just some random tidbits

So, for whatever reason I am finding hard to come up with decent blogs. Maybe its the new house. Maybe it’s the heat (though I am thankful it isn’t as awfully hot as it was in the south!! 80’s are much better than triple digits lol). Maybe its the lack of time I have to sit down lately. OR perhaps, it is a combo of all three. LOL. I don’t know what happened to Katie… but she is becomming a little adventerous, yet calm, sweetie pie. She has always been loving, caring and kind, but she used to be shy, more reserved and more cautious in new situations or environments. Ask the nursery workers. LOL. BUT…. since Holly has come into her own little (outgoing, rambunctious, and uhhh ADD?? lol just kidding, she can DEF be spastic haha) personality, Katie has become much more brave! It is so neat to see. I love watching how my girls play, interract and learn from and with each other.

I think bumps and bruises come with the territory of kids. Sometimes blood too. BUT I think when you have a fiery, spirited, spastic, on the go, outgoing, extroverted child like Holly, they may happen a WEE bit more. She is a girl thats for sure. Shoes, purse, beads were some of her first words. I know, I know, I am in trouble. However, she is also quite the little “tomboy.” She loves being on the go, climbing, jumping, dancing, throwing things (balls, shoes, the dog, haha ok so not really the dog… YET. HA). She has fallen on the SAME spot on her knee about 4 times now 😦 Her poor knee looks TERRIBLE! I put neosporin and a princess bandaid on it. That seemd to do the trick. She calls all princesses ariel. LOL. OR “awiel” haha. She is totally a little princess, but also rough and tumble. Whatever this book here is, I need to get it. “Do princesses scrape their knees?” If their names are Holly Grace they do! 😉

Last night, Katie got a bump. Poor thing fell out of her bed! 😦 She hasn’t done that since the first night she slept in it. She told me she was trying to get her blankie and rolled out! So she wasn’t like those naughty monkeys and jumping on it, lol, nor that other rhyme… oh what is it, so they all rolled over and one fell out there were 2 in the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over. LOL. unless her princess dolls told her to roll over. EEK creepy. I need to stop freaking myself out now. ANYWAY! We were asleep, it was somewhere between 4:30-5 am, and this HUGE thud came, followed by the most awful crying I have heard from her in a LOOOOOONG time. I knew immediately what is was. Andrew and I rushed in there. He cuddled her and hugged her then she reached for me. I rocked her and rocked her some more, sweet baby. She had a HUGE knot on the back of her head and one on the side. Thankfully she seems ok today, just tired from not sleeping well after. She woke up at normal time and came and cuddled with me in bed and fell back asleep.

SO! I dont have much else to update on. Lately, I am cleaning up more spills and messes and bodily fluids then I have time for. HAHA. Holly is a poop machine, Katie got scared and peed in the bathroom, then slipped and fell in it, twice. At least it was tile… Holly dumped an entire box of cheerioes out, sat right in the middle and started eating them, then the dog joined in. The next day, she somehow got my cleaner on the table, unscrewed it and dumped it on the floor and started splashing in it (all in about 5 seconds. Serious. I set it down, ran to the sink to get a wet paper towel and I heard the dump sound). Boogers, snotty, runny allergy noses, bloody knees, arms, elbows,  heads, lol. Ok, so Katie’s head didnt’ bleed. THANK  goodness. But I have cleaned up the same bloody knee 4-5 times now on Holly.

AHH! love my little monkeys 😀 oooh oooh AHH AHH! I like to think they are just breaking in the new house for me. LOL. WOOHOO one less thing I have to do 😛 lol


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