a former ICE CREAM JUNKEE, but yum. I ate 2 last night while waiting for fireworks haha
3) Ice cream. LOL. I don’t eat it as much as I used to, but it can still be like a drug. Just as addictive.
4) Coffee Cups. LOL. Yes, this may be a strange one, but I love coffee mugs! 🙂 I wish I could get all the cute ones I see, but alas, I do refrain. I love looking at them! I did at least get this super cute owl mug (the one in the pic!) from Pier 1 on clearance! WHOO loves coffee? 😉 I do! I would give coffee its own number, but since its caffiene, it kinda qualifies as a drug, lol. a very nice one though! HAHA
5) Hair ties, Hair bands, Hair clips, barrettes, etc… for me AND for the girls. ME, because I swear those things are like socks! They go missing, and you find yourself with 1 remaining out of the jumbo size pack of 583294819 you JUST bought! LOL. I think they do it on purpose…. maybe they have a built in homing device and they spring themselves back. You just THINK you lose them, but really its a plot from Goodie brand to get you to HAVE to buy more!
6) Pillows 😉 Andrew will disagree, but one can really NEVER have too many decorative pillows haha. HEY! its a cheap, fun way to change out your sofa, living room area, chairs, for the differant seasons! FUN FUN FUN! 🙂 I DID compromise. Well, really ANdrew compromised with me 😉 I have 3 pillows on the big sofa, 2 on the small sofa, and I rotate them around.
7) flip flops!!!! oh come on, I know there are many of you out there who know what I mean. I LIVE in flip flops in the summer. Old Navy cheapies, yellow box, target, whatever. I just LOVE flip flops! 😉
8) facebook. come on you know it is…. twitter, what it is you use…. these social media networks can be so addictive, along with pinterests, and things of the like
9) smart phones! HAHA
10) Lastly for now… the red bullseye, the cute little white dog with the bullseye on its eye. TARGET. Target is one of the most deadly and dangerous drugs out there HAHAHA. For me anyway 😉

What are YOUR drugs? LOL


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