Second time around

As a second time mom, you would think there would be some things that I don’t worry about as much. There are. BUUUUUT, there are things that I still tend to obsess about a WEE bit too much from time to time. I think that first time moms worry about each stage and phase, if they are doing things right, or wrong, etc. And it doesn’t help that there are all these charts of what your kid SHOULD be doing, and that you should worry if your child cant sing the ABC sing song from utero. HAHA ok thats a slight exaggeration, but I am sure you know what I mean. However, you have a second kid, then you worry that they are not doing things on the same timeable as your first. OH snap, my first was waving by 8 months and my second doesn’t even seem to care they have hands. LOL, again, slight exaggeration… BUT alas, you take a breath and realize, they are differant people, differant personalities, differant interests… but mainly you realize all the worrying and obsessing you did with your first really didn’t get you anywhere. As a mom, I really believe we would really KNOW, I mean truly KNOW if something was wrong ,or worth worrying about, we would seek help, get help… not just sit around and needlessly worry because bobby jo down the street apparantly recited her numbers thru 100 by 18 month and you child still doestn’ even say the number 1 😉 ANYHOO! I was thinking about some things I dont worry about (ahem ok AS much) and some things I still have MAJOR anxiety about sometimes and need to take a chill pill over 🙂 Feel free to add to the list!

Things I don’t worry about anymore… at least AS much 😛

1) strict schedule. I have relaxed A LOT with Holly, as opposed to Katie. I used to be adamnet we were home by 6:45, so we could start the bedtime routine and have Katie in bed by 7:30. NO exception. It really limited our family outings at night. This time around I (we are in fact) am much more relaxed. In fact, they have been going to bed around 8:00 or Later (GASP!!!). To be honest. I like it. We have MUCH more opportunity to do things, and its nice 🙂 Sometimes they go to bed at 745, sometimes 8:00, sometimes 8:30. OH well. We have a BASIC schedule, but I don’t freak as much if we stray from it half an our, even an hour. ITS OK! Same goes for what time we eat. HAHA one day it was 1 and I realized we were out and hadn’t given the girls lunch. OH well! they weren’t complaining 😉

2) Baths. HAHA. I used to give Katie a bath at least 3 times a week. Some people even do once a DAY. UHHH to be honest, I am AWFUL with baths lately. Sometimes it will have been a week and I will realize they haven’t had a bath. I know I know. SUE me….

3) Worrying as much about having to “play” with them 24/7, well at least during their waking hours. Oh, trust me 🙂 I play with my girls PLENTY, hehe, but I realize its OK, if I need a 10 min breather, or clean or do laundry while they are awake. They know I love them, ALOT. They will be OK! And plus, they like helping clean sometimes! So I just find ways to get them involved, and VOILA I can do BOTH! SCORE!

4) TV…. Ok, look, I know I may get cyber yelled at over this one…. spare me. We actually don’t have the tv on much at all anymore, BUT I realize it is OK, if I have a tv day every now and again. If I dont feel well, didnt’ sleep well and am just so plum exhausted I cant see or think straight, I let them watch (multiple) episodes of their shows. I think thats better than me losing my temper or snapping needlessly because I am too tired to focus or fucntion. It isn’t like they are watching Sponge Bob. I dont think Veggie Tales or Blue Clues will cause them to have severe brian damage or get them off course too bad.

Things I could still relax on…

1) Sleep. I know, this one sounds weird since I said earlier I dont worry about their schedule as much. I don’t. But I still worry if they dont settle right down and go to sleep. LOL. Shoot, they are kids, they push boundaries and have bad nights, weeks, months even. IT IS OK… LOL. And it is REALLY ok if they fuss a min or two, or talk, or sing, whatever… They will eventually GO TO SLEEP. And if I have to go back in? SO WHAT? LOL. It isnt’ the end of the world as I know it haha. Sometimes I just need to take a chill pill, get a drink and watch some chic flic or something.

2) Speech. I dont worry AS much about how many things they say, but if they are really saying what I think they are saying, or the pronunciation, or if they are saying it the same today as they did last week. I obsess to much over it. EHH she is talking, communicating, she is ahead (the pedi said) so I just need to SHUT UP and listen to my adorable sweethearts babble and chatter away 🙂

SO! there are some of my things on my mommy lists. Do you have any to add?


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