My husband has off this week! WOOHOO! Well, has had off this week… it is already wednesday. We have had so much fun already! We are just sticking close to home mainly because its cheaper AND the thought of trying to get a 19 month old to sleep in a hotel, who is VERY social, chatty, dancy, whatnot, scares me. HAHA. We have had alot of fun. Yesterday we went to the DC zoo. Katie loved seeing the pandas 🙂 our zoo here doesn’t have them. Sorry if this blog seems spastic.  I am trying to spend time with the family, so I am not on the computer too often… BUT I wanted to at least keep my friends who DO read updated and write a blog to at least stay SOMEWHAT updated on my blog haha.

I think a staycation is a great idea for families on a budget. I mean, to be honest, going on vacation can be SO stressful, then you end up needing a vacation from your vacation! YOU KNOW I am right people… I hate flying. UGH it makes me SO sick and claustrophobic and just well, NOT happy. I like take off and landing, haha… And I guess I would like flying first class where even MY short legs are not crammed into my boobies. I mean really!? I am only 5 feet (almost) 1 inches tall! I dont see how ANYONE taller than me SURVIVES! squirmy children, breathing in stale air, hot, and the toilets I am scared may suck me in just gives me THAT much more reason to do a STAYcation… or drive wherever we want to go, which we do alot of. BUT then, 2 kids eventually get tired of being locked down in their straight jackets… I mean car seats, but I mean, to a kid its basically the same thing, right?

Also, we are discovering areas and things we never knew were around here! Like today, Andrew missed a turn, (and admitted it, INSERT GASP HERE… AND he said sorry for it! I KNOW! this deserves 2 gasps, and possibly a faint. LOL. hehe, just teasing. He is actually better at asking for direction than me HAHAHA) So then, I saw a sign for Marshy Point Nature Center! We said, what the heck!? AWESOME lets go! My girls LOVE nature, flowers, leaves, sticks, twigs, pebbles, if its nature, they love it. Even animal poop! HAHA. At least Holly hasn’t tried to eat it… YET… though she did try and eat gravel one time. HAHA. OH Holly. She is rock OBSESSED! LOL, I think its just Holly’s way of having tangiable evidence of her hard headedness… HAHA… anyway! it was way cool. We will have to go back when its cooler and walk the trails. We went out on  pier. It was GORGEOUS! There were even bald eagles flying around!!! They had a little clubhouse too with differant animals. The quails were singing back to us, and Holly thought it was HILARIOUS! Both girls loved those and were cracking up and super giggly and giddy

I think what is MOST important is having (RELAXING) time with your family, SPECIAL, Just YOU time with your family. IT doesn’t matter WHERE you go. The kids really don’t care. Sure, I want to take the girls to Disney. ONE day… but I don’t think they care. They are having a blast just having daddy around more 🙂 What does YOUR family like doing for vacation? Have you ever taken a “stay”cation? I recommend it. I have friends who live differant states away from family, so SO much of their vacation time is spent travelling visiting family. Yes, thats great, BUT, when you get married you LEAVE that family and CLEAVE to each other, starting a new family. It is SO SO SO important (did I mention VERY important) to, yes, see your extended family, moms, dads, gparents etc… BUT it is VERY important that your CORE family takes time together. Mommy, Daddy, Children. SO! if you havent, I encourage you too. Even if its only doing something  in your area. Even if its only a couple of days. Its worth it. The memories you make and bond you strenghthen is amazing, and worth MORE than any amount of money. When you take those special “trips” together, whether it be to DisneyWorld, or the park down the street, it strenghthens your family in ways that normal day to day life doesn’t do. I think because you relax and let loose more, you are not tied to the routine of work, etc. SO! when is YOUR next “stay” cation gonna be? 🙂



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