Cool it!

So, I have been pretty gosh darn awful about blogging lately! I guess since I am enjoying my new house, I dont have as much spare time, you know, since I am not bored, or inhaling in cigaratte smoke 😉 LOL. Things have been going pretty good. We love the home, the neigbors, the area. I even walked to Trader Joe’s yesterday! Grantid it was a bit more of a hike, but probably only about 5-7 more min. Not bad. The worst part was this hill. I had on way cute summer sandals. While they are pretty comfortable shoes, they are NOT for wearing while pushing a double stroller full of cuteness. Yes, my girls are teeny, but the weight of the 2 of them, AND the stroller was alot to push up a hill, in the heat, in sandals. Yeah, my fault, I know. SOOO… next time I will “COOL IT” on the cute shoe attire. I mean, I dont know if anyone saw Kate plus 8, but Kate has gone bananas. Wearing heels all around new york city AND while camping in the outback! SAY WHAT!? I poked fun at it, then I turn around and do the same thing. Brilliant Em. Trader Joe’s doesn’t have a dress code anyway. As long as I have shoes on, I think I am good to go get my nitrite free chicken hotdogs and some cranberry raspberry juice… along with a bunch of other stuff that wasn’t on my list, but I got when I went in. SIGH. TJ’s does it to me every. single. time. I get sucked into the amazing surfer type world I guess. lol.

Lately another thing I wouldn’t mind a COOL IT on is the high pitched squealing coming from the youngest, smallest member of our family. Well ok, second to smallest as she is bigger than the dog. LOL. They are GREAT girls, but sometimes Holly gets in a super duper cranky mood where she thinks everything is hers no matter if Katie is holding it, I am holding it, daddy is holding it, another friend is holding it, or the dog is holding it. She grabs and sometimes get a WEE bit territorial, THEN she does this high pitched shriek squeal thing. I am not even sure how she gets her voice box to go into that frequency range! Its a wonder all the neighborhood dogs don’t start barking. LOL! We joke that is it her dinosaur call. She sounds like a pterodactyl. lol.  If someone ever made a Jurassic Park cartoon or animate show, Holly could most definiately play the part of the pterodactyl. LOL 😛

Really though… if anyone has any tips on how to get her to stop that, it would be much appreciate, and I def wouldn’t say cool it to suggestions…

The final thing I can COOL IT on it our house. My AWESOME, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, WONDERFUL (I could go on and on I am that excited about this) came home at lunch today and installed the window units. OH.MY.GOSH. It is like heaven breathed down into our apt… though heavens breath may feel warm like a ray of sunshine? I don’t know. BUT it is wonderful. Ahhhh. LOVE that man!


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