Silly and fun mommy perks

So. I haven’t really had any profound mind blowing, earth shatterting ideas lately, lol… probably because I am just being a dork lately 😛 SO! I am just deciding to write some silly loves of being a mom that we may not admit, ok, well SOME people admit. I am definitely not afraid to admit some of them. Here we go! Again, add your thoughts and ideas too.

1) Sometimes it is nice to have an excuse to lay down and cuddle. Oh, you are feeling tired today? Me too, let lay down, cuddle and watch a movie together. It’s a win win. The child is excited about a movie, and YOU get to lay down! SCORE! HAHA – I am not advocating tv daily all day, but some days moms, admit it, we are so draggy that we may fall asleep standing up, which could then lead us to fall down stairs, into the corner or a table, or trip and break a led, which would put us out of mommy commission for longer… so I say a tv movie watching cuddle time rest is best! REST UP! ;)Plus, cuddling with your child is AWESOME. Reminds me of thise little article I read. Snuggle time is holy work too… (for the dads mainly, but I think it could apply to us moms who think we have to get everything done RIGHT. THIS. SECOND)

2) “Testing” their toys. Enough said. LOL. I mean really!? who doesn’t like reliving childhood with AWESOME toys!? I admit, sometimes I get the toy more for myself then the girls. HA. Did I just admit that? OH come on, you know you do it too!

3) You have an excuse to drink Capri Sun, or other fun kiddish type drinks. Oh, well, my juice was gone… this was all that was left. OOPS. Bobby won’t mind. LOL.

4) Using the baby pool for keeping your feet cool, sipping on some awesome frozen beverage while the kids are playing in the pool. Heaven? I say yes. Kids laughter, cool water, yummy fruity drinks. I say SCORE! You’ve hit the jackpot! Shoot, I may even get in the pool with them. I am their mother after all, I have an excuse. Will I look silly? maybe. But ehh, I have kids, everyone will think I am doing it for them. HAHA, ok just kidding, I would be, but I just also think it would be fun 😉

5) ADULT FOOTIE PAJAMAS!!!! HAHA you know, to “match” the kids 😉 Shoot, I could wear the girls size. Some of those look HUGE! HAHA

6) Along those same lines… you wouldn’t look (AS) weird buying a snuggie. I mean, you need something to fulfill number 1 on the list, right?

7) SPAGHETTIOS!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!! haha, though, I admit, I bought those ocassionally for myself even without kids 😀 hehe

8) Kids cereal! I ate Captain Crunch Berries this morning. YUM. HAHA. Ok, again, you can eat this without kids too, you just have a better excuse to eat it now 😉 We dont buy alot of it, cause it has alot of sugar, but we get a “fun” box every now and then, and I admit to being just as excited as the girls haha. Next box? Lucky charms I think. MMMM marshmellows. Though I am sure I will end up with just a box of plain oat shapes, as they will eat out the marshmellows, but again, I guess thats part of the fun… haha

9) A (better) excuse to belt out “Girls just wanna have fun” or other 80’s music, doing the sprinkler and having a dance party like its 1999 (Or I guess I should say 1985 or something else in the right decade as that song. Ehh you get my drift) in your living room, in your matching PJ’s… or panties, whatever. Hey you have kids, you can get away with more. right? HAHAHAHA. ok, just kidding. kinda.

10) You get to have a reason to explain to your husand why you went on a Disney movie shopping spree. Especially now with them putting things in their magical mickey vault or what not. But Honey, I loved this movie as a child, and gigi needs to have it and if I don’t get it now, it could go back into the vault FOREVER!!!!!!!! LOL.

11) Dressing up like a princess, or cheerleader, or diva, or rockstar, or pirate, or spiderman, batman, super man, iron man, any other man (for those with boys, but I say, hey if your girls wants to pretend to be spider man sometimes, so be it. I wish I had spidey powers! It would sure make getting upstairs and downstairs easier. or things on high shelves. LOL). Yup. Dress up rocks. Especially when its with 2 adorable sweet little princesses 😀

I am sure there are other awesome mommy perks. I could go on all day, but I will stop for now. I can always write another blog to add to this list 😉 Help me out! What are some of the things you secretly love doing with your kids? 🙂 For now, I leave you with this. PEACE 😛


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